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Home of the Monday Nights calls with Jen Springer and Monty Moran. Listen in as they host Young Living Essential Oils related business discussions with guests from Young Living corporate, 3rd party vendors to help you both enjoy the products in creative ways and grow your business at the time, and of course the numerous Young Living Independent Distributor RockStars!

This call is sponsored by Young Living Independent Distributor 430739, Peacock Enterprises LTD to support the business builders growing this awesome network marketing MLM company!
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202 -5-25 Stacy Tiegs

202 -5-25 Stacy Tiegs


This week's guest is YL Platinum Leader Stacy Tiegs on the topic of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and fear paralysis. With the onset of COVID-19 and all the bull honky in the media trying to push the fear agenda, how can people cope and not fall into emotional shambles? We talk about how you can do little things EVERY DAY to help you physical, emotional and mental well-being. It's not hard to make big changes fast so you and your family can stay in the fast lane of wellness through this wild time. Stacy's new book on "Kicking Anxiety in the Ass ... a Little at a Time" is a perfect tool for everyone who has emotions ... which includes YOU! Not only can you and loved ones benefit from de-stressing and making new habits, so can those around you. This new book is a perfect business tool because EVERYONE needs a little extra support in their day to day life. What you'll learn: 1. Which foods compound stress and which are major stress busters, the list isn't an obvious one! 2. VERY important nutritionals that help the body's stress fighting system and how to begin using them. 3. How to take 10 and get your mind right when faced with overwhelm and panic. 4. Using this simple little book as a business sharing tool to help friends and family stay focused on the important things in life Get the book here:
2020-4-11 Reason You're Stuck Is You're Trying To Sell Your Product! Why is it some people can enroll like crazy and fly to the top of their company and others struggle to sponsor their BFF? It can be discouraging when a person thinks they are saying / doing the right things and everyone objects with a "NO". In this podcast Jen talks about some of her conversation tips that keep people OPEN and willing do move forward into her business. What you'll learn: 1. How one guy was able to get any girl he wanted to go home with him at the bar (Yes this is relevant to your business!) 2. Word & dialogues people have that make prospects RUN away and avoid you at the next office party. 3. A FORMula for talking to anyone with ease even if you have social anxiety or are an extreme introvert. 4. Digging deeper questions that reveal if a prospect is right for your team and how to propose your company to them. 5. The EXACT words to say that lead to appointment bookings and will fill your calendar with prospects.
2020-3-225 Things To Do Right Now Amid Shutdowns & Social Distancing. Wake up call time! Holy moly has the world changed in the first quarter 2020, how are you doing? Are you waiting until things are back to normal or taking action to prosper and determine your future NOW? In this episode Jen talks about the importance of what is happening now and 5 ways to respond to this crisis so your business isn't negatively impacted. You have products & a business people need RIGHT NOW. How you get the info to them is up to you. What you'll learn: 1. What to be doing with all those people that have gotten away 2. Supporting your team and customers so they don't feel alone and abandoned 3. Postponed events & networking: how to act and support organizers 4. Reaching out to keep the presentations & classes going 5. Moving beyond your current network and leveraging the online space to find new people. presents the MONDAY NIGHT CALL The Science of Effective Goal Setting w/ Dr. Benjamin Perkus End of January and still spinning your wheels on how you’re going to attain your 2020 goals? One month down, 11 to go before we ring in 2021 and the time goes lightening fast. Are you on track RIGHT NOW? 80% of people fail to keep their New Years Resolutions & Goals. Why? Because the root cause for reason they haven’t achieved those goals in the past haven’t been dug up and pulled out. Doing some daily mantras and applying oils can help, but a subconscious shift is what is needed. On this Monday Night Call, we have on Dr. Benjamin Perkus – the creator of Aroma Freedom Technique. He’s going to cover the “Science of Effective Goal Setting” so that THIS year is a victory, not failure to reach your ranking up and personal goals. What you’ll learn about the “Science of Effective Goal Setting” using Aroma Freedom Technique: -What kind of goals lead to higher performance in yourself and your team -4 ways that having goals raises performance that you’ve never been told in the past. The 3 little talked about factors that improve chances of success Limitations of goal setting which causes 80% of people to fail 2 important types of goals that clearly outline your action path How to remove blocks to reaching your goals with The Aroma Freedom Technique presents the MONDAY NIGHT CALL: Using FB Ads to Find New Builders & Product Users! Finding people to grow your YL business can be a bit challenging if you're on time and location constraints or if you've run through your warm list a dozen times already. In the past decades when a business owner wanted to advertise they'd look to the local paper for promoting. With printed magazines and papers on the downswing, what is a business to do? Social media is where everyone is meeting and conversing these days. Problem is, the knowledge on using these platforms for advertising is lacking plus there is A LOT of misinformation out there! Here we're going to talk about the pros and cons of advertising on the internet. What you’ll learn: Where the best place is to run ads online: FB, IG, YouTube, Google, etc. What type of budget is needed to run ads so that they are worth while. If it is better to run ads leading with the business or product to get the best results for building a team. The different types of ads FB allows you to use and which are the best. Varying your marketing so that you hit momentum in 3 to 6 months. presents the MONDAY NIGHT CALL: Latest Trends in Building Young Living Business in 2020, Changes You Need to Know! Have you set your 2020 goals yet? Well, finding new people to talk to about Young Living has changed in the last few years. The “tell your friends and they all show up to a home party” days are OVER! Most distributors have found that show up rates to classes have fallen through the floor no matter how many invite reminders they do. Also, NOBODY is commenting on oily FB posts anymore except their already members. When nobody is showing up or responding, businesses don’t grow and FLATLINE. Stress and even self-defeating feelings of failure set in which leads to quitting on your dreams that made you start your business in the first place. Tom Challan has been studying the latest trends in network marketing in the past 6 months and he confesses there has been BIG changes in ways you should find new people to talk to. This call he is going to share his findings and help YOU get back to prospecting 2-5 people again in 2020. What you’ll learn tonight: The BIGGEST change that has happened in the last 2 years that has made is super hard to find people that are interested in building a business with Young Living. How many people you should be reaching out to on a daily basis so you sponsor 2-5 people a month, plus WHERE you find these people! Social media changes: how using Groups to create community and culture around a rallying team. Those prospects who have slipped through the cracks, you know … the “think about it” or “call me back in a month” people. HOW do you finally get them enrolled? The ONE THING you need to be doing EVERY day or you will be spinning out into a never ending cycle of stress and indecision. presents the MONDAY NIGHT CALL: Sponsoring People From Expos and Vendor Events: The Do's, Don'ts, & Myths Vendor events: have you done them? Committing to an event where unlimited prospects walk by your table turns around any feelings of being stuck and rank advancement optimism is in the air. Sharing the products and collecting leads for follow up is super fun! Until the follow up where nobody calls back and nobody enrolls. Vendor booths have changed A LOT since Jen started YL in 2001. The majority of her business in the early years was built off of doing at least one vendor event a week. This Monday Jen is going to go DEEP into the do’s, don’ts, and myths of vendor events so you’re ready to take this year by storm! What you’ll learn: If inventory is necessary and if so, how much The key to getting leads that will pick up the phone when you follow up Expensive expos (like the $700 ones), are they better than the $50 church bizarre? Finding events that other YL distributors are not attending at the same time Putting a team together and playing on people’s strengths for enrolling success.
Doesn't it seem like it would be easier to buy leads from a lead generation agency than chasing down friends and family to share Young Living? Well, tonight we are going to get to the TRUTH about purchasing leads.  Jen has called 1000's of vendor leads and can give you the up front and personal version of her experience. 1. How much leads cost and where to find reputable vendors 2. Out of all the calls made, what percent should answer the phone 3. When talking to people, how to share about the company so people don't go into overwhelm. 4. The best way to get people enrolled so that they get started with product to share and on get Essential Rewards right away 5. Is using the 'vendor lead' strategy a duplicatable strategy to build a large team?
Some people have endless prospects as soon as they walk out their front door because they live in populated areas. What do you do when you live in a small town or have just moved to a new area? You gotta get creative!!! Where you live shouldn’t stop you from building a healthy Young Living business. Many people who stay stuck use it as an excuse, “I don’t know anyone” or “my town is so small and they aren’t the type of people who are into YL”. The difference between people who advance through the ranks and those that don’t is resourcefulness and creativity. When someone has a fire in their heart to reach a goal nothing will stop them, even if they are starting with ZERO people on that “who do you know” list. What you’ll learn: The first step to take when starting your business in a new area so people can find you. Networking events: is it about enrolling the people you meet at them or if it is something else. How to creatively find prospect when you live out in the boonies. Finding local events that would love to have Young Living attend and represent. Using the internet as your secret ninja tool so you can find local people of like mind for your team. Ending the year at the same rank you came in at for 2019? It seems there is ONE thing that holds back distributors from ranking up: finding enough prospects to sponsor! If you aren’t sponsoring at least 1-5 people a month and you can rattle off all of your prospects names off the top of your head, you do NOT have enough people in your pipeline. The next 5 weeks Jen is going to do a series of prospect centric Monday Calls to gear you up for 2020. When people know how to find prospects so they can fill up their pipeline. Once the pipeline fills, let the sponsoring begin! These next 5 calls are going to be more conversational and informal, as they are going into a special podcast series that is all about finding prospects for network marketing.
Some people have endless prospects as soon as they walk out their front door because they live in populated areas. What do you do when you live in a small town or have just moved to a new area? You gotta get creative!!! Where you live shouldn’t stop you from building a healthy Young Living business. Many people who stay stuck use it as an excuse, “I don’t know anyone” or “my town is so small and they aren’t the type of people who are into YL”. The difference between people who advance through the ranks and those that don’t is resourcefulness and creativity. When someone has a fire in their heart to reach a goal nothing will stop them, even if they are starting with ZERO people on that “who do you know” list. What you’ll learn: The first step to take when starting your business in a new area so people can find you. Networking events: is it about enrolling the people you meet at them or if it is something else. How to creatively find prospect when you live out in the boonies. Finding local events that would love to have Young Living attend and represent. Using the internet as your secret ninja tool so you can find local people of like mind for your team.
Get on Monday VIP list for Webinar Link Every catch yourself saying or thinking things like, “I don’t think I’ll every trust anyone again after XYZ happened” or “I’m not the type of person who could become a Diamond because I don’t attract leaders”? Are you really destined to stay in your same reality the rest of your life? Everyone loves a story of overcoming adversity, but if you think that is not possible for you then you must get to this Monday’s Webinar! Thriving YL Gold Leader Sherian McCoy will be on this Monday to talk about how little or big traumas can cause brain glitches and how to get to the root of emotional issues and fix them. Sherian is also the owner of SELAH Wellness Center, Naturopathic Doctor, and the new Director of Aromatherapy at Trinity College – she has a lot of knowledge and experience she will share with you! What you’ll learn: 1. How the brain is listening and cataloging every word you say and think. 2. Training the brain to create new pathways that will dissolve old stuck patterns. 3. Exploring the myth that disease starts in the body and how to begin reversing illness patterns. 4. Identifying big and small glitches in the brain so new training can replace detrimental patterns. 5. Applying the “train the brain” principles to break through business and professional blocks as well.
Always good things coming from Young Living at the Rally! This November’s event was no exception, this without a doubt will be a great month. The Live Your Passion Rallys are meant to keep you up to date with Foundation news, product releases, and business tips – they are SO important to plug into whether live or online. Rally’s are also a great way for you to create community and culture within your team whether you host your own or attend one as a group. This Monday we’re going to cover the Rally news, you’ll be able to pick up tips and information to share with your teams. Even if you attended a Rally on the 2nd, come again! BONUS TRAINING: Staying Happy & Healthy through the Holidays. What you’ll learn: - A special bundle that’s perfect for getting started with CBD from Nature’s Ultra - How to get free oils this month when you buy your favorite oils (BOGO!) - In depth look at some of the most popular Holiday Catalog gift items. - Which Holiday Catalog items will be on Essential Rewards starting NOW! - Where to find professional and Done-4-U graphics for easy sharing of Young Living products
Sometimes people and teams get stuck. Not just one person or you the leader, but the WHOLE group cannot budge forward no matter how many income producing activities they do. Pees, this a real problem that most leaders are ashamed to talk about. This Monday we have on business & executive coach Chris Greathouse. The leaders can only lead if the rest of the team is on the playing field and doing their part. Chris has a way of helping teams reconnect to momentum through specific actions and intentional communication. On this webinar, you’ll want to have paper and pen ready to take notes as we walk through a framework that is guaranteed to be like "miracle grow" for your team. What you’ll learn: 1) Seven practical steps to ensure your team thrives even during the slower months of the year when everyone else is going camping and taking trips to Yellowstone. 2) How to lead yourself and your team daily, weekly, and monthly even when everyone doesn’t feel like working their businesses. (Secret: leading isn’t not the same all the time.) 3) The one thing you can do starting today that will guarantee your team has success. This one secret ingredient is not hard, and yet many teams ignore it. 4) Steps to take if your team is zigging and you are zagging so everyone can get on the same page even if there are differences in opinion and goals. 5) Opening the flow of communication with your team that may seem to have been closed or strained up until now. You can find Chris at
Does it seem like life’s circumstances are always holding you back from being successful in your business? It seems very time there’s an opportunity to take time to grow the business with income producing activities, something comes up with the kids, finances, birthday party you forgot, or your car broke down. This Monday’s call is one a topic most people don’t like to hear: EXCUSE BUSTING. I know, I know – “but I couldn’t host that class and had to cancel because of my dog running away “or “I had to cancel Convention because our family couldn’t afford it”. We all make excuses. Even today I wanted to make 100 reasons why I didn’t want to do this Monday Night Call. I’ve been doing them since 2013 EVERY FREAKING WEEK except for a few Christmas and New Years Holidays – what would it matter if I cancelled one? It matters A LOT. What you’ll learn: 1. Where excuses come from, and it’s not only fear! 2. The two ways excuses ruin your life and how it ripples to those around you. 3. 12 tools you can use to move beyond excuses starting today and they aren’t hard. 4. The shocking definition of ‘excuse’ that will turn on light bulbs and probably piss you off. 5. The absolute first step to overcoming your own excuses that must happen before you can permanently fix the problem.
Due to many requests we will be hosting regular Q & A sessions every month. This was the #1 topic requested by distributors. This call we'll be holding a Q & A Session. You may send your question in by replying to this email OR join us on the Diamond Factory System Facebook Group here and ask directly to me when we're live. Types of Questions People Ask: 1. How did the Premium starter kit change? What do I do with flip kits if I have them? 2. What is the difference between a level and a leg in the Young Living compensation plan.  3. How do I explain to prospects what Seed to Seal means so they know how important it is.  4. What's the difference between PanAway, Deep Relief, Cool Azul, and Relieve It? 5. Slique Shake and Balance Complete, when would someone use one over the other? * Just note, questions that are non-compliant will not be answered. presents the MONDAY NIGHT CALL / WEBINAR: Sharing YL Through Savvy & ART w/ YL Platinum Janet Becker Love the Savvy Mineral and ART product lines but have NO CLUE how to promote them? It’s frustrating to have products you think are the best but have no idea how to go about sharing them. The beauty industry is worth over $500 billion dollars. How do you get a piece of that pie into your organization when leading with oils is so different? This Monday we have on YL Platinum Janet Becker whom is also a Master Cosmetologist. When the Savvy Mineral line was released, Janet was SO excited and started hosting sharing events on a regular basis in Minneapolis. Janet keeps her sharing simple, practical, and fun so that all types of women benefit from their experience. What you’ll learn: How to organize the Savvy Mineral products so it is EASY to share and not a hot mess of powder everywhere! Inviting ‘new’ people to a Savvy & ART event in a way that is enticing, and they say YES. Educating attendees on the value of ART skin care line without overwhelming them with factoids. Creating long term users of the Young Living personal care line vs. try once wonders. Whether Janet talks about any specific nutrition or oils during her presentations or does she only keep it to Savvy & ART.
Follow Up Shortcuts with Tom Challan of Priority Networker. Not on the VIP email list? Feeling unsure on how to exactly follow up without being a pest? Or maybe you have the person who keeps telling you to contact them in 2 weeks after they get paid, to then again tell you to call them back AGAIN in 2 weeks. Following up with tire kickers is frustrating, how can you turn them into action takers? Tom Challan is going to join us this Monday and give you the exact 411 on how you can shortcut those painfully dragged out follow up call after follow up call and get someone started faster. Tom and his wife Kim are Master Recruiters; they’ve built teams over tens of thousands of people in just a few years. That ‘ole saying goes, “The Fortune is in the Follow Up”. Tonight you’ll learn the exact steps to follow up that spurs people to make the decision to join your team as a builder or product user without call after call working on them to get started. What you’ll learn: 1. The best way to follow up to reach your prospect: phone, email, Facebook, What’s App, or text. 2. How many follow ups it typically takes to get someone to make a decision to enroll. 3. The simple system you can use to follow up that your new business builder can learn in their first week. 4. When someone gives an objections, what they are REALLY saying that they aren’t telling you. 5. The types of information you should be sending people to help them make a quick decision to get started vs. what confuses them.
YL Gold Hannah Shields, Voicing Your PURPOSE. Get on VIP invite list: Ever have an all-consuming life event that changed the core of who you were? When you go through hard times that tests the strength of every ounce of your being, you wonder “Why is this happening?”. YL Gold Hannah Shields has had her dreams come true with her Young Living business. She always had a longing to teach and help people, which now she can do while she and her husband raise their 3 boys. But then the unthinkable happened, her baby boy was diagnosed with Influenza A and she became quickly schooled in her parental rights in relation to the medical system. Hannah and her husband had to fight to have control of what medical procedures were being done to their son and to keep him from being taken from child protective services. WOWZA right?!?!? Now that Hannah is on the other side of this, her business has done a 180 into a different direction with a new purpose. She has a story to share about how movements are inspired and how the home should be the safest place for a family! What you’ll learn: 1. Working through the urges and feelings of “I want to quit!” when goals aren’t reached. 2. Starting (even if unintentional) and riding the momentum of a movement. AKA: making lemonade out of lemons. 3. Identifying and speaking to your specific ideal audience or if it is best to speak broadly to the masses. 4. Hannah’s new member tool coming out SOON that will empower parents to create a safe home. 5. How to tell your story so that you build a bridge and help others who may be going through a similar experience. presents: the MONDAY NIGHT CALL: Using Technology to Make Your Business Run Smoother & Easier- Barney Kuntze Experts debate: build your business online or build your business offline? Maybe you can use the best of both worlds??!! The fact is, internet and technology innovation is going to keep heading forward. Whether you want to do simply use the internet to support your team members with product & business knowledge or you want to go full force internet prospecting – the good news is there is a place for you no matter what! On this Monday Night Call episode, Barney Kuntze, founder of the Young Living Success Summit and the Animal Wellness Summit will be sharing with you ways he has found to simplify running your business using a few technology short cuts. Barney has been fully immersed in running successful summits for 5 years. There is an incredible amount of wisdom you can glean from his trials, tribulations, and victories. What you’ll learn: What the future of building your online community in network marketing (according to Barney Kuntze) looks like. Why Knowing your personality & leadership style is so crucial to business growth. Start/Keep growing by utilizing proven systems that can easily be taught to others, resulting in consistency & accountability. How to capitalize on the growing pool of upcoming talent of digital marketing interns who are hungry to gain experience! Mastering the art delegation in your business by leveraging highly skilled & trained Virtual Assistants for $2.50/hr (crazy but true)
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