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The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice
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The Retail Podcast - MOB Show - Small Business Advice

Author: Mason on Business

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Welcome to the MOB Show, this is the retail podcast.

In 2012 I walked out of prison. I began my 30th year, with £49 in my back pocket, no home, no job and little prospect of getting one.

6 years later I had founded chain of 27 stores across the UK on a shoestring and a backpack full of stock. We have multi million pound revenues each year and if I can do this, then you can achieve your own entrepreneurial dreams too.

With the ease today of setting up a website, social media profiles and easy to manage advertising options, there has never been a better time to chase your dreams.
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How to build Backlinks the easy way is my golden hack tip right now. I run my own businesses including my CBD shop - and sometimes you have to learn to do something yourself. So if you run a business that has a website and you have read about backlinks and want to know how to get more, then this podcast is bang on the 💰. Having been scammed myself this month by an outright marketing and PR scammer - I had to get back on my SEO wagon and master some tasks myself. In this episode I talk about how to get backlinks with very little effort, simply by leveraging the work others are already paying for. It's 💯 legit and it's very easy to do.
Seven habits of successful people is the topic of our high performance habit podcast and this is part 2. I spent the evening with dietician and instagram advisor @thenutriguy where we shared our top tips for improving your output in life and work. They often say successful people have a set of disciplines or daily habits they follow each day without fail and we took the time to share those we conduct ourselves. Recently I have spent a few months devoting to improving my health, my work and my wellbeing and this is what we cover today.If you want to get on in the workplace, improve your health or learn a new skill, you may find this podcast of real value. If nothing else, have another glass of water, cos this one goes deep.I put these MOBshow Mason on business podcasts out as a hobby really. I have enjoyed learning to record and edit audio, but I also see the value in contemplative learning to improve what I do on a day to day basis. I'm a jack of all trades (well a few) and master of absolutely zero. But I do like guinea pigging to see what works.If you enjoyed this podcast don't forget to jump on instagram and thank @thenutriguy for his input.You can find me on there @the_mobshow come say hi.Seven habits of successful people!
7 habits of successful people is the topic of today's show. Myself and long term friend Geneses, aka @thenutriguy talk about steps you can take to increase your life chances of success and happiness.We discuss "What makes success?" but also 7 items we believe, if implemented now, will have a profound effect on your life.Recently I have been following 10 commandments of improvement that I pretty much made up while in the gym one evening, that have led me to losing a stone of fat and finding my mojo in work again. I challenge you to try the same thing. Whether you work for yourself, or for others, or even are chasing that dream job - these habits will make you a happier human.If you want to ask me any questions about this podcast, you can DM me on instagram @the_mobshow, or catch up with Genesis on his own IG. Genesis is a qualified dietician, has worked on Harley Street and for the NHS and now serves up life support knowledge online every day in an easy format.If you liked the show, don't forget to subscribe and share. Sharing is caring.
My first year in business, charts my story from opening a terrible ecommerce business to moving into bricks and mortar retail. That same business Vape and Juice, the online vape shop is where I operate now. From 1 shop to 30 in 5 years, I wanted to talk to would be start-uppers and budding businessmen and women, what I went through and what you can do to win.Check me out on Instagram: @the_mobshow Check me out on Facebook: @mobshowpodcastMOB Show stands for 'Mason on Business'. I have successfully and unsuccessfully set up a host of companies, with some doing wonders and one landing me in the slammer. Creating commerce is my passion and its equally fun for me to help others avoid the mistakes I made in starting up a business. My inbox is always there for any questions I can help with.If you want to find out what it takes to start a vape shop or CBD business, then listen in. Please don't forget to rate or share to a friend if you find it has added value to your day. Check out why we are placing this link to a vaping article on the Smok Alien vape kit, in our October 2019 episode - how to win at Google.
Can you sack a customer? Seems counter intuitive if you run a customer facing business, but sometimes, a customer is not a customer at all. On ridiculously rare occasions I have had to sack a customer. Or put another way, been firm, not bent over backwards and been prepared to take what they have to throw back at me. Why? Because I could commit more time and energy to those customers and team members who deserve it.If you want to find out what it means to sack a customer and what kind of circumstances it is okay to do it in, then take a listen. If you run a retail or sales business, then ask yourself whether your time is really being served by someone you dread dealing with. If it has a knock on negative impact on your wider business, or is costing so much time in labour costs, then what may seem like a customer on the outside, might actually be a loss maker in reality.Don't forget to like, subscribe and share to a friend. Thanks for listening and reach out to me @the_mobshow on Twitter and Instagram
Want to know the truth about getting head in business or in your professional life? Target Fixation is one of the biggest self imposed barriers faced by so many wannabe entrepreneurs, actual entrepreneurs and professionals. If you want to know what I mean by target fixation and how to challenge yourself to achieve more in life, then check out this podcast. If you find the MOB Show podcast helpful for you in your business life or professional career, then head over to iTunes, chuck us a 5 star and share us on to a friend who could benefit too. I will never waste your time with sponsored ads running through the podcast, I simply want to share my experiences to help others avoid these common pitfalls. If you want to ask a question or get in touch with The MOB show, head over to Insta or Twitter @the_mobshow Or you can visit us online - The Retail Podcast Check out today's chat about Target Fixation, and becoming a better version of you to be around.
The truth about why your marketing is not converting online is my take on what we often forget to do in terms of UX, aka user experience.We often do marketing campaigns to grow our online and offline projects, but have you ever stopped to really consider why some campaigns work, while others don't?The truth is, different audiences, have a different perception of your brand. Some will have never even heard of you. Why does this matter? Well if you are asking people to visit your website and they have no experience of using it before, they may simply not know where the items they like are to be found. This is why we talk about enhancing UX in business and taking the time to test for it.If you are going to spend the time to market, you should spend the time to talk about what goes wrong too.If you want to find out more about The MOB show, and how to ask me any questions, check us out online at or visit us on Insta and Twitter @the_mobshowMason on business, draws from his retail experience of growing a multi-million revenue vape shop business and dumps all those findings for you, for free to improve your game.Check out our online vape shop or CBD eliquid shop too.And that is the truth about why your marketing is not converting. Check out our updated Shopify blog structure with our recent post on the Voopoo Drag UK. October 2019 - podcast how to win at Google will explain more.
SMS marketing. No it's not a replay of a podcast from 2001; we took a look at the unloved marketing medium, SMS.  Email marketing has it's place and it does work. BUT, its a crowded marketplace, and you aren't just competing for attention from competitors but also from other industries too.  Every so often I get a text from my phone provider reminding me I have nailed my data. I also get a text once in a blue moon from the Doctor's and from my Dentist. And that's about it. If you run an e-commerce or a retail  business that collects information relating to deliveries etc, using the email data because it costs less to send an email; is a bit of a 'stepping over a dollar for a nickel' strategy. This means, in order to save a few quid/dollars, you do something that yields less money. But email isn't free, you need to pay for mailchimp accounts and there is design time too. Then you send out the email, and you are sending it to someone's email inbox that has spam catchers. A text message, is a couple of sentences, creates a phone screen notification, doesn't target a medium with a spam net and it just costs you a couple of pence/cent per send. So to guarantee you reach more people's attention-o-meter, you have to pay a few quid up front. Spend a little more, get a whole lot more. We tested it this Friday and the results are covered in the podcast. For those vape fans who follow this podcast, the discount code is PAYDAY20. Check it out at Vape and Juice, the online vape shop. If you want to get in touch or DM me, follow me on IG or Twitter, @the_mobshow, or head over to
Patience is the most undervalued attribute in humankind.I answered a profoundly sad question this week on Quora that I hope got through the recipient. It highlights just why patience is the key to success.If you are in a funk, then this podcast is for you. I talk about how I ended up going from a bad place to a happy one.Life is for exploring, but be patient and open minded.Check us out at www.themobshow.cominsta/twitter @the_mobshowPlease share on to a friend and chuck us a review where you can.
If you are looking to take on a commercial premises, be it a shop or a cafe etc, then I talk you through some things to look out for.  I have dealt with a ton of leases myself, in the early days out of necessity, but with experience have become a little more comfortable doing it anyway. In the past we have made some big mistakes and these have been my education. I talk you through one such tale, of an aggressive landlord in my past and how we try to avoid this today. A bad lease, leads to a bad business. This is doubly troubling if you want to sell a business or need to wind up to move on. If you want some guidance on what you should be asking for before you even get to the lease stage, then I hope this podcast on how to handle making an offer on a commercial property is of use. If you like these podcasts, please forward it on to some one you know who loves business, and don't forget to chuck us a little review. If you want to get in touch, you can reach us at or via Twitter and Instagram @the_mobshow
This episode I speak to my business partner and wife, about her new venture 'Stories like ours'. Stories Like ours is a wedding stationary business that offers a high end product but without the price tag. Using a range of available templates that are updated as trends change, Rachel's business provides the full service including printing; utilising the lower print costs the company benefits from, due to pre-established networks.Rachel's background is in graphic design, while her sister Becky her business partner is a copywriter. Together they have begun to build a lifestyle business with the focus on supplementing their income and expanding beyond.I talk today about the importance of building a social presence in an intelligent way, as well as coming up with ideas to enable them to capitalise on what is a global audience for this product. Hashtags are things that as consumers we whack on, but for businesses, monitoring them correctly and having an alternative approach for using them in your own content, is generally forgotten.If you have a small business and are trying to grow your audience, then this discussion over our sunday cheese and biscuits (munching has been edited out.) will be really helpful. It's Rachel's first time she has helped me with a podcast so we haven't often spoken about what her venture should be doing, which made this so much more genuine. My takeaway is that I should probably help her a bit more!If you enjoyed the show, please share it on to one person today :)Check out our website or twitter and Insta: @the_mobshow
How to get genuine engaged followers on social media and some tools we are using to make life easier. We are documenting the launch of a new CBD shop business and today's podcast talks about what we are doing to begin cementing our brand and helping it grow.I have used a couple of apps lately, Lumen5, Twiends and Sprizzy. I tell you what they do, and give a little feedback on their effectiveness. Getting yourself established on social media is fundemental to grow your brand and build a longer lasting business with roots and fans, not just customers.Growing a brand is fundamental to longevity in any business. Brand wins every day. Here's an example, an Amazon seller, is only winning for as long as they are cheap and offer free shipping. THEN, a rival shop undercuts them by a penny and the race to the bottom continues.If you have a brand, then you control the price it goes out to market at, and you control distribution. Brand wins everyday.So if you are looking for some tips to get you motoring, plug in to today's podcast on setting up social media in the right way.If you have any feedback, hit me up on Twitter @the_mobshow or via our website, home of startup advice www.theMOBshow.comSave the pangolin
Tales from rock bottom up, dives back into why I am doing all this and how I came to be sat where I am now. I don't intend to produce just another prison podcast, instead I want to talk about the good that has come from my experiences, my life truly has been, prison to profit. If I can turn my life around, then you just hating your job is not a good enough reason to be sat on your hands letting the world go by. NB: This is not a podcast about ill gotten gains and living off the fat of that. This is for every one who has ever messed up in their life and just needed a little motivation to know they can restart again.Here's to absolutely anyone, who gets gee'd up a little and feels a bit more positive from this all. If you like this, please do me a solid and share on to at least one person; then save a dolphin.



"You'll never know the true value of someone until you can't afford to pay for their time"Today's episode is all about paying it forward, and why it's so important in business.The MOB Show www.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
DON'T BE AFRAID OF THE 'NO'S'"It's called acting, darling"Closing a deal, closing a book, closing a conversation; getting a resolution that works for what you want.In today's episode, I talk about sales techniques that you can employ to get better at what you do, get more business. get more investors, or get the dream member of staff. I talk about the different ways to close a deal and how to use them.The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter:@the_mobshow
Pitch, Tonality, Speed <------ This is what you need"How do I pitch something? How do I sell something? I've never had sales training!" ... *NEWS FLASH*... We've all had sales training, some of us just don't realise itIn this episode, I talk all about every day sales we all make, and how to successfully apply this in business"Many a terrible product backed by incredible marketing has far outperformed many an incredible product with terrible marketing"The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcast Instagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
'Be your own boss, make 9 figure profits with this business coaching scheme!'I have had an annoying amount of messages like this recently. In Today's podcast, I talk about Business Coaching Scams and why they are never going to make you an entrepreneur.If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!   The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter:@the_mobshow
In Today's podcast, I give an insight into what my normal day looks like as a business owner. And no, it doesn't all come out smelling of roses.Listen to our latest episode here. If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates! The MOB Showwww.theMOBshow.comFacebook/mobshowpodcastInstagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
In today's episode, I talk all about social media influencers and whether we should be using them as a form of advertising in business.If you like these podcasts, don't forget to give us a rating, review and subscribe for future updates!The MOB Show Facebook/mobshowpodcast Instagram/Twitter: @the_mobshow
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