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A podcast for the elite high achievers looking for complete fulfillment and freedom in EVERY area of life without burning out or breaking down. We run on caffeine, big dreams, fast-paced results and a get-shit-done-so-I-can-enjoy-my-life attitude over here.
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We have this thing in our society where “being the strong one” means holding everything on your shoulders and suppressing all our emotions. It means not being the one that gets to feel while everyone else does. This doesn’t make you the strongest in the situation, it actually makes you the weakest.
Are you the type of person that goes to Disneyland to wait in line or to ride the rides? Waiting to get into the club/party or gets in and experiences the party? The answer may surprise you after you listen to this episode.
Any time we find ourselves choosing this or that we are experiencing and reacting to a limitation.
If you have a habit of starting and not finishing tasks or projects before moving on to the next thing or you find yourself procrastinating a lot, here’s some things to look at.
Even though we are starting to transition out of quarantine from the COVID-19 pandemic this is still important for people to look at and evaluate as we move forward.
Not listening to your intuition or inspired ideas in the past will come back to bite you at some point.
If you know it’s yours and you can’t do anything to miss it or not receive it, would you be able to relax a little more?
“Purpose work” has become a big thing these days but it’s so limited and just straight up wrong the way the majority approach it. If you want to start finding your purpose and feeling connected to your purpose, start here.
Any chance I have to get better, bigger, faster results by working smarter and not harder, I’m going to take it.
The trio needed for changing the dynamics you’ve created in the past and allowing them to become something new
Anytime you find yourself making the “logical” or “reasonable” decision, especially when a crisis or major change of some kind happens, consider this.
Meditation can be difficult for those that are used to being in constant motion and action or those that struggle to turn of their mind. Here’s a practice to start so you still get the benefits.
It’s not about working harder or doing more things. There’s an easier and BETTER way that most try to skip over or don’t understand.
When you are looking to get to your next level, reach your next goal or change your life one of the things that has to shift is the identity you are allowing yourself to live in.
Here’s a few questions and perspectives to help you identify if you’re living at lower levels than what’s available to you
I got a little heated one day about others trying to tell people to slow down or do less or make sure they’re thinking things through.
That feeling you get that says you should be doing more, talking more action, getting more done... let’s address that today.
Ep. 96 Fear of Success

Ep. 96 Fear of Success


People think it’s a fear of failure that’s stopping them but it’s just a conditioned answer. The majority are actually afraid of success. Let’s chat about why.
The dreams you’ve had and ideas you’ve tried to pursue before but they just didn’t work out... what if you went back to them now?
Three things to look at if you feel like you’re not making as much progress as you’d like. (Episode was from a February FB live) --- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast.
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