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Author, Coach, Speaker & Certified Fitness Junkie Jeremy Scott owns Jeremy Scott Fitness in beautiful Scottsdale, AZ. Jeremy is a certified personal trainer who leads by example sharing hacks, tips, education and advice on all things health, fitness, & lifestyle related. Jeremy has worked with some of the biggest brands in fitness such as Men’s Health, Reebok and Vitamin Shoppe. Want a topic covered? Just send us a message and we will make it happen.
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Deep dive into people struggling with the comparison game. We break down the biology of why we seek outside validation and how to break the unhealthy cycle of comparing our lives to the highlight reels we see on social media daily. If you are someone who has negative comparison tendencies my hope is this episode helps put you in a better positive mental track moving forward. 
11 Relationship Conversations with Heather Scott. Playing off a great little article from from, we dive into relationship talk. Please note we are not relationship experts by any means but we been through some things in the past 13 years that might be helpful and relatable to some of you. Original article from and the therapist by the name of Shadeen Francis.
Breaking down this great little gem titled - Americans: Overfed and Undernourished via John Ikerd. Published in Sustaining People through Agriculture column, Small Farm Today, March-April, 2007. Talking about real food vs. processed foods and nutrient needs of the current American diet. 
Chatting with the All-American, CrossFit Games Athlete and Olympic hopeful Collen Fotsch on todays episode. Already making the USA Women's National team we talk about her current training program and plans for the future in hopes of competing in the Tokyo Olympics. We talk all things fitness, nutrition, recovery and everything in between. You can stalk her on instagram @colleenfotsch and also on her YouTube channel at Colleen Fotsch. 
Playing off a little email post from Vince Gabriel about all the things you could do as a gym owner. I wanted to connect the dots for anyone out there looking to run a small business, advanced their side hustle or even turn their passion projects into incoming generating ones. Even if you don't run a business there are some great nuggets in here if you every want to add additional streams of income to your life. 
10 simple shred strategies courtesy of my good friend BJ Gaddour, I will be sharing the original piece on our email newsletter this week. Inside this episode we breakdown BJ's 10 simple strategies to further maximize fat-burning. These are all simple yet highly effective tips you can add into your life if you are looking to get ripped like Rambo for summer time. 
Talking all things gut health, bacteria, immune system, probiotics, digestion and everything in between. Playing off a little post from JayLab Pro on 5 signs to look for if your gut is out of balance we dig deep into how to improve the way your gut works. Enjoy and as always if you have any questions please reach out. 
Nikki Metzger Uncut 2021

Nikki Metzger Uncut 2021


New Podcast with Nikki Metzger - Former Women's Health Magazine Next Top Trainer. I had the chance to sit down with my long time homie Nikki who is an amazing fit pro and business owner here in Scottsdale, AZ. We chat all things 2020, running a fitness business during the pandemic ~ the highs the lows and everything in between. She’s fit, she’s a mom, she’s a boss, she’s a total bad ass and one truly motivated amazing human being.   Enjoy the episode and you can find her at or on IG at @nikkimetzger 
Fitness Then vs. Now

Fitness Then vs. Now


Playing off a great little post Bret Contreras threw up on his IG about the difference then fitness in the 2000's vs. fitness now in the 2020's. I thought it was eye opening to say the least and found it to be painfully true for how young fitness pros today vs. years ago. I now I sound like an old timer phrasing it that way but the game has changed in fitness, some of it for the better some of it for the worse. I dig into detail how things are evolving and what I suggest for the young fitness pros and fitness consumers out there. 
Alexia Clark Real Talk 2021

Alexia Clark Real Talk 2021


Catching up with the Queen of Workouts and my long time friend Alexia Clark on this episode of the podcast. We dig into all things health, fitness, nutrition, mindset and the crazy emergency surgery she underwent to start 2021. We have worked together for many years on numerous projects from Men's Health Magazine to Reebok traveling around the U.S. together in this unique career we are in. What I can say is she is a constant professional always working, learning and trying to perfect her craft to help those who follow her. Above all else she is a humble, kind, genuine human being that I am happy to call a friend. If you enjoy fitness and motivating people with a positive mindset this episode is for you. 
I used to hate the process....playing off a great message from my man Tommy Baker. Just a simple set of reminders that you must find joy in the process and journey to reaching your goals. I wouldn't be where I am at today if I hated training, eating right, and coming into work daily. Understanding the love for the process is everything change the game for me and we uncover that in this episode. 
10 Things to Think About

10 Things to Think About


Quick chat on 10 things to think about when it comes to success. Playing off a message from my homie Pat Rigsby we dig into what habits successful people tend to possess and what success means to each of us. 
Talking all things real estate with Luxury Real Estate Agent Raul Siqueiros is the man when it comes to slangin’ Luxury Real Estate. But he also happens to be the first “client” I had when I started Jeremy Scott Fitness over 12 years ago...and he stuck with me ever since.  On top of being the best at what he does he has become a close friend to Heather Scott and I over the years. He is a special human with a very unique story of how hard work can pay off that I think you guys will really enjoy. We are proud and humbled to call him a friend.    More about the man himself...   He has earned accolades as the top sales producer for international real estate brands throughout his career. He has closed millions of dollars in real estate transactions and has been recognized with several industry awards. Raul started his career in the mortgage banking industry than quickly moved into new development, working with respected builders, selling thousands of new homes throughout Greater Phoenix. As the Arizona housing market evolved, Raul started a niche in foreclosure properties and was awarded “Top Producing Real Estate Group”. Raul then transitioned into the Luxury Real Estate segment and developed a track record for his attention to detail and commitment to superior results.   He recently departed  as Managing Partner of Beverly Hills based The Agency, to pursue a new kick ass adventure as Partner in the Jack & Raul Group.  You can stalk him on Instagram over at  @raulsiqinc of @luxrealestateagents  
Why We Still Own a Gym?

Why We Still Own a Gym?


Heather Scott joins me in answering the question many of my fellow online fitness friends and entrepreneurs have been asking me for years; "why do we still own a brick and mortar gym?"  Considering 2020 would have been the year to get out of the physical location gym game we wanted to answer the question from the base to the deepest levels. There are multiple reasons why we still love owning this space but for many of you I think this episode will be insightful and eye opening.
Die Empty

Die Empty


Quick rant about making the most of your 86,400 seconds daily. Playing off a little gem Tommy Baker put together I had to drop this on you all for some added motivation. 2020 might have been a dumpster fire but the past is the past we can't change it, but what we can do is go 100% all in our dreams and goals moving forward. Enjoy and don't waste another second not chasing your bliss. 
Chopping it up today with the Co-Founders of movement restoration and Balunsd my homies Trisha Haws and Brynn Martin. Diving deep into all things recovery, massage therapy, cold plunges, flotation therapy, infrared sauna, fascial stretching and more.  We also chat about the struggles of running a small business during this past year the good, the bad and the ugly of it all. If you are interested in recovery and learning about the best practices to take care of your body  this episode was made for you.  These are the people Heather Scott and I trust to help us recover and feel our best. I think you will get a ton of knowledge bombs from this episode to implement in your training to help make you move and feel your best.   Movement Restoration is a massage therapy concept that focuses on restoring natural movement back to the body through individualized massage treatments.  Each of Movement Restoration’s soft tissue and specialty massages are designed to improve an individual’s range of motion, enhance flexibility, and increase circulation.  Located in Scottsdale, Ariz., Movement Restoration caters to anyone with restricted movement, compression of joints, tight muscles, or discomfort as a result of repetitive motions and positions from daily activities or jobs. To learn more you can stalk them at: Instagram @balunsdaz Instagram @movementrestoration
We are talking all things cardiovascular diseases on today's episode, which is the #1 killer of people both men and women globally. CVD's are a group of disorders of the heart and blood vessels and they include: coronary heart disease – disease of the blood vessels supplying the heart muscle; congenital heart disease – malformations of heart structure existing at birth; deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism – blood clots in the leg veins,  which can dislodge and move to the heart and lungs. We dig into all of these and much more playing off the CDC's most recent statistics on heart disease and the behavioral changes we can make to be healthier as a nation. 
My Nutrition & Training 2021

My Nutrition & Training 2021


Diving into my own personal specific nutrition and training program thus far in 2021. Many of you have requested an updated version of this from the previous one I did in 2018 so here it is, I jump into my typical eating and training schedule weekly. Enjoy and if you have any questions or requests post listen please just ask. 
Talking about fitness in the future and the need for real human interaction. Playing off a a message my man Pay Rigsby shot over about the future of fitness in response to a recent Fast Company article. I do believe the future of the industry is changing like most industries, but the need for great coaches and programs will only grow. Some gyms will fade away just as some restaurants and barbershops will but certainly not the good ones. Now more than ever people have a need for accountability and healthy relationships which is exactly what a great gym delivers plus so much more. Enjoy the episode. 
Interview with Real Estate Investor Chris Hanson who I just nicknamed "The Money Man"  Chris is the dude when it comes to real estate investing, and just happens to be a good friend of ours as well as being a Jeremy Scott Fitness athlete. So, I wanted to bring him on to chat all things real estate, flipping homes the good, the bad the ugly of it. We dig into past mistakes he has made, hard money lending, the current market climate, how things might be looking for the future, and his best real estate advice. More about Chris: Chris has been actively involved in real estate since 2008 when he formed Hanson Capital Group, LLC, which originally operated as an auction bidding service provider for the public and later institutional clients.  After successfully acquiring 1500+ single family residences, Hanson saw the opportunity to scale business through the facilitation of acquisition funding and started Hanson Capital, LLC in 2009, which to this day operates as a licensed bank in multiple states and which originated nearly $25M in bridge loans in 2020 alone. In 2020, Hanson partnered with Tarek El Moussa of HGTV's hit TV shows, Flip or Flop and Flipping 101 with Tarek El Moussa, to launch a $100M multifamily real estate investment fund.  Under the name TEM Investments, Hanson is actively pursuing value-add multifamily properties around the country.  The Fund launched in 2020 as is expected to reach $100M in capital by Q2 2022. Podcast episode is live on all major platforms including Apple, Spotify, Google Play. As always, we appreciate you all for listening. You can find Chris on Instagram @_chris_hanson and his website
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