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Author: Luke Maxwell

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Helping you understand your mind and mood so you can overcome any challenges in your way. Support this podcast:
31 Episodes
 So, you might have noticed I've been a little quiet this year. I haven't been creating many videos, sending emails to you all, or posting much on my social media. There are several big reasons for that.I explain it all in this video, but here's the rundown.I've always had way too many ideas and directions I could go in, so picking what I devote my time and energy to is a constant struggle. However, in mid-2017, I made the decision to start a new business with one of my closest friends. That suddenly became my main focus. Most of my waking hours were spent trying to make this a success...and it was. We started consulting with social media and other marketing for a wide variety of organizations until just a few months ago. We both realized this wasn't what we wanted to build for our lives, and decided to move onto different ventures.During all of this, I needed a place to put the thoughts I couldn't get out of my head, so I created the Communicate with Confidence podcast which I posted daily on for the first couple months (now it's down to only three times a week ;) I began doing one-on-one coaching to share the knowledge that I've acquired around pursuing my dreams in life, and it's now become one of my favorite things to do.But wait, there's more.I also built an online course teaching anyone with a passion how to become a public speaker, am finishing up a book, and workshopping some show ideas that will be premiering sometime early next year. All while reaching over three thousand people through my talks as well as thousands more through social media and the website.So that's why I haven't been doing a whole lot with U Can't B Erased. I've been figuring out where I'm going and learning along the way. Now, I've got a more stable schedule and view for 2019, and I can't wait to journey with all of you through it.  --- Support this podcast:
My life's mission is spreading awareness of mental health and resources for those struggling with mental illnesses, so you'd think I'd be super happy to see what's happening with people openly talking about their depression and anxiety. But I really don't know if we're moving in the right direction or not.--- Support this podcast:
If you really want to overcome your depression, anxiety, or other mental health challenges you're suffering from, then you have to focus on overcoming one symptom at a time. Just in general, a strong focus will only help you beat your mental illness.--- Support this podcast:
I sat down with Jocelyn today to discuss her unique perspective on her healing journey. She tried everything...and nothing worked. Until one day she tried one more thing. Now meet Jocelyn:Jocelyn Zahn is an online anti-diet Holistic Health Coach. She specializes in helping wellness newcomers and chronic fad dieters adapt healthy living as an act of self-love. As a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and mental health advocate, she's made it her life's mission to help others find their own version of wellness. Her focus is on mind/body nourishment and intuitive living from a non-depravation mindset. You can find her over on or follow her on Instagram @holisticselflove.--- Support this podcast:
Kevin Hines and I sat down to discuss his amazing journey from depression, anxiety, and psychosis to jumping off the Golden State Bridge to inspiring millions with his story.--- Support this podcast:
Zoe Klein joins me today to talk about her experience suffering from an eating disorder and what you can do to understand and help someone overcome theirs.Now meet Zoe:Zoe is a clinician with a passion for working with children, adolescents, and young adults. She holds a Master's degree in Social Work with a clinical specialization in children and families as well as a Masters in Education in Developmental Psychology. Zoe started her career in the field of education, where she gained extensive experience working with children and adolescents struggling with a host of learning issues and mental health challenges. It was there that she realized that her true passion was counseling. She now works in a private practice setting as well as a hospital and counseling agency.--- Support this podcast:
Mallory joins me today to discuss how she went from sitting in a group trying to overcome her anxiety and self-worth challenges to speaking to that exact same group just a little while later. Now meet Mallory:"Mallory Gothelf is a writer, speaker, and passionate mental health advocate. Deciding to put purpose to her illness, she has taken to stepping out of the shadows of her disease, and into the proverbial light, to bring a face of hope to those still in the throes of this battle."--- Support this podcast:
 We all want to be a leader in one way or another. Well, here's how to actually do it.--- Support this podcast:
One of the top podcasters in mental health, Dennis Simsek (aka, the Anxiety Guy) joins me to talk about different ways to look at healing from anxiety and mental illness.Dennis Simsek who also goes by the name the anxiety guy on his podcast and social media channels is a CBT and NLP master practitioner who creates lasting change in people suffering from anxiety disorders. His podcast has been downloaded over 1 million times, he’s held the #1 ranking in the health category on iTunes for 12 weeks in 2017, and his mental health blog has been named top 10 best blogs for 2017 on Healthline and Feedspot. --- Support this podcast:
Come on. We all know that making huge New Year's Resolutions won't last. So how about instead we make small changes in our lives that can have a huge effect down the road.--- Support this podcast:
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