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Utah, why are you so effing weird?! So much WTF. So little time. From psychopaths, cults, serial killers and BUY students who get so gosh darned excited over chocolate milk, Kurtis & Jay are asking (& answering) all of those questions about the West’s most 'unique' state. From places they love (that they don’t expect to see in Utah) to things they can’t stand, take a journey with Jay & Kurtis that’s sure cause even the sanest of listeners ask, 'WTF?!'
8 Episodes
08. Naked Temple Time

08. Naked Temple Time


WTF, Utah?! Jay and Kurtis chat about nudity... specifically as it relates to Kelly Archibald: a man who decided to scale a fence (naked) at the Mormon Temple in Logan, Utah. Why? We're going to tell you. Plus: do you need a good cry? Get in the closet and wait in line... at the University of Utah.
BUY, Chocolate Milk, Golden Tickets... and a Notorious Utah cult? Sweet! Learn the story of the David Family, plus get a good laugh over the chocolate milk enthusiasts inhabiting BUY.
I hear the voices in my head, I swear to God it sounds like a story... and that story is whack. Jay and Kurtis are on a new mission: to bring you places in Utah that don't suck! What's Kurtis' new favourite food stop? It may surprise you. But first: Jay rants about Yelp and the pair get to the heart of an issue that's plaguing the state of Utah—use of the M word. Do the claws come out? Absolutely. Grab that 3.2 beer, listen to Elder Brother... and enjoy. Assuming your name isn't Calvin Burke. XOXO, Saint Jay + Saint Kurtis.
WTF, Utah?! Get ready for a look at two dysfunctional old men. One is Greek. One is Mormon. What do they share? The kind of crazy that can only be found in Utah... and in the respective families of your hosts. Plus: Kurtis buys Temple Square (Baller!) and Jay is up for a challenge should you choose to issue it. WTF? WTF is right!
04. Let Them Eat Cake

04. Let Them Eat Cake


WTF, Utah?! JxK are baaaack! Join an adventure that zigzags from Los Angeles to the Galápagos Islands and back to Utah... right to the house of that weird neighbour who won’t let his kids play on the sidewalk. WTF is that about? Things get weird & random, but would you have it any other way? Jay and Kurtis wouldn't... and hi, it's their Podcast. ...Let them eat cake!
WTF, Utah?! Nothing says Sunday like a king bed, porn and Kurtis' first time... trying coffee. Join him in reliving the embarrassment. Plus, Jay gets kind of political & (not-so-accidentally) causes many Utahans to suffer 3rd degree burns. Damn. And all this time you thought McDonald's had hot coffee...
Talk about a civics lesson we wish we'd missed! Kurtis and Jay discuss the utterly disturbing 'rap' video, brought to you by the Utah State Legislature. Discretion is advised as this is one rap song that is best listened to by no one. Yep. It's that terrible. WOW.
What the hud, Utah, why are you so effing weird?! Meet your hosts: Jay and Kurtis. Get to know these two as they wish you a happy Jesus day, keep it sarcastic and tackle your burning WTF Utah moments, namely: 'I don't swear! Oh, just kidding, I totally do!' and a bonus: grown men who screech, 'Cheese and rice!' in the midst of their personal crisis with the TSA. Welcome to, 'WTF, Utah?!' The only podcast in a special state called, 'Utah,' that forces us all to try (and fail) to make sense of the nonsensical.
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