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Tiffany's Texas Boot Kick

Author: Tiffany Lambert

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For work at home entrepreneurs who are primarily in online marketing, we'll be discussing business on a strategic and mindset level and at times, work-life balance topics.
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Becoming an Online Coach

Becoming an Online Coach


One part series of everything I know about becoming a coach online.
Don't let yourself hit that ceiling of trading time for money! Go bigger - branch out and earn more.
Going from starter earnings to a full wait list and max earnings as a freelancer.
A few things to help you become a highly sought out service provider - plus ways to protect yourself.
Where to get jobs and what your profile and portfolio should be like.
An overview of many various services you can provide to other marketers and offline business owners, too.
There are a couple of different types of clients and pros and cons to working with each.
Freelance service providing is a great starter business online. There are benefits and drawbacks, so we'll be discussing those today.
For those who aren't good at small talk - which is required in getting start networking with others, here are some tips!
For your store or for launches, this is how you can recruit and bring affiliates onboard, give them perks and take care of them. 
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