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So in this episode I talk about fitness in more than just the physical sense but also how I can relate to the feeling of steadiness. Physical awareness supports mental and emotional steadiness and having a firm foundation.
DAILY INSIGHT Did you know that moving house is up there with the top most stressful experiences in life? Shifting your life from under one roof to another can bring up a whole host of unexpected emotions, and has your cortisol stress hormone levels rising high. Have you moved recently — or are you planning a relocation soon? If so, it’s important to integrate some crucial self care into the transition. DAILY ACTION Care for your mind and emotions during a house move. Even moving a few blocks away has an important impact on your stress levels; but moving to a new town, city, region or country is more likely to affect your mental health. Make a commitment to yourself to pause and breathe; and once you’re in your new home, put some comforting rituals in place to help you settle in. Simple actions like finding a shop or cafe you like that you can go to every day or two, creating familiarity; unpacking your favorite coffee mug right away; and taking time to sit and be present in very corner of your new space; can help to ease the intensity of change.
DAILY INSIGHT The sun helps you sleep. A study by psychiatrists Campbell, Dawson and Anderson found that bright light exposure during the day time improves sleep quality and duration, and shortens the time it takes to fall asleep by 83%. It doesn’t have to be sunlight; artificial bright lights that simulate the experience of natural light have marked positive effects, too.DAILY ACTION Get outside! Ideally, we’d all spend a few hours every single day outside, allowing our bodies to fall into rhythm with our environment. If a few hours aren’t possible, do what you can. Get out for a short walk, or sit by an open window if you really need to be inside.
DAILY INSIGHT Are you craving a loving relationship? Studies show that one of the factors involved in falling in love is ‘propinquity’; that is, familiarity that comes about because you spend time with the other person, live near them, or think about them frequently. DAILY ACTION If there are (preferably single) people in your life who you spend lots of time with, or who you think about a lot, don’t suppress feelings that may grow for them. Lots of us push away flickers or romantic intrigue about people we already know — we tell ourselves that it’s not possible, that it would compromise friendships, that it would be too strange. But lots of incredibly strong and loving relationships grow from less intense connections. Be open to the intrigue, and if it’s reciprocated, give yourself a chance to explore it.
SLEEP: The Safest Sleep Aid

SLEEP: The Safest Sleep Aid


DAILY INSIGHT: Research published by the Sleep Foundation shows that meditation could be the perfect tonic for insomnia. Deep relaxation through meditation has been found to increase the amount of time you spend asleep; improve the quality of your sleep; and make it easier to fall asleep. This is particularly exciting because meditation is completely safe and brings lots of other brilliant benefits into your life at the same time. And you can safely combine it with other sleep techniques, too.DAILY ACTION: You guessed it — try meditating today. If you’re not sure where to start, wait for our practice-focused post at the end of this week. We’ll share a simple meditation technique that’s perfect for sleep.
DAILY INSIGHT: “When I let go of what I am, I become what I might be.” —Lao Tzu. It’s important to loosen your grip on who you think you should be in order to welcome your true potential. Have you ever badly wanted something — like a job, or a partner, or an experience — that just didn't fit with who you think you are? Many of us don’t pursue our dreams because we worry they might project the wrong image, or force us to question our identity. DAILY ACTION: Take a moment to acknowledge that who you are right now has grown from everything that has happened in your life, up to this point. But that doesn’t mean that you have to stay the same. If you allow difference experiences into your life, you could become something even better; even more beautiful. Accept change and become who you might be.
DAILY INSIGHT: Yoga teacher John Stirk has made a number of discoveries in his decades of practice. In his book The Original Body, he urges us to practice primal movement. You can start by taking the time to move slowly, as if you’re moving for the very first time. In doing so you can begin to shed the layers of conditioning that affect every physical expression you make in daily life. And then you can access a new experience of your body, and its relationship with your mind.What kind of movement makes you feel free?DAILY ACTION: Lie down on the floor with your knees bent and your feet flat on the ground. Close your eyes and rest your hands on your chest. And then when you feel moved to do so…move. Slowly. Spend a few minutes here, allowing your hands and legs to move in space as if exploring your environment anew.
DAILY INSIGHT Cultivating deeper, more fulfilling relationships can start with you. How you feel about other people has a direct impact on the subtle ways you interact with them, even if you’re making an effort to hide your feelings. That friend you’ve always been a bit jealous of? The mother-in-law you feel threatened by? Those feelings are affecting your relationships. DAILY ACTION Draw more kindness and gentleness into your connections by doing nice things for them without their knowledge. Little things count; just small deeds that they’ll never know you did, but that give YOU the feeling of having done something caring for them. This simple practice creates new neurological connections in your brain which can override the uncomfortable feelings — so that, in time, you feel more love, compassion, and ease within these relationships.
DAILY INSIGHT Success in a career is about more than just trying your best. Expectations play a huge roll in what does and doesn’t work. People who expect positive results are more likely to achieve them.DAILY ACTION Flip a thought. Think of something you’re working on at the moment, or something you’d like to start working on. Allow any negative thoughts you have about that project come into your mind; there’s no point in banishing all negative thoughts, because they’re an important part of your brain’s workings. Welcome them; notice them. And then flip them. Replace each negative thought about the project with a positive one. For example, ‘I don’t have time to do that thing,’ might become, ‘What I want to do requires lots of focus, so I can move other things around to make room for it.’
DAILY INSIGHT This too shall pass. You might’ve heard this a thousand times before but don’t let the cliché stop you from hearing the truth. This – whatever this is, right now – will pass. That goes for emotions as well as external experiences. Emotions come and go, roll and change, and you don’t always have to solve them. DAILY ACTION If you’re experiencing difficult, intense emotions, see if you can let them be. Instead of trying to find a solution, just remind yourself that these emotions will pass. You will not feel like this later, or tomorrow, or next week/month/year. Allow the emotions in and accept that they will change because…there’s no way but change.
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