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Sophia is a frat boy stuck in a tiny Asian girl's body, which is both the start of a dirty joke and an apt description of her life. She was a film + TV actor and dancer until antiMOG disabled her. Twitter: @thesophiachang Support this podcast:
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Ep 35: The Penis Game

Ep 35: The Penis Game


"A true gem among pastimes" says Sophia Chang Daily"The best white nerd college game since ultimate frisbee" names The Sophia Chang"What did you spend your college years doing - studying?" says Sophia Chang on ShowPenis month continues on The Sophia Chang Show--- Support this podcast:
Ep 34: Bag of Dicks Day

Ep 34: Bag of Dicks Day


Sophia is having a very bad day. A Bag of Dicks Day. A day fit for kicking off Penis Month at the Sophia Chang Show.--- Support this podcast:
Harry Potter Month comes to a steamy end with sexy, sexy Severus Snape. Sophia paints a canonical picture of this loyal, long-suffering paragon of the strong and silent type.--- Support this podcast:
It’s been 18 years since Sophia first read Philosopher’s Stone and she’s finally ready to Dobby again. Harry Potter Month continues!--- Support this podcast: not young gay hunk Dumbledore. Sophia expounds on the sex appeal of fat guys, and why the bridge-and-tunnel accent gets me every time.Harry Potter Month continues with this is a special recut of Ep 19: Why Jacob Kowalski is My Ideal Husband while Sophia recuperates from chemo.--- Support this podcast:
Happy Sorting Day! Kickoff episode to Harry Potter Month here at The Sophia Chang Show.--- Support this podcast:
Staggering over the finish line for camp NaNoWriMo 2019 - when it comes to my writing I don’t eat or sleep. Support this podcast:
Sophia goes Ahab on white books, white whales, and white people expertly figuring out Asian food - so exotic!  Big Book Club Podcast: Support this podcast:
From Keanu to Key & Peele, this likely last of the series broke my heart and scared the bejeezus out of me.--- Support this podcast:
Do you have a voice for silent movies? This and 4 other fixes for your annoying as hell podcast.--- Support this podcast:
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