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The fortnightly main podcast for Gamer Matters, the Malaysia-based English gaming website providing you with news, reviews, impressions, varying quality of jokes on the issues that matter: video games.

It's a podcast where we talk (mostly) about video games.
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In this very late edition of dia.log, Wam finally went to an FGC weekly gathering. Meanwhile, Danial dragged Anan to race pretend cars at ServerDNA and pitched an idea for a Gamer Matters esports team. Meck reached his breaking point with Ghost Recon Breakpoint but continues to find joy in Borderlands 3. And Irham... had a class on marriage? This episode is published one week later than expected, apologies! More info on why this happened will be revealed on the next dia.log.
Hwargh! In this episode of dia.log: Danial has moved on from The Division 2 and found a new promising looter-shooter in its wake: Outriders.  And Meck explained why Outriders reminded him of a better Mass Effect Andromeda, of all things.   Meanwhile, Anan left these suckers and played the new hotness that is Valheim (and told us what's so great about it).  And of course, we took the time to explain the weird word selection in Square Enix game subtitles. And the very specific decisions around Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade.   Grab your axe and make a boar farm, we still be hunting big numbers.   (Go to 1:17:49 to skip the F1 talk)
BEEG NUMBER #77 (12/02/21)

BEEG NUMBER #77 (12/02/21)


It's been a while since your regularly scheduled episode of dia.log, and we've been playing a bunch of video games since then.   Meck explains his undying love of Hitman 3's levels and what makes them so good (it involves spoilers), while Anan is still figuring out where's the fun in The Division 2. Danial has firmly enjoyed Division 2, only to be let down by the ending (also spoilers).   And it's also been a full year since the crew even mentioned about video game movies on the podcast. So that's something new.   The news are all depressing including the state of racing games (which is growing to be more niche and dire), video game patents and the death of a console that's already never existed.   Grab a drink (hopefully not human-infused grape flavour), and help us get some big numbers, it's a new episode of (mostly) video games talk.   (Skip to 30:40 to avoid The Division 2 spoilers, skip to 53:58 to skip the Hitman 3 level spoilers- come back when you've played them don't ruin the surprise for yourself)
It's 2021 and we're finally ready to talk about the only next-gen (or current-gen, as it is right now) console to be officially sold in Malaysia: The PlayStation 5! But with its limited availability, even today, should you wrangle your way in whatever means possible to get a PS5 right now in Malaysia? Together with friends of the podcast Burhan and new guest Najmi of The Kampung Nerd, we ask the room of PS5 users on what's it like to have the memeishly huge console, how are the games and is the more expensive DualSense controller justify its higher price. The future is here, so we even spitball some ideas of what we like to see in the future of gaming. Butt motors, anyone?
Welcome to 2021/2020 Season 2, same like the last year. As things outside are still rough (and we in Malaysia are in lockdown again), let's find some solace in this avenue by talking about (mostly) video games. Meck got deep into Phantasy Star Online 2 and starts roasting on Destiny. Danial somehow got a hold of a PS5, and the journey to get one was wild. Meanwhile, Anan is now obsessed with Kamen Rider and has a hot take: "Neo-Heisin Kamer Riders suck, fight me" Don't worry, we still do talk about video games. The crew waffle on early-year game delays, the revival of Lucasfilm Games, Cyberpunk 2077's upcoming fix plans and the state of gaming laptops. However you like your Franklin roasted, we'll be here for you.
2020 has been a rough year, and it's an undersell to say video games have seen a resurgence thanks to the pandemic, quarantine and utter depression that is the dreadful state of the world. Still, it's important for us at Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters to continue to convene at each of the year to discuss, deliberate and most importantly- celebrate - the hard work and passion from video game developers big and small. In times like this, video games have been a great outlet of introspect, escapism, and a place to just have fun. So it's good to remember the best games that came out this year. (And also remember some of the most awful and disappointing ones as well.) The Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters Game Of The Year Awards 2020 celebrates the 32 best games of the year that we play, watch and felt its presence in 9 different awards. This is a completely subjective process from a panel of three crew members- various biases are evidently at play- as this is, after all, our Game Of The Year awards. Don't be surprised seeing some interesting picks that differ from the general consensus.
As per tradition, we at Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters have sat down together (virtually) to discuss and deliberate the games from 2020. For this year, we have narrowed it down to 32 games that we either enjoyed playing, enjoyed watching, or just enjoyed its existence and presence in the dreadful year that is 2020. These 32 games are eligible for the Gamer Malaya and Gamer Matters Game Of The Year Awards 2020. For this special episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, the crew discuss in length of why the shortlisted 32 games mattered in 2020, especially to us. At the end of the day, we are building a subjective list catering to our taste in games (not necessarily yours), so we have our reasons why we rate them highly, and why it may be different to the general consensus. This is also a highly subjective list that caters to the crew's personal enjoyment- and as such, are not sorted by review scores.
We can't get us a PS5 (and so are most of our close contacts) so Meck, Danial and Anan has all been chippin' in on Cyberpunk 2077. And we also talked about another game from a Polish developer that ends with the word punk. And Danial can now confirm he loves the Xbox Series S.   We go through some of the game announcements at The Game Awards, but really, this is the Cyberpunk episode so jack in as we go through the high and low points of our most anticipated game of the year.
The Xbox Series X|S has launched*! Next-gen has "arrived"! There are many caveats on the two sentences before, but with some extra work needed, you can totally get your hands on Microsoft's new console in unsupported markets like Malaysia. We brought our friends from Aksiz and Kakuchopurei, fellow Malaysia-based gaming media outlets, to talk about their experience with this new generation of consoles. Because honestly, we could only manage to get only the new controller on time for recording. Come for hands-on experience, and maybe stay for our extended thoughts of Yakuza: Like A Dragon. Finally we played a Yakuza game on time. Featuring Izzat Aziz from Aksiz and MrToffee from Kakuchopurei
Tonight, on Bottom League. Meck raves about bloody spreadsheets. Danial loves the PS4. And Anan refuses to fall in the freaking rabbit hole. No delays but look at this freaking fridge mate. (Please read the lines in an awful attempt of a Cockney accent)
As the world is getting even more stressful thanks to current events, the dia.log crew finds relief in bleakness. Anan is destressing himself with Dark Souls 3, and Meck sets the record straight on Remnant From The Ashes. Danial pressed the emergency meeting button again to talk F1. We share our thoughts on the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S consoles now that more info is out. And finally, the timing works out that we can actually talk about Cyberpunk 2077 news while it's still fresh and hot. But if you're old and tired, don't worry- there's a visual novel just for you that we talk about. Rekindle the flame, and hear our 101 stories in this milestone of an episode of dia.log. Also, nice.
It's October, and it's already cursed. Danial's been playing a few games but mourns the death of Honda in F1 (again (again)). Anan's been looking into Nvidia's RTX 30 series graphics card launch issues. Meck faced some Nvidia-related issues which led him to spend time with State Of Decay 2.   Friend of the podcast and recurring guest Tohka returns, and reports on the new gacha game everyone is talking about- Genshin Impact. And he still can't believe Mai Shiranui got the snub for Smash Bros. just like the crew can't believe Xbox bought Fallout 76 for $7.5 billion USD. In cash.   We apologise for the lateness on this one, but hey, you're getting a close-to-2-hour episode on this one, so strap in and bring your energy drink of your choice.
Next-gen, it's coming soon.   With the big bombshells of news arrived the past two weeks, the dia.log trio has made room to talk long and hard about the two next-gen platforms coming out this November.   What's the Xbox Series S? Has PlayStation made an answer to Game Pass? Is the Xbox name all that confusing? Why would you not buy a PS5 in Malaysia when it's the only one likely to have official support?   Other than that, we still make time to follow-up on some vroom vrooms that is Formula One (dia.cast is back again).   Get motivated, awaken your inner djinn and land that special trick, my son: next-gen video games are upon us.
Slow week for games in September? Nope. There's plenty of new games that are not Avengers and Tony Hawk coming out, and we're talking about them this episode.   But first, Anan's here to report that he's still in the Fallout hole, and has some beef with Intel's current direction. Meck found a better Fallout game in the form of the spiritual predecessor, the Wasteland series. Wasteland 3's good, it looks like. The other game with a 3 on the title is Crusader Kings 3, which is apparently easier to get into.   We discussed the recent gamescom Opening Night Live, and got real with some talk about burnout when writing about games.   The nuclear winter is all well and good, but can you give a king slain on his own land a fair trial? That's not a Crusader Kings reference in the title if you can believe it, because Danial brought back dia.cast, it's rawe ceek!
Two weeks have past and the dia.log crew still can't stop talking about Fall Guys. And we brought back our good friend and recurring guest Tohka in to share his antics on the game show game.  Meanwhile, Anan and Meck has dipped back into Fallout 4 and it's as janky yet comforting as it was before. Danial went on to the Destiny 2 grind before the everything's getting vaulted. And Meck also talked about golf games.  Do stay in for the news, it's a honking good time discussing wars, independence and.. child soldiers? It took some turns.
It's a bittersweet episode this one. Wam leaves the dia.log crew and we wish him the best in his future endeavours. Which means the crew are now at a karaoke spot singing Baka Mitai. We still did talk about video games though. Meck got the chance to "play" Lego Super Mario, a Lego set that you can actually play like a video game. He also have lived his fantasy as a games show participant in Fall Guys. Danial has been flexing on the mobile crowd with his wins on Call Of Duty Mobile, leveraging his console experience, while Anan joined the Slay Crew last Aidil Adha raya season, while Ubisoft shafted him on DLC. It's the start of a new arc for dia.log, let's see how this one turns out on the other side!
How many games start with a war crime?  Meck played Ghost Of Tsushima ahead of its release and can now legally talk about it. Meanwhile, Wam is legally required to stay at home and guess what, he's been playing a bunch of video games. For whatever reason, Anan and Danial continue the Ubisoft combo from last episode, sharing their stories about controller issues and... war crimes. And Meck came in with gang wars. The Geneva Convention isn't meant to be broken, unless in the safe confinements of a video game. Or is it? Until we are punished for our alleged crimes, we'll continue to give you sick banters for you, dear readers of this description.
Sacré bleu! We started with a Japanese joke and went westward from thereon. Wam's back in Malaysia, but not without suffering. At least he played the new Pokemon Sword Sheild DLC for real this time. Anan allegedly survived the Steam Summer Sales and has now discovered what's it like to listen to podcasts, oddly enough. Danial brought the vroom vrooms as the crew sidestep into the realm of real motorsport talk once again with the new F1 season, and also planning to take a trip to the Lesbos Island. For whatever reason, we talked too much about Ubisoft. Allons-y mon ami! And pardon the (Google Translated) French.
Spoliers for The Last Of Us Part II will drop at the end of the podcast.  The eternal summer of game announcements has just started and we already tired out. But that can only mean one thing: playing more old games.   Anan and the team is back together again to investigate the truth of Persona 4 Golden now that it's on PC. Wam talks about how the new Pokemon Sword And Shield DLC is about. Meck got around and tried out Aloy and the Magical AirPod- the alternative title for Horizon Zero Dawn.   We King Crimson'd the episode as we poked Danial about why The Last Of Us Part II's moving story isn't budging us, not even one bit. So spoilers will start at the end of the episode.  The Chad is out of jail, and have mastered the way of the trashfire.
The Future Of Gaming has arrived, but we're still playing old games. Meck revisited Kingdoms Of Amalur ahead of the upcoming remaster. Wam revisits Bioshock 2 and opened that conversation we nicely sidestepped last episode. Anan finished Disco Elysium and Danial finished a new game not out yet so he can't talk about it. Yet. The rest of the episode the crew talking about the games they are excited about coming to the newly revealed PS5. Enjoy video games while the future isn't here yet, but also beware of getting accidentally Stadia'd.
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