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2 British guys guide you through the labyrinth that is the visual arts, whether modern, contemporary, renaissance art, or caveman creativity, nothing is off limits. With our tongue firmly in our cheek and some serious facts; for each episode we will pick an arty topic or artist to chat and banter about. Added to this mix is an occasional dash of art related stories that we come across. To get to know more go to our website: and please subscribe, thanks…...
62 Episodes
In this episode we talk about the art of the black square. Dating back surprisingly to the 17th century. The... The post The Black Square in Art Ep 60 appeared first on .
Aubrey Beardsley Ep 59

Aubrey Beardsley Ep 59


In this podcast we look at the life of the Victorian Dandy Artist Aubrey Beardsley (1872 – 1898) . Controversial... The post Aubrey Beardsley Ep 59 appeared first on .
In this podcast we are talking about Ganja Art Dogs, A Picasso Lottery and 50 cent inspired artwork Picasso Lottery... The post Ganja Art Dogs & other news Ep 58 appeared first on .
In this episode we go down the Rabbit Hole of art news. Talking about Alice in Wonderland and a man... The post Alice in Art & Gallery Sitters MAIR 57 appeared first on .
Toilet Rolls Firsts Marcus from the show talked about his artwork “The Significant Insignificant” , it was created in 2013... The post Bansky & psychic loo roll art Mair56 appeared first on .
In this news episode we talk of thefts, animal arty genetics, and present a couple of our favourite online arty... The post Puppy lookalikes Mair55 appeared first on .
Whilst we are all in Isolation thought we would take a moment to look at the art of John Lennon... The post John Lennon and Art MAIR54 appeared first on .
Naughty Petr Want to learn more about Petr you can check out our artists in danger podcast here. Easter Island... The post Naughty video & Toppled Heritage MAIR53 appeared first on .
Piero Manzoni MAIR52

Piero Manzoni MAIR52


We profile the fun, controversial, trailblazing and Influential Italian Artist! Brief Biog Piero Manzoni was born in 1933 into an... The post Piero Manzoni MAIR52 appeared first on .
In this pod we talk about a traffic hacking artwork and an art theft confession! We Confess! Two men have... The post Traffic Jams & Garden Swag MAIR51 appeared first on .
In today’s podcast, we talk about the great artist Rembrandt. He was a modernist painter before his time skilled in... The post Rembrandt Rembrandt MAIR50 appeared first on .
Today’s pod features a Billionaire who tried to take a Picasso out of Spain. Anthony Gormley gets upset about art... The post Smuggling Picasso, Gormley Selfies & Elizabeth Eade MAIR49 appeared first on .
In this Episode we talk about the Stories behind the Episode Artwork. The post Episode Art Episode MAIR48 appeared first on .
Last of the Year Featuring Yule Cats, stuck up bananas and Export Bans. Stuck up Bannanas In December this year... The post Last of the Year MAIR47 appeared first on .
It is Christmas Time! Join us on our seasonal podcast for Festive Theft, Murder , Phil Collins and More! Phil... The post Christmas Fun Edition MAIR 46 appeared first on .
Gavin Turk is a British Artist who was born in 1967. His work deals with questions like authorship value, and... The post It’s Gavin Turk MAIR45 appeared first on .
The Big Return Mair44

The Big Return Mair44


Tom is back and for this show and we have picked a few Art news updates.  Bronze Bath Bonanza !... The post The Big Return Mair44 appeared first on .
In Part2, we pick more of our highlights from the last almost 2 years of Modern art is Rubbish. Fluxus... The post Best of Bits Part2 MAIR43 appeared first on .
In this episode, we pick some of our highlights from the last almost 2 years of Modern art is Rubbish.... The post Best of Bits Part1 MAIR42 appeared first on .
Mirror Mirror MAIR41

Mirror Mirror MAIR41


Friend of the show Paul steps in to cover for Tom in this show. We bring you talk of Banksy... The post Mirror Mirror MAIR41 appeared first on .
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