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Split the Veil covers all things Bioware - from Mass Effect, to Dragon Age, Bioware classics, and Anthem. Hosted by Caitie (Ghil Dirthalen on YouTube) and Jordan (The Exalted March on YouTube).
48 Episodes
In this episode Caitie and Jordan look back at the intersection of new and old RPGs in Dragon Age: Origins, and muse about the possibility of Dragon Age getting a cRPG title in addition to Dragon Age 4. Also Jordan talks about the new Kanye West album and Fallout 1. 
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan review the party members of Dragon Age: Origins, ranking each of them on a scientifically proven (not really) scale in multiple categories. Find out who we rank as our favorites. And also, a very brief talk about the dangers of uncomfortable situations in Sailor Moon games. 
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss their favorite non-BioWare RPGs. We cover a few games you'd expect, but also some you might not. From character to story to gameplay to choice and consequence, we go over all the elements that make our favorite RPGs so good. Also. "Albino" "witcher" "dick" are words that are uttered. You're welcome. 
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss the current state of Anthem, their thoughts on the Cataclysm event, and the surprisingly successful sales numbers for Anthem. Also Jordan can't shut up about Technomancer.
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss some of the most memorable actors in the BioWare catalogue - we run down some of our favorite acting performances in Dragon Age, Mass Effect, KotOR and more. Also: we talk a little bit about the Nintendo Switch and Zelda: Breath of the Wild. 
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss death and its ramifications in the Mass Effect and Dragon Age franchises. Also a brief discussion about ghosts, Chicago, and risky Google searches. 
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss BioWare games on mobile - everything from Mass Effect to Dragon Age standalone mobile titles, to companion apps, to brainstorming what a good BioWare game on mobile would look like... and lastly, a side conversation on 2D waifus. 
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss the different countries in Thedas, different species in Mass Effect, and the balance between alliances vs national or species self interest. We go in depth on the culture of Tevinter, the qunari, and also the differences between politics in the Milky Way vs Andromeda galaxy in Mass Effect. 
In this episode Caitie and Jordan discuss their thoughts following E3, discussing Cyberpunk 2077, Keanu Reeves, Outer Worlds, Animal Crossing, Pokemon, and the formats E3 presentations use. Also: we sort of remember this is our two year anniversary episode. 
In this episode, Caitie and Jordan discuss all the major DLC in the Dragon Age franchise - from Witchhunt, to Legacy, to Trespasser and more... and also maybe reminisce about ice cream trucks.   
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Ghost 52K

I love Castbox for finding every podcast, including this one😁

Jan 23rd

Ghost 52K

Love this Podcast

Jan 20th
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