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The Weekly Squeak

Author: Chris Chinchilla

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A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering.

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122 Episodes
In part 2 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:Idit Levine of Solo.io24:48 - Shiv Ramji of Digital Ocean 50:05 - Matthew Whittington of Atlassian
In part 1 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:1:27 - Jason McGee of IBM25:26 - Carmine Rimi of Canonical48:16 - Sheng Liang of Rancher Labs
I speak with Mark Marron of Microsoft about their new language that is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about for both humans and machines.I also cover Edge arriving on macOS, Android Q desktop mode, Vale for the desktop, and why no one builds underground lines anymore?
In this episode Chris speaks with Matt Billman of Netlify, creating general game playing AI, browser wars past and present, and more!
In this episode Chris speaks with Hayden Barnes about the Pengwin project, an optimised Linux for the Windows Linux Subsystem. Also features articles on Coffee Pods, Polymaths, digital newspapers and more!
In this episode Chris covers why the Essential phone isn't as bad you might have thought, how smart speakers are changing music, new programming languages, and is D&D becoming too mainstream?Also features an interview with Pooh from Mojobot, a cool new coding board game that's on kickstarter right now!
In this episode I look at advice on writing weird fiction, the future of Linux, the latest version of Opera, wether Google cloud offers an open source friendly alternative to AWS, and more!
Robocall hyphen king

Robocall hyphen king


In this episode Chris covers the trail of the robocall king, programmer's obsession with efficiency, prisoners training AI, all you wanted to know about hyphenation, and much more.
Ranking full stop

Ranking full stop


In this episode I cover old technologies and how to preserve them, the death of Childhood musicians and a little more.
Chris speaks with Jae Kwon of Tendermint about their Byzantine-fault tolerant state machine replication. Or blockchain, for short.Also in this episode Chris looks at the history of the Ottoman empire, ageing coders, the psychology of Magic the Gathering and more.
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