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The fortnightly main podcast for Gamer Matters, the Malaysia-based English gaming website providing you with news, reviews, impressions, varying quality of jokes on the issues that matter: video games
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In this episode on dia.log - The Gamer Podcast, Anan tried catfighting in Yakuza 0 and now has a MIDI keyboard. Danial gave a status update on Malaysia's Roblox Community. Wam has issues about Warhammer 40K's Space Marines he needs to air out.Meanwhile, Meck is being attacked by an enemy Stand.The dia.log crew also talked a lot about the event that was EVO 2019, as well as the recent Malaysian Digital Corporation (MDEC) event where Level Up KL 2019 is announced. We shared our experiences of talking with MDEC's Hasnul Hadi and also Metronomik's Wan Hazmer and Magnus Game Studio's DC Gan.If you happen to suddenly be getting a surge of interest of all things JoJo, let us know, we must further our understanding of the JoJo Machine.
In this episode of dia.log: Wam finally played the catalyst of the podcast, Detroit: Become Human, and have strong thoughts on SPOILERS. Meanwhile, Meck also played a game from last year, Forza Horizon 4. Danial also played a game from last year, We Happy Few, how it's good now, and debate on the nature of immersive sims and aesthetic-based games. We don't have Anan this time, so we brought Irham in and he will pitch you on why you should get a Lenovo Ideapad.And we can all agree, we'll pay good money to remove questionable individuals from their respective game companies, and bet on the roulette to see who would win in a pay per view cage match.
We've done dia.log 35 times too many, so this episode we saw some unexpected shake-ups.The crew drill down the details of the new Warframe update, Empyrean, as revealed at Tennocon recently and then we went hard and long on Kazuma Kiryu's adventures from Yakuza 0 and 6.And then we have a new segment, a segment so fresh, new and unexpected no one bothered to give it a proper name yet.If this episode isn't selling you on The Yakuza Experience™,  don't worry. This might be just the start of a long chain of episodes where we keep on talking about it.
 It's a podcast of emotions in this episode of dia.log. Wam and Meck got high, in the sky, to play video games. Meck suffered the unluckiest streak of 1 rolls in just one day.Danial was fortunate enough to see and play Metronomik's new game No Straight Roads. And Irham, who finally appeared on an episode this year, celebrated MapleStory's birthday and wax poetry how fishing is essentially a series of gacha pulls.Lastly, Anan had one big gripe about Yakuza 0, one of the many games we just bought in the currently running Steam Summer Sale.The menacing Deviltower in the heart of Kuala Lumpur was awakened, and in its wrath, casts a big luck debuff. So bring extra dice, and a drink, for this one.
 E3 2019! It's over! Now the Gamer Matters crew looks back at the glorious, glorious press conferences, briefings and showcases that celebrate upcoming new games.And like always, we rank them by making a tier list.Joining us this episode is Intan Mawarni from Mygameon, a real gaming journalist, as we weigh down on the many games announcements and the top 5 we look forward to post-E3 2019.Keanu "You're Breathtaking!" Reeves, Ikumi Nakamura, the four nanny squad and Project Scarlett Johansson all make some appearance in some form. So come for the memes and stay for the variety of hot takes!
The gang is tired, and before minute one the podcast has fallen into the ruinous ways of chaos.Meck forgot to introduce the panel and had something to say about the new Warframe update. Wam watched a seminal TV series and amazed at that one part of the show.Danial goes westward and 'watched' the Indy 500 and actually played Detroit: Become Human for real. Anan? He's back in the grove.Also, the gang talked about Death Stranding babies and made an E3 bingo card on the spot. With no preparations.We're tired, guys.Need For Speed Tier List Link:
 As our #gachapuasa campaign continues, what better way to vent off some repressed urges of gacha pulling than talk more about gacha? The dia.log crew brought on Twitch streamer/our Dota external correspondence/avid gacha fan Tohka to talk 30 minutes of gacha. Even Meck joined up with his tales of F1 Manager, the F1 gacha game.Meanwhile, Anan continued to share his experiences in the deep survival game Outward, Danial now making car tier lists, and Wam rallying the crew on calling out the awfulness that is the Epic Games Store.It's a long tale of gacha and survival games, so sit back and enjoy the ramblings.
THE LINE #031 (5/2/19)

THE LINE #031 (5/2/19)


 The last two weeks was a busy one over at Gamer Matters as we managed to cover the two big releases. Meck is now legally able to talk about Days Gone and somehow liked it. He also spent the whole episode drawing the line of which he can or cannot cross.Meanwhile, Wam raves about that new Fate movie playing in Malaysian cinemas and then brought us all on the dehype train as he deconstructed how bad Mortal Kombat 11's progression is. Thankfully, Anan is enjoying himself in the crazy survival game Outward, and Danial got Wam in a good mood by baiting him with Revue Starlight Re LIVE.As the holy month of Ramadhan has begun, we are also organising a pledge to withheld all gacha rolls throughout the month. Join the hashtag #gachapuasa to help cut down your need to roll a gacha.Have a blessed Ramadhan and all the best fighting The Evil Within!
PS4 Produa #030 (18/4/19)

PS4 Produa #030 (18/4/19)


Have we gone too deep with our Malaysian-flavoured inside jokes? Maybe.On this episode, Meck picks up a hoe and talk about the farming in Warframe, the only game he has been playing that he can legally talk about this episode. Anan is on a gaming detox. And Wam found the most Wambait gacha game ever made.Meanwhile, Danial went robot in the longest dia.cast segment so far, detailed his journey on upgrading his graphics card (and how it all went wrong) and attended... an event we just could not wrap our heads around.Not only that, we gave our hot takes on the confirmed hardware specs of the new Playstation console, and dug up the grave of Telltale to give one more telling off.Have fun listening to the fruits of our labour, which has a minor percentage drop for a Rubico Prime Blueprint.Note: For our international listeners, go check out the Malaysian car marque Perodua.
 On this episode of dia.log - The Gamer Matters Podcast, we have Meck outlining some tips if you want to buy a gaming laptop. Danial has been having fun with Origin Access, the game subscription service by EA. And dia.cast is back to discuss the roller coaster that is the Bahrain Grand Prix.Wam didn't play any games so he talked about more manga and the new Ultraman show on Netflix... before slowly realising he did play other games and decided to talk about it more. Like Warframe, which Anan played a lot too.But to top the show, everyone here is excited for Borderlands 3 finally get announced. Though that all stopped when we discussed the development woes of Anthem, which explains a lot of why the game is as is.Also: we said the word "cyber" this year: a dated word in the world of video games.
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