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Author: Dr. Travis OwensDC/Cheer Coach

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Where cheer athletes, coaches, and parents go to learn all of the things necessary to be a world class and injury free cheerleader. Cheer has evolved and now is the time for athletes to do the same. We cover trending topics, interview leaders in the sport, and give you game changing information so you can HIT ZERO. Support this podcast:
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In a sick and twisted way, a group of sexual predators is trying to explain their crimes against children by saying it is a natural trait that they were born with; an innate feeling that they have no control over and that should be as widely accepted as LGBTQ.  This disgraceful attempt to justify their malicious acts falls at a time when cheer athletes are beginning to come forward and speak out against predators.  Our sport has historically been progressive in equality for LGBTQ rights and for this fringe group of criminals to attach their twisted actions to the LGBTQ community and demand for equality is reprehensible.  WWW.THECHEERDOC.COM WWW.HITZERONUTRITION.COM  Music in the intro: Purity by Mesqo provided by Free Music for Vlogs    
After the release of Athlete A which tells the story of the sexual abuse scandal perpetrated by Larry Nassar and covered up by USA Gymnastics, athletes in our sport have begun coming forward. Our sport is not immune from predatory adults. We see it in the news far too often and now, our athletes are starting to come forward to face their predators in an attempt end the cycle. Names of predators are starting to surface. Athletes are gaining the strength to speak out and they need us. Proactive steps must be taken now and a plan for how you are going to react is also of the utmost importance. Don't let it catch you off guard. Music in the intro: Purity by Mesqo Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs
The University of Alabama Cheer Program and ACE Cheer Co. have something in common...Brandon Prince.As a former University of Alabama Cheerleader and the current Cheerleading Coach, Brandon has a very unique perspective that many only dream of.Additionally, he is one of the "Chiefs" of ACE Cheer Company, one of the largest All Star Cheer program in the WORLD.Please take a listen to one of the nicest and most humble coaches there is, Coach Brandon Prince as he tells his cheer story, about his life, what being an Alabama Cheerleader is like, and about his advice for the cheer community! Music in the intro: Purity by Mesqo Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs
Not only is Jason Larkins and former athlete, but is also a coach, gym director, member of Varsity U, and most recently, the creator of a BRAND NEW cheer podcast! I'm excited to introduce you to Jason and his background in the sport as he gives so much insight from his years and his MANY roles Cheer.WWW.HITZERONUTRITION.COM WWW.THECHEERDOC.COM  Music in the intro: Purity by Mesqo Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs
Ever heard of Bring it On? USASF Worlds? NCA Nationals? Summit? DISNEY?! Of course you have! What do ALL of these things have in common? Every single one of them requires CHOREOGRAPHY...and one man has done choreo for them all. Ray Jasper is a living legend in Cheer and has a resume that many couldn't fathom. From his humble beginnings to now running one of the most HIGHLY SOUGHT AFTER choreography and skills camp companies in the world, Ray has created a something special and many of the all star cheer routines you've fallen in love with were created by Ray and his team. He joins us to tell his story and if you haven't heard of him before, I cannot stress enough that YOU DO NOT WANT TO MISS THIS EPISODE! WWW.HITZERONUTRITION.COM  Music in the intro: Purity by Mesqo provided by Free Music for Vlogs
Raul Delgado is one of the most recognizable faces in Cheer!His hilarious parody videos on TikTok have been an international sensation gaining him hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views!He joins us to tell his story of cheerleading and how his life was propelled into social media stardom!Additionally, his work with TikTok as a contributor/developer role promises to create a huge shift in the platform as they look for ways to expand into the educational arena.Coach Raul also shares proven ways to gain more TikTok followers!Raul coaches at Corpus Christi All Stars in Corpus Christi, Texas and you can find him on Tik Tok and IG at Mr.Rawrule  Music in the intro:Purity by Mesqo Music provided by Free Music for Vlogs 
Cheer music is the heartbeat of the routine. Beautiful choreography, INSANE skills, perfectly in sync jumps and dance, high flying baskets, and creative pyramids all seamed together with a personalized song...a song that we often revisit year down the road; our memories of that routine flooding back like we just learned it yesterday.Carmine Silano of CHEER SOUNDS joins us today to talk about how his company is changing CHEER MUSIC FOREVER. You may have seen a recent video they created that perfectly captured our feelings during this crazy time away from our cheer communities: sure to visit or on facebook in the intro: Purity by Mesqo provided by Free Music for Vlogs 
Meet Victor, a Hollywood based acro expert and actor. If you haven't seen him on the beach doing some SICK acro skills, you may recognize him from the 90s HIT MOVIE "Can't Hardly Wait" or shows like "Sister Sister" and "Smart Guy"! Victor and I met at Winterfest this past year and this guy has an infectious personality and huge heart. Learn about his life in the Cheer and Acro World and hear about his life in Hollywood!IG: 
We recently lost a an icon in sports. He was a game changer in basketball, but he also taught us all about ways to be better champions in life. In this episode we talk about the things that Kobe taught and how we can apply them to our own sport. RIP KOBE.WWW.THECHEERDOC.COMWWW.HITZERONUTRITION.COM 
CHEER on Netflix

CHEER on Netflix


CHEER has taken Netflix, the internet, the cheer world, THE ACTUAL storm. Although there are so many amazing things about this show, there is one TERRIBLE THING that we can't 
Chris Ethridge is a brand ambassador for Hit Zero Nutrition, a member of Team USA Cheer, and is a coach for New Mexico State. He is also the latest member of the DOUBLE ONE HAND REWIND club. You get to meet Chris and learn about his passion and success in cheer in this - discount code "cethridge10" at checkout to save 10% on your ENTIRE purchaseInstagram @Cethridge9 
You may have seen athletes with dark circles on their skin that looks like they were attacked by an octopus. This is the side effect of a therapy called cupping. In this episode we discuss the different types of cupping and help you determine if it's something that can help your pain. 
What is KT tape?

What is KT tape?


Have you ever seen the colorful tape that athletes wear? What is that stuff? In this episode we discuss kinesiotape and if it TRULY lives up to the 
Do you need MORE MALE ATHLETES? I know you do...In this episode we go over 14 ways that you can get more guys to want to join your program. Get your pencils out, this one is full of great info! 
CBD is a very popular product and there are many questions that arise when discussing it.Is it legal?Can it help?Where should I get it?Who can use it?We discuss these questions and more in this episode!  
It's been asked a million times and it should end now. "How do I get more flexible?" If you consistently work on your flexibility, there is a high likelihood that you DO NOT need to work on it more. Instead, you should be focusing on 5 different things. In this episode, I share what those five things are... 
You'd be surprised at how EFFECTIVE this can be....The secret is's absolutely ineffective and if you're still conditioning as a punishment, this episode will give you some new things to think about and some more effective ways to improve your athletes. 
There is a trend floating around social media where athletes are bragging about injuries to showcase the "sportiness" of cheer. Do you think cheer is a sport? No matter what your opinion this episode we answer that exact question! 
It was difficult to get this episode down in just a few takes. Sentences started, broken, deleted, redone. Blood pressure and frustration rising as I thought about the words that this cheer dad wrote to me. There are so many reasons our athletes deal with body image issues, mental blocks, and burnout...and this parent shows that once reason may be right under our nose. 
It would be impossible to talk about EVERYTHING that was included in this content filled weekend, BUT, here are some of the things that were covered at the meeting and some of the HUGE changes in store for All Star...don't miss it!--- This episode is sponsored by · Anchor: The easiest way to make a podcast. Send in a voice message: this podcast:
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