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From the Daily Boost to other random episodes, follow me along in my journey to become the best me I can be & hopefully you will be the best you as well.

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Daily Hustle Report • February 14, 2019 (Happy Valentines Day)
If you need help with depression or are feeling suicidal ... please call 1-800-273-8255Happy Valentines Day! Not a lot to report today ... drove around and had meetings most of the day but the thought of the day today is bigger than all of this!Today's quote of the day is by Abdul Kalam, "If you want to shine like a sun. First burn like a sun."Today is meeting day! I have a few meetings set up for today so not going to be doing a lot of work but will be an amazing day either way! One more time ... Happy Valentines Day!Song of the day ... Yes! Valentines Day by OutKast - Task Of The Day: Repurpose DHR for other platforms...I've been working on a distribution process for the Daily Hustle Report videos.  There are two other platforms that I've not been uploading to.  The first is LinkedIn. The problem with LinkedIn is I need to keep the DHR under 10 minutes. (I ramble sometimes so I'm going to have to change some things.)The other platform is Instagram TV but the problem there is it is a vertical video. With rendering taking almost an hour I have to find another way to create the videos simultaneously.   Note: I did get what I needed to be researched while eating lunch today but it doesn't look like it is good news :( guess I'll be looking into something else.Thought Of The Day: Love Conquers AllI say this but not the way you think.  With today being Valentines Day we think about love as husband and wife. There is more to life than just that love.True love starts within yourself.  I have had to battle with this for years. I never understood how much I didn't love myself until October 2002.  In October of 2002, I was in a very dark place.  I was serving in the US Navy, underway in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean and hated myself.On October 24, 2002 I had sat down on a computer and found that I had lost two friends in a car accident & had another friend murdered.That night I laid down with headphones on listening to the music from the "Good Old Times".  I had been crying for hours and that mp3 cd was the only thing holding me together.That night I took a razor blade to my wrist and leg.  I can't say I knew I was doing it.  I want to call it a black out.  I "came to" or "woke up" around 2:30 in the morning with blood running down my arm and my leg.  I luckily had not cut too deep and had a first aid kit in my bunk. I cleaned myself up and pulled out my long sleeve uniform top.  I covered it up and went about my day, until about 10:30 that morning.I went to a good friend of mine that I was living with when we were stateside. I broke down in the galley and luckily he was understanding and took me to see the chaplain. Later that night I had more and more issues with people on the ship who didn't understand what was going on. They thought I was trying to use the chaplain to get out of work. There were two individuals that kept at me like a 2nd grade bully poking at the weak kid in class until he broke. This time I did black out. I was ready to kill or die ... either was fine with me.Six hours had passed and they had thought I had jumped ship. They had called man overboard and sent search teams throughout the entire ship.I was found by my department officer, Ensign J.Fast forward one year.I met the man who changed my life and is responsible for the man you know today.Mr. C! Over the first few weeks of Become a supporter of this podcast:
Daily Hustle Report • February 12, 2019 was a very long and productive day! I'll tell you, I don't do it often, but waking up at 4-5am allows me to do so much before the roosters start going off!!Been working through the Gary Vaynerchuck 86 Page Content Marketing Strategy.  I’ve been piecing together a strategy that will allow me to create about 25-35 pieces of content per day.  I’ve got everything pieced together and now I’m trying to get the notes all in order in this stack of papers so I can come back to it after the Blitz Challenge and launch a social media training.I’ve waited long enough! For those of you who know me, you know how crazy I can get trying to have a conversation without a whiteboard.  Now think about when I’m talking to myself!! lol I use the whiteboard for more than just doing pieces of training for you awesome people I brainstorm on it almost daily along with mindmaps and processes.It's getting closer and closer ... I've been working around the clock for the launch of a new training I'm putting together and spent a few hours finalizing a full list of the last few tasks I have to work on over the next 2 weeks. For me to show you all the complete process of building your own website I needed to go through the process with you. I've been running through ideas and setting on business and am set and ready to record tomorrow.I'm still pushing to get a book a month published for this year. I published the "Password Logbook" in January and "Naming A Brand" earlier this month. I started the design for the "DTB Blog Planner" today. Become a supporter of this podcast:
Daily Hustle Report • February 11, 2019
Check out the full Daily Hustle Report Blog start to the morning.  But, was productive none the less. I started working on some client projects for the first few hours and was listening to the audio of “The Rise of Audio Branding” and the “4 Hour Vlog” from GaryVee… So after I finished the client work I had a few cards on the KanBan Board based on notes from the video.After watching a few of Gary’s videos and heard him talk about the importance of an audio tag I took a few minutes in the lab and came up with an audio tag that will be on all of my videos.  Watch the Daily Hustle Report below and you’ll hear it! I also created a lower third type of video to go with all of my video content moving forward.Good lunch! Trying to keep it healthy so I had some turkey sausage, green peppers, broccoli, and 4 eggs.  Topped off with salt, pepper, cheddar & hot sauce.  (This healthy eating thing is still a work in progress)Been working on the final touches to the templates for OBS so I can get started with recording the tutorial videos in the morning. Had to create an intro card so I can get the audio tag (audio branding) to play at the start of the video.  It is not ideal but it works as a quick fix for now. Let's be honest, you shouldn't have to see this posted. If you are looking at this post you can tell that I did a new layout for the daily hustle report blog posts. Not to brag, but I think it looks pretty snazzy if I do say so myself! Comment below and let me know what you think.Now that it is time, I spent about an hour going through and creating a complete list of videos that I'm going to be recording through the rest of the week. I'm going to do one more run through tomorrow but for now? 132 videos to record by next Saturday. Not counting the Daily Hustle Report.Don't forget to follow, like, subscribe & comment Become a supporter of this podcast:
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