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The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice
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The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice

Author: Mason on Business

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Welcome to the MOB Show, this is the retail podcast.

In 2012 I walked out of prison. I began my 30th year, with £49 in my back pocket, no home, no job and little prospect of getting one.

6 years later I had founded chain of 27 stores across the UK on a shoestring and a backpack full of stock. We have multi million pound revenues each year and if I can do this, then you can achieve your own entrepreneurial dreams too.

With the ease today of setting up a website, social media profiles and easy to manage advertising options, there has never been a better time to chase your dreams.
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7 habits of successful people is the topic of today's show. Myself and long term friend Geneses, aka @thenutriguy talk about steps you can take to increase your life chances of success and happiness.We discuss "What makes success?" but also 7 items we believe, if implemented now, will have a profound effect on your life.Recently I have been following 10 commandments of improvement that I pretty much made up while in the gym one evening, that have led me to losing a stone of fat and finding my mojo in work again. I challenge you to try the same thing. Whether you work for yourself, or for others, or even are chasing that dream job - these habits will make you a happier human.If you want to ask me any questions about this podcast, you can DM me on instagram @the_mobshow, or catch up with Genesis on his own IG. Genesis is a qualified dietician, has worked on Harley Street and for the NHS and now serves up life support knowledge online every day in an easy format.If you liked the show, don't forget to subscribe and share. Sharing is caring.
My first year in business, charts my story from opening a terrible ecommerce business to moving into bricks and mortar retail. That same business Vape and Juice, the online vape shop is where I operate now. From 1 shop to 30 in 5 years, I wanted to talk to would be start-uppers and budding businessmen and women, what I went through and what you can do to win.Check me out on Instagram: @the_mobshow Check me out on Facebook: @mobshowpodcastMOB Show stands for 'Mason on Business'. I have successfully and unsuccessfully set up a host of companies, with some doing wonders and one landing me in the slammer. Creating commerce is my passion and its equally fun for me to help others avoid the mistakes I made in starting up a business. My inbox is always there for any questions I can help with.If you want to find out what it takes to start a vape shop or CBD business, then listen in. Please don't forget to rate or share to a friend if you find it has added value to your day.



"You'll never know the true value of someone until you can't afford to pay for their time"Today's episode is all about paying it forward, and why it's so important in business.The MOB Show www.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE 'NO'S'"It's called acting, darling"Closing a deal, closing a book, closing a conversation; getting a resolution that works for what you want.In today's episode, I talk about sales techniques that you can employ to get better at what you do, get more business. get more investors, or get the dream member of staff. I talk about the different ways to close a deal and how to use them.The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter:@the_mobshow
Pitch, Tonality, Speed <------ This is what you need"How do I pitch something? How do I sell something? I've never had sales training!" ... *NEWS FLASH*... We've all had sales training, some of us just don't realise itIn this episode, I talk all about every day sales we all make, and how to successfully apply this in business"Many a terrible product backed by incredible marketing has far outperformed many an incredible product with terrible marketing"The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcast Instagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
'Be your own boss, make 9 figure profits with this business coaching scheme!'I have had an annoying amount of messages like this recently. In Today's podcast, I talk about Business Coaching Scams and why they are never going to make you an entrepreneur.If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!   The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter:@the_mobshow
In Today's podcast, I give an insight into what my normal day looks like as a business owner. And no, it doesn't all come out smelling of roses.Listen to our latest episode here. If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates! The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
In today's episode, I talk all about social media influencers and whether we should be using them as a form of advertising in business.If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!The MOB Show Facebook/mobshowpodcast Instagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
TOP 5 WAYS TO WIN IN RETAILWe're rounding off our five part series 'Top 5 Ways To Win In Retail' in todays final episode Part five: Point Of DifferenceIn today's episode, I talk about the importance of having a point of difference and how it will help you win in the retail game.If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
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