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Author: Angelo Adam

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The Bounty0x podcast is a weekly podcast, hosted by Angelo Adam CEO of Co-Founder of Bounty0x. Each episode features guest interviews with top cryptocurrency influencers, CEO’s, and entrepreneurs working in the cryptocurrency space. Topics discussed include industry trends, news, and stories. New episodes are released weekly. If you’d like, you can request a guest to appear on a future episode by emailing Bounty0x is a decentralized freelancing and bounty hunting platform. Go to to become a bounty hunter and earn cryptocurrency for completing bounty tasks.
53 Episodes
#53 - Trust Token

#53 - Trust Token


On Episode #53, we spoke with Ryan Rodenbaugh, Business Development Lead at Trust Token.This episode of the Bounty0x podcast was sponsored by Token Talks Podcast. Check out their podcast at!For more information about Bounty0xWebsite: Bounty0x.ioJoin us on TelegramJoin us on DiscordSubscribe to our subredditSubscribe for email updatesSubscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Castbox, and iHeartRadioFollow us on TwitterDisclaimer: The content provided here is for informational purposes only, and does not constitute an offer or solicitation to purchase any investment solution or a recommendation to buy or sell a security. Nor is it to be taken as legal business investment or tax advice.. Please consult your professional financial, investment, and tax advisers before making any investment in initial coin offerings (“ICOs”). Bounty0x does not provide investment or financial advice and does not endorse or recommend investment in any ICOs advertised on this site. The content on this site is provided for informational purposes only and should be supplemented with independent research and factual verification. Bounty0x receives compensation for promoting certain ICOs. Such compensation is not based on whether or not users of Bounty0x invest in advertised ICOs or other types of “success” fees. Bounty0x is not regulated as either a broker-dealer or funding portal and is not a member of FINRA. Bounty0x does not offer or sell any securities, solicit investors for securities offerings, engage in any negotiations regarding potential investments, or participate in the sale or purchase of any securities or otherwise effect transactions in securities. Any offer, sale or purchase in ICOs is in the sole discretion of, and is conducted directly between, issuers and the prospective investors. All information provided regarding potential ICO investment opportunities is prepared solely by the issuer, and such issuer is solely responsible for the accuracy of all such statements. Bounty0x has not independently verified any such information. For more information about our Terms and Conditions, see here, and privacy policy here.
On this episode of the Bounty0x podast, we speak to Rodrigo Irarrazaval, the Marketing Manager at Wibson.Wibson is a blockchain-based, decentralized data marketplace that provides individuals a way to securely and anonymously sell validated private information in a trusted environment. During the podcast, we discussed the Wibson mobile app which allows users to control and monetize their data, and thereby regain control over their personal data and actively participate in the value it creates.This episode of the Bounty0x podcast was sponsored by Token Talks Podcast. Check out their podcast at Token Talks :Token Talks is a podcast produced by Wing Venture Capital which includes discussion of topics such as ICOs, altcoins, decentralization, token economics and the future of digital currency in tech.Token Talks intends to make the cryptocurrency ecosystem more accessible by connecting thought leaders and entrepreneurs with mainstream companies, consumers, and investors.See all their episodes at more information about Bounty0xWebsite Bounty0x.ioJoin us on TelegramJoin our PatreonSubscribe to YouTube ChannelSubscribe to our subredditSubscribe for email updatesSubscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Castbox, and iHeartRadio
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to CEO Philip Longhurst and CFO Rogier Pointl of Wolfpack BotWolfpackBOT is a highly advanced cryptocurrency trading software that allows for the execution of trades at lightning speed using proprietary trading algorithms, proprietary “Werewolf” Trading Analysis configurations, or user customized settings based on personal trading style. WolfpackBOT also allows for simultaneous trading access to all compatible cryptocurrency exchanges that are available to the bot, and all trading pairs with the WerewolfBOT subscription package.Learn more at more information about Bounty0xWebsite Bounty0x.ioJoin us on TelegramJoin our PatreonSubscribe to YouTube ChannelSubscribe to our subredditSubscribe for email updatesSubscribe to our podcast on iTunes, Spotify, Google Podcasts, Google Play Music, Stitcher, Castbox, and iHeartRadio
On the latest episode of Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Viaz CEO Peter Meronek. Peter recently presented their product in South Korea at the Tezos conference. Listen here: is developing a decentralized cryptocurrency lending platform.About ViazVIAZ is a decentralized funding platform, connecting its users and acting as a conduit between the cryptosphere and fiat currency. VIAZ is a decentralized application (“DAPP”) bridging the gap between lenders and borrowers of fiat and digital currencies.Learn more at Viaz.ioAbout Peter MeronekPeter Steve Meronek is the Founder and CEO of VIAZ. Steve is an investor, entrepreneur and philanthropist. He has over 30 years of experience in the construction field. After investing in successful ICOs, he came up with the idea of VIAZ. He initiated the process after finding the perfect blockchain to build it on i.e. TEZOS
On this episode of the podcast, we speak to Jason Rosenstein, CEO of Portion.ioPortion recently released a feature called "Drops".By entering a Drop, collectors have a chance to acquire one or more of the goods that are part of the drop. At the very least, a collector walks away with a good that is valued equal to or greater than the cost of entry.Here’s a short video: Portion.ioPortion bridges art, luxury, and crypto. Through Portion's smart contracts and distributed technology, art and collectibles enters a free market.About Jason:Jason Rosenstein is an entrepreneur, developer, and builder. Drawn by the disruptive potential of blockchain technology in 2011, Jason founded his first company building powerful machines to generate cryptocurrencies.As a previous founder of two companies and an experienced developer, Jason finished his degree in computer science with specialization of cryptography at NYU. Utilizing his expertise in system architecture, financial systems, and project management, he has co-founded Portion, where he is tapping into the power of blockchain technology to reimagine the online auction house.
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Bill Ottman, CEO of In 2011, Ottman co-founded Minds, an open source social networking platform that launched to the public in June 2015. Minds currently has over 1 million registered users and over 105,000 monthly active users. Unlike Facebook, Minds is built on almost radical transparency.Learn More:
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Eddie Lee, President of Pledgecamp. Eddie Lee is an experienced hardware, blockchain and crowdfunding entrepreneur. As President of Pledgecamp, the next-generation crowdfunding platform, Eddie has combined the best aspects of blockchain – security, transparency and crowd-involvement to solve trust issues surrounding crowdfunding.About Pledgecamp:The Next Generation of Crowdfunding Pledgecamp is securing the future of crowdfunding with blockchain protected investments.Learn More:
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Dan Walton, Co-Founder Ethex.Market and also Co-Founder of Retronyms, (Retronyms makes mobile apps for creative expression ), Retronyms labs About Ethex.MarketEthex only lists tokens that have utility today. Often this is an ICO that has shipped a DApp, delivered a protocol, or created other functionality. Learn More about Ethex at"
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Graeme Moore VP of Marketing at Polymath. Graeme is an Evangelist at Polymath. Prior to Polymath, Graeme has been the creative director at Spartan Race, an associate at Canada’s largest independent investment advisory firm, and an analyst at one of the world’s largest real estate brokerages.About PolymathPolymath is a decentralized platform that makes it easy to create security tokens, which are blockchain-based financial securities. Polymath platform is designed to lower the barriers for businesses and issuers of financial products to launch security tokens on the blockchain.Learn More about Polymath at
On this episode of the Bounty0x podcast, we speak to Lucy Wang CMO of Lambda. Learn More about Lambda at
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