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On this episode of Sit a Spell, join Meagen and Crystal as they stay a little closer to home in Crossville, Jennifer from Dirty Girls Nursery and the Mud and Grub Kitchen who has taken a "See Rock City" barn and transformed it into a destination for all things gardening, treats and good old-fashioned fun!
In need of some winter sun? You’re not alone! This week, Sarah and Tennille ways to beat the “winter blahs” until Spring makes its arrival.
Studying the elusive sickle darter: PhD student Kyler Hecke discusses the distribution of this small fish, environmental threats and plans to help this species.
Dr. Larry Steckel discusses the recent discovery of Palmer amaranth with resistance to metolachlor (Dual) in Northeast Arkansas.
This week on "Bringing it Home," Sarah and Tennille are talking about all things financial to kick of Tennessee Saves Week. 
Dr. Scott Stewart gives an update on refuge requirements when planting Bt corn and discusses Viptera trait.
Some of the highest-performing students at UTIA's Herbert College of Agriculture are learning there's more to success in college than just academics.
This week, Sarah and Tennille help you "take care of business" with tips on career building. 
Tennessee is fortunate to have a diverse blend of plants, from tall trees to beautiful flowers to robust agricultural crops. UTIA recently asked people to nominate plants they belive have shaped the state in positive and negative ways.
Dr. Eric Walker discusses the growing buzz around hemp and what he wishes every new grower knew. If you have any curiosity about the nuts and bolts of hemp production, this podcast is worth a listen!
Just in time for Valentine's Day, Sarah and Tennille discuss the Five Love Languages. 
The annual Cotton Focus is scheduled for Friday, February 15. Tyson Raper discusses what's on the agenda.
This week on "Bringing it Home," Sarah & Tennille share tips and ideas to live in the moment to handle life's stressors. 
Dr. Angela McClure tells producers what they can expect at the upcoming West and Middle Tennessee Grain Conferences.
This week on "Bringing it Home," Sarah and Tennille get in the game and share healthy menu ideas for your Super Bowl party.  
As producers make seed choices for 2019, Scott Stewart discusses variety selection for insect resistance management.
Are you ready for cold weather emergencies? In this episode of "Bringing it Home," Sarah and Tennille discuss ways you can be prepared for extreme cold, power outages and more. 
AgCast: Life Maze

AgCast: Life Maze


In this episode of AgCast, young people in Bradley County learn the harsh realities of making poor choices - navigating their way through a "Life Maze." UT Extension was one of the community partners involved in this eye-opening project.
In this week's episode of Bringing it Home, Sarah and Tennille tell you how you can fight back against flu season with hand washing and other germ-busting practices. 
It's the dead of winter, but not hard for a kid to imagine the summer of 2019 - and the possibility of 4-H camp fun. Agents are making their pitch now.
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