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Author: Isaac Serwanga

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Information makes you think. Inspiration makes you act.
24 Episodes
Renew your spirit. Recommit to the people who matter most. Reconnect with the best version of you. 
In the midst of adversity, be the type of leader that sets the example with your passion and purpose on display. Isaac Serwanga shares a motivational freestyle. Subscribe to the Inform & Inspire Podcast for your timely inspiration. 
Isaac Serwanga shares a motivational message about how failing an organic chemistry test in college turned out to be a blessing in disguise. 
Dr. Joan Lin-Cereghino has dedicated her career to higher education for two decades a the University of Pacific. In this episode, Isaac talks with Joan, who serves as the Vice Provost and Professor of Biology at the University of Pacific. Joan humbly and openly shares her personal and professional journey from her undergraduate years at Princeton University all the way to meeting her husband in her doctorate program at UCSD. She shares invaluable advice for young professionals eyeing higher education as a career path and deep insight for students who wish to get the most out of their college experience.  
Save this episode for your morning routine, intense workout, or evening commute home. 9 inspirational tracks (22 min) that will help shift you into a powerfully positive mindset for whatever the day brings you. 
Isaac Serwanga delivers a keynote presentation for 700 young professionals at the Crest Theater in Sacramento, CA at the Metro EDGE Emerge Summit. | Thursday Sept. 19th, 2019 1. What's your personal mission statement? 2. Let your failure be your teacher.  3. Who's counting on you? 
Isaac Serwanga shares his tips on powerful public speaking for your next presentation. This excerpt is a cut compilation from Isaac's public speaking workshop held on the campus of California State University, Sacramento (Sac State) in April 2019. Musical editing was done by Motiversity. 
Isaac Serwanga presents at the Hugh O'Brian Youth Leadership Conference. The C's of Leadership. "Leadership is an Action, not a Title." The most important lesson I learned as a 3 Sport DI Athlete. D.R.E.A.M. B.I.G. 
Before you deliver your next presentation, identify what kind of speaker you are.  This episode is an excerpt from Isaac's presentation on transformative public speaking with the Sac State MBA program. 
Isaac Serwanga shares his story and asks the questions to help you rediscover your purpose. 
Author of How to Network in College Isaac Serwanga shares his story and provides insight to Saint Mary's College student athletes on the practical ways to build professional relationships both on and offline. 
An excerpt from Isaac Serwanga's How to Network in College presentation for Sacramento State students as they prepare to network in the real world. 
How can college students and young professionals create new opportunities in today's working world? 1) Share your experience, not your expertise. An excerpt from Isaac's How to Network in College presentation with students from the  Kansas State College of Business. 
Motivational message from Isaac Serwanga.
Sacramento-native JR De Guzman share with us his journey as a comic, leading up to his Netflix debut on the special "The Comedy Lineup: Part 2."
Whether it be through authoring books, producing short films, or hosting The Roommates Podcast, Hafeez Baoku is a talented millennial storyteller whose podcast has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey Network as well as the Gary Vee Show. In this episode, tune in as we cover his practical advice for personal and professional branding, the balance of chasing success and maintaining your well-being (particularly for millennials), and also hear details about the first time Hafeez met Gary Vaynerchuk.
Isaac Serwanga shares with the Marauders the 3 lessons learned from high school football: 1) Resilience 2) You get out what you put in. 3) Family.
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