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I watched the documentary The Sum of It All recently and want to dive all into it. Ed Sheeran is one of my favorite artists and I am going to see him in a few months so this documentary dropped at the perfect time. Ed Sheeran: The Sum of It All is a 4-part docuseries released on May 3, 2023 on Disney+, a few days before Subtract. Like his previous documentary Songwriter, it goes behind the scenes making of the album Subtract but also includes Ed's private struggles during 2022 which lead to the album being made, like turning 32, dealing with grief over the loss of his closest friend and SBTV founder, Jamal Edwards, fear for his wife, Cherry Seaborn with her tumour, the Shape of You court case and being a first time dad of two while struggling with depression and anxiety. You should check this out even if you consider yourself a casual fan of Ed, it is a deep look into everything leading up to the writing of his latest album Subtract and the Mathematics tour. It is a good peek behind the curtain of an artist and a look into the personality of one the best singer/songwriters in the game today. 
It's 75 Hard Week in JohnnyBoy Studios! Since starting the 75 Hard challenge, and likewise the 75 Hard Daily podcast, I have been rediscovering music I have not listened to for some time.Walking down the musical memory lane has been incredibly rewarding and has helped me to continue on this journey.  In this episode I want to share some of those song that have helped me on my workouts, and the playlist I found to help with the daily reading! This was a pleasent side affect of going through the 75 Hard challenge and commiting myself to seeing it through to the end. If you are thinking of starting the 75 Hard challenge check out the 75 Hard Daily podcast and the brand new 75 Hard landing page put together for 75 Hard Week.
Janet Jackson (Miss Jackson if you nasty) brought her Together Again tour to FivePoints Amphetheater in Irvine, California and it was everything I expected it to be. For only having 4 background dancers, a live band, not touring in 3+ years, and being almost 60 years old this was an amazing show.  Opened for by Ludacris who took us back to our high school days, I couldn't have asked for a more fun night. Tune in to this episode where I dive all into being Together Again with Janet Jackson.
The only live show I saw in person in 2020 was Dermot Kennedy, and he was the first virtual concert I purchased durring the pandemic. When the Sondor Tour was announced I knew I wanted to be there and this was worth the price of admission. With a VIP Meet N Greet ticket, an excitement that couldn't be contained, and the Sondor album on repeat we headed to the YouTube Theater to see Dermot play live and what an experice it was. Tune in to hear all about it in this episode and also be sure to check out James Bradshaw and Eliza the two background singers who were incredible additions to Dermot's vocals!
Ok this episode is a little overdue but I still wanted to talk about Stagecoach 2023. The festival took place a little over a month ago from the time of this episode in Indio, California just after the Coachella festival in the same location. This year's headliners were Luke Bryan, Kane Brown, and Chris Stapleton but there was so many other great acts performing as well.  While I didn't attend the festival I did watch the live stream and there is plenty to talk about. Tune in, subscribe, share with a friend as we dive all into Stagecoach 2023.
News broke last week of Tina Turner passing away at 83 years old in her home in Switzerland and the entire world took a moment to have out heart break together. She has collaborated with some of the greatest acts we know and recognize today, inspired so many who are in the limelight right now, and was recognized world wide as the Queen of Rock N Roll for decades. Tina was noted for her "swagger, sensuality, powerful gravelly vocals and unstoppable energy", along with her well publicized history with ex husband Ike Turner and her famous legs. Her influence, her inspiration, her fingerprints are all over the music industry today and will be felt for many more years to come. Live your life in such a way, when you are gone the entire world pauses, even if just for a second, in order to morn together. Tina Turner was, to put it simply, the best.
Caochella 2023 was....interesting to say the least.  Full disclosure, I did not attend the festival in person this year, but I did watch the live streams all 3 nights both weekends, and I am in 3 very active groups around the festival. This episode was originally going to be a review of weekend 1, but as I was recording it so many things kept developing with Coachella as a whole and the lineup for weekend 2 that I just decided to wait and review both at the same time. I am glad I did. I said it last year and I will say it again this year; next year, all 3 weekends for sure.  Tune in to hear my review of Bad Bunny, Blackpink, Frank Ocean, Blink-182, and so many more. Coachella 2023 was one for the books. 
I took a trip down to sunny San Diego, CA in order to attend Boots In The Park at Waterfront Park! I saw some great acts, heard some great music, and paid over $20 for a beer, but it was all worth it.... Tune in to hear my review of Boots In The Park where I saw Gavin DeGraw, Jimmie Allen, Walker Hayes, and of course Carrie Underwood. Also check out Red White & Badass Brews for a veteran owned coffee company that ships right to your door.
This week we lost musical legend Bobby Caldwell. What You Won't Do For Love is only a small drop of his contribution to the musical industry as a whole, but it is part of defining an entire era of music. Mr. Caldwell's music, artistry, and soul will not soon be forgotten. Rest easy Bobby Caldwell. In this episode I also introduce 2 new segments to the podcast I will have moving forward. Tune in to hear the Review of the Week (Pink's new album 'Trustfall') and the Tech Tip of the Week (Headphones).   MENTIONED; KevOnStage's Tweet on Bobby Caldwell. The headphones I love MPOW 059 Bluetooth Headphones Over Ear.  
Today I want to dive into 2 tours and 2 albums. First the 15th anniversary of Jon McLaughlin's Indiana album, and the tour which brought him to Hotel Cafe in Los Angeles. Second Ed Sheeran's Mathematics tour, which will include the upcoming album Subtract. My first Must-See artist to the one I was a little skeptical about but then enjoyed and have slowly been converting others to as well.  Let's talk albums and tours in this episode. Enjoy.
Superbowl LVII was Feb 12, 2023 between the Philedalphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs in Glendale Arizona. At halftime the score was 21-14 Eagles, and Rihanna took to the stage to perform a medley of hits. In this episode I want to share my reactions to the game itself, to Rihanna's setlist. While there were no guests apparences Rihanna did not need them to put on a stellar show. Tune in and tweet me your thoughts on the Superbowl LVII halftime show. I'm on Twitter @SoCalLiveMusic.
Superbowl LVII is going down Feb 12, 2023 with the Philedalphia Eagles going up against tht Kansas City Chiefs in Scotsdale Arizona, and halfway through the game Rihanna will take to the biggest stage in the world. In this episode I want to share my predictions for the game itself, for Rihanna's setlist, and for potential guest apparences. Superbowl LVII is going to be a great show on top of a great game and I for one am looking forward to it.  Rihanna always puts on a good show and I have no doubt this will be no exception. If you are on Twitter tweet me @SoCalLiveMusic, I will be live-tweeting during the game and the halftime show. 
Today we are looking at the Coachella 2023 lineup! Bad Bunny, Black Pink, and Frank Ocean (assuming he shows) are headlining this year, and the rest of the artists performing are pretty steller as well. Check out the lineup if you plan to attend the festival this year, be sure to grab your festival packing list by going to, and also checking out the kits for you to pack. The Recovery-Kit is coming soon for when you return from the festival. We are also diving into various playlists for working out, including a few humourous titles available on Spotify. Follow me on Spotify to hear some of my favorite playlists and send me the ones you listen to when hitting the weights or getting in cardio.  And finally I am in the search for a new portable speakers. I currently use the iHome speaker but need to replace it and find a new sound bar for my TV. I am looking at Sonos and Bose as possible choices but if you have a recomendation tweet me @SoCalLiveMusic.
In this episode we are talking; Getting back into more music after mostly podcast since 2020, the posibility of the Coachella Lineup dropping in the next few weeks and how to prepare for it,and my Spotify Wrapped playlist! All this and more to kick off a new year both in music and on the podcast! Join me as we set the tone for the coming year. You can check out my Spotify Wrapped playlist here, follow me on Spotify, and be sure to grab your festival packing list by going to
2022 has come to a close and it has been a wild ride! As I like to do every year let's take the last episode of the year and dive into the previous 12 months. So much has happened that I want to share with you. This episode is jam packed full of exciting development as well as a special announcement at the end you don't want to miss.... Tune in to this episode as we dive back into 2022 and all that it was!   Also Check Out; The SoCal Live Music Review website Join the newsletter!
Stagecoach 2023 tickets went on sale to the public, and the artist lineup has been announced! Officially! In this episode I want to walk through the line up, share how I have handled tickets and lodging in the past, and give what I believe is the best method for both moving forward.  Now is the time to begin getting ready so tune in for this first episode of the Road To Stagecoach series! Get ready to party with 70k of your closest friends in what is sure to be an epic weekend in the desert! Grab your crew, get your lodging, pack your boots, and do a couple of extra squats because Stagecoach 2023 is coming. This will be a party and I couldn't be more excited for it. Be sure to download your copy of MyFestivalChecklist by going to, and browsing the kits there for all your shopping needs. 
I went to my first real metal show to see the band Avatar perform, and I had a blast! The musical abilities of the band, the lead singers vocal performance, the theatrics, the crowds, and the whole vibe were on another level. In this episode I want to give you a walkthrough of my experience going to the show and some key take-aways I have from attending my first ever metal show.
Dylan Scott is one of the most slept on artists in country music today. I had the pleasure of seeing him back in 2017 at the Troubadour, but I've missed his shows numerous times right here in my backyard of southern California. When he annouced his own tour "Livin My Best Life" and I saw it would be at the Anaheim House of Blues I knew I had to be there. Join me in this episode for a recap of my experience and be sure to check out Dylan's music streaming everywhere!
I took a trip over to the Anaheim House of Blues to see Andy Grammer on his The Art Of Joy tour and I am so glad I did. A few days later I took my dog Karma for a walk and decided to record this episode of the podcast. One of my first live shows since the return of live music in mass, join me as we talk about the highs and lows of the return to live music.
This past Sunday we watched the Rams win over the Bengals in Superbowl LVI, but we also watched what could arguably be one of the best halftime shows in modern Superbowl history.  Seeing Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, and Kendrick Lamar take the stage made me want to publish this podcast episode and take a look back at some of the most recent halftime shows at Superbowls. For this episode I'm limiting it to the last 10, but be sure to tweet me what your all-time favorite Superbowl halftime show is. @SoCalLiveMusic
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