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The Weekly Squeak

Author: Chris Chinchilla

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A weekly podcast from Chris Chinchilla covering technology, board and role play games, history, current affairs, and frankly whatever I feel like covering.

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129 Episodes
In this episode I speak with Davit Baghdasaryan of about their small Windows, macOS and (soon) iOS application that removes background noise from online conversations. Also features news on Huawei's new OS, the history of Ctrl+Alt+del, moderating hacker news and more.https://krisp.aihttps://chrischinchilla.com
In this episode I speak with Réda Berrehili of the Ki Foundation about their plans to put blockchain-powered assistants into hotel rooms. I also cover the Linux desktop wars are over, the Nintendo power glove, and those pesky under water cables giving us all the internet we need (most of the time).
In this Weekly Squeak I cover Quantum computing, removing brilliant jerks, the problems with Medium, the problems with office perks, arguments over Pompeii and more!
In this episode I speak with Jean Georges Perrin about his forthcoming book "Spark in Action", where we cover Apache Spark, writing books, and why many are wrong about IBM. I also cover Twine, Open Source and Alexa and the UK's health service. code for any Manning books for you all: podchinc19And 5 free eBook codes for Jean's book if it caught your interest!spchc-3424spchc-552Dspchc-445Bspchc-3087spchc-F63D They are already activated and will last for two months. 
In this episode I speak with some of the team behind the IOST Blockchain project, cover recent Zoom woes, wonder if air travel is all that's it's hyped to be, dig into JPEGs, and so much more!
I speak with Marco Palladino of Kong about their API gateway, microservice mesh and smart docs generation.Also features content on North Korea, increased sobriety, Sugar and Vegetarian tech events.And I announce how you can get involved in my new show, "The Enthusiastic Amateur".
In this episode I speak with Ian Fogg of OpenSignal about our current 4G network, and the future 5G one. Also featured is D&D for product teams, educating on the history of the British Empire, Visual Basic, Project Catalyst, Libra, escaping the smart city and more!
In part 2 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:Idit Levine of Solo.io24:48 - Shiv Ramji of Digital Ocean 50:05 - Matthew Whittington of Atlassian
In part 1 of interviews from KubeCon, I speak with the following people about developments in the world of Kubernetes:1:27 - Jason McGee of IBM25:26 - Carmine Rimi of Canonical48:16 - Sheng Liang of Rancher Labs
I speak with Mark Marron of Microsoft about their new language that is simple, obvious, and easy to reason about for both humans and machines.I also cover Edge arriving on macOS, Android Q desktop mode, Vale for the desktop, and why no one builds underground lines anymore?
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