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Welcome to the The Sedated Man podcast, where amazing things can happen for Christian men who have been asleep too long. This is where true scriptural masculinity lives, with no apologies! Support this podcast:
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Most Faith Based Men I meet are stuck. Not sure where to go with their lives or in their families and congregations. I myself struggle with these same things. Its time for all of us to just stop!. Today we talk about how --- Support this podcast:
Today we get to the core of the problem with men in their marriages and how they can begin to fix things and heal --- Support this podcast:
Manning up, mixed families, and why business is scriptural. A few of the things talked about and emphasized in this episode. Join Us! --- Support this podcast:
To many times we are letting our kids run roughshod over the elderly in our congregations because we as men have not set the example and trained the hearts of kids to show love to this sacred section of our lives --- Support this podcast:
If we speak poorly of ourselves, then we speak poorly of the creation god has made in us, and essentially tear the church down in the process. Today we talk about rebuilding that man form the ground up! --- Support this podcast:
If you haven't heard this story, STOP and listen to it now. This is what scripture is talking about when it talks about overcoming Sin and Living the New Creation --- Support this podcast:
This is a common problem I come across. The husband is driving hard but the spouse doesn't support the project or doesn't want to know anything about it.  In this episode we hit it head on, and I give three tips to bridge the gap. --- Support this podcast:
I have long struggled with whether or not Gratitude is active or passive. Is it a Tool or just a nice feeling toward someone or something else. Today we answer the question of just how much, by scripture, Gratitude can change your life and the lives of those around you.  --- Support this podcast:
The boring humdrum of existence was never supposed to energize the Christian Man. The Holy Spirit was. Are you participating in "Check the box" Christianity?  --- Support this podcast:
What would it look like if you were actually a Godly, loving Father? Sara Peterson Answers that question on this episode  --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk about politics. Why do we allow it to rule our lives in the name of God? And why do we feel so much more passionate about who's in office then about whats in scripture? --- Support this podcast:
Your story is the one you and God have written exclusively for you. Its the one that could change lives for the better. Share it!! --- Support this podcast:
 Distraction is flat out destructive. What will happen to the Kingdom when we are more defined by our stuff and our hobbies then by the blood of Christ?  --- Support this podcast:
How Do you define your Christian walk? Bold Like David or weak like Saul. Today we discuss what your walk looks like and how to overcome. --- Support this podcast:
 Today we talk the balance of Faith, Family, and Business with a guy who has walked the path. Dave has been there and come out the other end. With a message of "Lean in and never give up"  --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk about the grey area of neglect. Daughters mature and suddenly dad steps back because he doesn't understand her changes and figures Mom has it. You are wrong! Your Daughters need you just as much during the "Change" , if not more.  Maybe you're just busy with work and dont feel you have time.  Today's podcast covers those things. Take note neglect may not be abuse, but it leads to abusive relationships when daughters seek the male attention you did not, or would not give them  --- Support this podcast:
The point of this is to show you the things your future daughter may have to deal with if you as a Father do not change some of the habits you have now, or admit they are even a problem. This is about setting them up for success by manning up as Dads and overcoming Sin that may be crouching at the door. Remember, Sin is a choice.  Go Forth and Conquer --- Support this podcast:
 Today we talk with Ken Rupert. When He and his wife realized they had a Special Needs child, He chose to provide for that child well beyond his years, rather then just plug him into the system. He had to master his financial situation and his health at one point. Great Interview every man needs to hear. --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk with Myron Golden about the business aspects of the Bible and how it is really a mindset issue. Myron is one of the most knowledgeable men I have spoken with when it comes to this subject. Enjoy and find all the links at --- Support this podcast:
Today we talk with Dominique Brightmon. Author of "Going North", and "Stay the course." Dom also runs the "Going North Podcast". We talk about usable tools that Dom has created to keep your positive energy up, and the negativity out. Going North- --- Support this podcast:
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