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Advocates for direct democracy

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Welcome to Advocates for direct democracy, giving sovereignty back to the people. Support this podcast:
63 Episodes
Eva Lund from The Natural Progressive show on You-tube, is here to discuss the Green new deal, obstructing the vote and other topics. G.M Shauer from World community action league is the co-host for the conversation. I wanted to correct myself by saying in the last federal elections in the United states , over 100 million did not participate, I said it was a 100 thousand, my apologies.--- Support this podcast:
Ron Placone from the jimmy Dore show, who is also a touring comedian, is on the podcast to talk about American politics. We discuss the upcoming election in 2020, the recent initiative in Los Angeles for a peoples bank and much more.--- Support this podcast:
Carl Edward Fleury is on the podcast to talk De jeur government,  a new government that runs parallel to the current  corporate Canadian government. Also talk about uniting all Canadians for a new constitution a better political system and a great standard of living for all Canadians. --- Support this podcast:
Geoff Ginter and MMT

Geoff Ginter and MMT


Geoff Ginter is on the podcast to explain the basics of MMT and how it can help all American citizens achieve a decent standard of life. --- Support this podcast:
Adam Rice political activist and R.I.C supporter, who also runs Yellow vest T.V, comes on the podcast with myself and G,M Shauer to discuss direct democracy , his recent trip to France and the necessity for a parallel government. --- Support this podcast:
The very passionate Richard Ojeda, who ran for Presidency of the United states in the last election and also ran for congress in the midterms. Richard helped pass legislation on legalizing marijuana. He also was instrumental in the famous West Virginia teacher strike, that helped the teachers win the wage increase. In this podcast Richard talks about how the country must come together and bring the democratic party back to its old glory and how the U.S.A is the laughing stock of the world.--- Support this podcast:
Guy Crittenden an independent journalist, freelance writer and activist, who is on the podcast to discuss his early career in journalism,  Julian Assange and the continual decaying of free speech and independent media. We also discuss the importance of continuing support of free and independent media and of turning off corporate news.--- Support this podcast:
From the YouTube hit show, Kim Iversen joins us on the show to talk about many topics, like America's upcoming elections in 2020, You-tube censorship and more.--- Support this podcast:
Their are social movements happening all over the world, but the most important change is the one within ourselves. Marlen joins us on the podcast to discuss the importance of self change and self awareness.--- Support this podcast:
Eain McLennon is one the coordinators of the Ontario chapter of Extinction Rebellion, on the podcast we discuss some of the actions that are taken by members of Extinction Rebellion, also the importance to educate the masses of climate change and the impact it will have on the environment and the future of this planet and its inhabitants. --- Support this podcast:
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