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Author: Matthew Barton

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We want you to love craft beer as much as we do. Each week, your host Matthew Barton and guest taste and talk about beer, followed by an interview on topics ranging from beer, food, music, politics, wrestling, videogames and more.
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Ryan Horne from Spex joins us to talk about eyewear, fashion and the arts in Regina. We also crack open a can of Night Viper, one of Rebellion's fastest selling seasonal beers.
Crispy Boys Conspiracies

Crispy Boys Conspiracies


Is the Crispy Boys meme an authentic Internet phenomenon or a clever corporate advertising conspiracy?Get out your tinfoil, corkboard, pins and red yarn because it's time to dive into some Crispy Boys Conspiracy theories on this week's episode of the Rebellion Brewing Podcast.Links:
Electrifying and inspiring artwork can make or break a beer release. Saskatchewan artist, Joel Hustak, talks about designing Night Viper's artwork and his brand new Star Wars project.Links:
Chantrelle mushrooms are taking the culinary world by storm and Sask. produces some of the best in the world. Avenue Restaurant's Chris Torjusen explains what makes these little mushrooms so great. We also drink and discuss Rebellion's 2019 Anniversary Ale.Links:AvenueRebellion Brewing
What's the deal with the return of mom-jeans? Janis Procyk does a deep dive on mom-jeans, fashion trends and explains why she founded Brick and Mortar Fashion and Decor, a clothing shop that exclusively features Saskatchewan-designers and artists.We also drink and discuss Scotty the Dinosour, a limited edition sour beer by Rebellion Brewing.
Have you tried a wet-hopped beer before? Rebellion used 80 kg of fresh, SK-grown hops from JGL Shepherd Farms in its newest seasonal beer, Wet Hopped Centennial. Mark Heise, Rebellion President and CEO, explains what wet-hopping is and why the style has craft-beer geeks so excited.We also drink and discuss Kalamazoo Stout by Bells Brewery.
Did a baby T-Rex have feathers? We sit down with Peter Menzies to talk about dino feathers and Scotty the T-Rex, the world's largest T-Rex skeleton at the Royal Saskatchewan Museum. We also drink and discuss Hazy IPA by Rebellion Brewing.
ORA security solutions started with one woman trying to protect her father. Joel Rathgaber explains how this Saskatchewan company is developing a panic alarm button you can take anywhere.We also drink and discuss Hazy IPA by Rebellion Brewing.
Loot boxes in video games like Fortnite and Star Wars Battlefront II seem innocent enough, so why are some countries banning them?Shaye Ruecker explains how loot box mechanics are more like gambling than gaming, exploiting vulnerable players like children and people with addictions.We also drink and discuss Cat's Got the Cream Ale by Rebellion
Sam Maciag recently took over hosting duties of the CBC Saskatchewan News at Six program. She talks about her career in journalism, her start in radio, and how she transitioned to the CBC.We also drink and discuss Cerveza, by Rebellion Brewing.Links:
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