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Author: Alex Simmons

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Where we'll talk about books, comics, film, conventions, and other creative arts and pop culture topics.
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Many, many students ask the same question, sometimes with subtle variations.  How can I come up with a new idea?  Why bother, mine won't be as good? Will anybody even read my story? How can I make mine better? And so it goes on.In this episode, Alex Simmons explores 5 ways to address these questions and the process.Click here for a Story Pool List Guide.Click here to get a list of 20 Character Bio Questions to help you create yours.Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write: 
Writers often talk about character motivations. Basically why do they do what they do? Though that is a major question, another equally important one is, Why Do We, the Writers Do What We Do?  Alex explores that question because the answer often impacts and empowers our choices for topics, plots, characters, genres, and audience. Sometimes, more than we suspect.Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write: 
There are so many things that influence our storytelling. If we only scratch the surface we wind up repeating what's gone before, in almost the same "voice." But diving deeper into our own thoughts, feelings, and experiences helps separate imitation from innovation. In this episode, Alex shares the  process that's lead to him writing some of the most iconic characters in fiction.Click here for a Story Pool List Guide.Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write: 
In this episode Alex identifies and underlines the 7 important sources writers explore for stories. From an item on your desk to a tragic moment in life, artist must look to the inner and outer world, in order to reflect it. Click here for a free lis of these 7 Top Sources.Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section.  Or write: 
Alex and Chris celebrate Father's Day talking about the influence of fathers (and mothers!) present or not, being fathers, and the impact of fictional fathers on us, as well as infamous fictional sons and daughters, including Batman, 4 Robins, Batgirl, Spider-Man, This Is Us (yep!), Odin, Blackjack, Captain America, Raven, and Black Panther. Whew! Happy Father's Day, everybody.Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write: 
Alex and Chris discuss what Chris calls the "come down" from being heavily engaged in the creative process; the time when we're not quite out of our creative world and not quite in our every day world. The results can be challenging, hilarious, and sometimes a little confusing. Alex recorded this episode during his own come down from his latest creative efforts, adding an interesting twist to this episode. Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write:
Based on a few things that happened this past week,  on Alex's Facebook Live webinar, and on Chris attending a major writers' conference, as well as  questions from their respective students, Chris and Alex explore, "How do you learn to write a good story?"  "Where do  ideas come from?"  And facing those challenges. "How do we continue to do what we do?" Have comments or questions for us?  Leave them in our comments section. Or write:
For the Memorial Day weekend, Alex & Chris take a look at creative demons and angels in an unusual way.  First Chris shares some honest and painful insight into his own struggles with doubt and fears, while trying to build his career.  Then it's a look at Alex's creative battles, but through his being interviewed by Jerzy and Rob, co-hosts of the podcast LEAN INTO ART.  It's another of TTDS' revealing experiments in artistic transparency, but from an additional point of view.  Click here for Alex's interview on the podcast, Lean Into Art.Please leave your comments and questions in our comments section. Or write: TTDSOnAir@gmail.comJoin Alex for the 1st of his summer Write Right Webinars, May 30, 2019, 7 PM EST, on Facebook Live.  Get a head start on his free writing tips by click here, WRITE RIGHT: COMPELLING CHARACTERS.
Returning tired and inspired from a weekend comic con in Philadelphia, co-host Alex Simmons goes solo for this episode.  His time at the East Coast Black Age of Comics Convention left him with many thoughts about artists, choices, life and death, and what we lose and gain for our art. Leave your comments and questions for us in our comments section. Or write:
In this week's episode, Alex and Chris discuss why care who you write for, yourself or an audience.  Does it make a difference as long as you tell the story in your head?Does knowing who you're trying to reach affect what you write and how you accomplish that task?  Does making that decision ahead of time affect the quality of your work, the topics you'll tackle, or the genre you'll use? They'll share their knowledges and experiences.  Will you? If so, drop a comment in our Comments Section.Have questions for us?  Then post them too ... Or write:
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