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Author: Tommy Caldwell

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The world of health and fitness has become confusing and hostile. Being able to navigate vast amounts of information and understand what is useful can be a full time job. Join bestselling author and founder of Hybrid Fitness, Tommy Caldwell, as he helps listeners cut through the noise of the industry in diet, exercise, fitness philosophy and behavior change. You don't need a coach. You don't need an 'influencer'. You need a mentor.

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Willpower is a myth. You don't need to stop eating unhealthy foods. You need to stop buying them!
Learning to bypass frequent hunger signals is a big step toward long-term appetite control and weight loss
You aren't going to change your most destructive food eating behaviours in the moment- when the craving comes, when you are stressed, tired, and looking to self-medicate. It is in how you reflect after moments of harmful behaviours that increases future discipline. 
You didn't end up in a state of poor health because you lacked information. You ended up in a state of poor health because of many years of poor choice making. If you don't address the driving forces underneath your most unhealthy behaviours, you cannot succeed in diet and exercise efforts. 
Ripping off the bandaid when it comes to unhealthy behaviours is a strategy that rarely works. If you struggle with a destructive behaviour it is because you are getting something positive out of the deal. When we work WITH our weaknesses, we can modify our behaviours and see meaningful progress while keeping the positive crutch that the behaviour is delivering to the mind.
Reductionist science, isolated variables, and chasing blood chemistry markers is all the craze in modern medicine (and fitness). But are we setting ourselves up for disorder by treating numbers?
To join the emotional eating and food action group, follow this link To grab my best selling behaviour change for weightloss book, follow this link In episode #5 of the series, Tommy talks about how to set and measure meaningful behaviour management goals
Follow this link to join the free Emotional Eating and Food Addiction Facebook Group   Follow this link to grab your copy of Tommy's Bestselling Behaviour Change book, Heavy Brain
This is a Fitness Mentor Short: in depth answers to complex questions in less than 10 minutes (give or take). Goal setting is not a straightforward process, and incorrectly setting goals is the first step away from reaching them.
This is a fitness mentor 'short': small clips that answer common questions in the most precise way. 
Q and A- July 23/2020

Q and A- July 23/2020


If you'd like to join the emotional eating and food addiction challenge group, click here Questions asked and answered in this episode: What are your thoughts on things like gum chewing and tea drinking in between meals to curb snacking? What is a good protein powder to use? How can I get adequate protein intake if I don’t eat a lot of animal protein? What is the best exercise ratio between weights and cardio for menopausal women? Should I be counting calories?
To join the free emotional eating and food addiction Facebook group FOLLOW THIS LINK ( To purchase Tommy's Book, Heavy Brain, CLICK HERE ( When we aim to take control of our most unhealthy behaviours, we try to eliminate the behaviour altogether. In this episode, Tommy discusses why the cold turkey approach to behaviour change rarely ever works, and how a management approach of working with yourself produces greater long-term results. 
To join the FREE emotional eating course Click Here To purchase Heavy Brain for the price of a cup of coffee, Click Here What happens when you have just finished eating until you're sick to your stomach? What do you say to yourself? How do you feel about yourself? They way we negatively reflect on who we are as people in the wake of destructive eating behaviours is far more damaging than the behaviour itself. Managing your mind is the key to your success.
To join the free Emotional Eating Crash Course, follow this link To purchase a copy of Heavy Brain for the price of a cup of coffee, click here  In this special podcast series, Tommy will discuss the ins and outs of Emotional Eating and Food Addiction. What is it? How does it affect us? How can we change it? How do we see results in the long run? In this first episode, Tommy defines Emotional Eating and gets to the root of what drives us to eat in consequential ways.
In this episode, Tommy gets interviewed by the improvement project re: staying healthy during these strange times.
Lockdowns have been going on for months now, and who knows when they will end. Here are three strategies for those who are starting to slip and losing their motivation for exercise and healthy eating. You can also view this in video form by following this youtube link
Quarantine Q and A #2

Quarantine Q and A #2


This podcast is also available in video form. Click this link to watch on Youtube Links Mentioned in the Show Fitness Mentor Network: Tommy’s Website: Questions Asked If you could choose one piece of at home equipment, what would it be? What are the best exercises you can do without weights? What do you eat at night? Should I stop eating after 6PM? I’ve been dieting but not losing any weight. Any thoughts? What happened in part 2 of your Carnivore Diet experiment? Do you drink coffee? Is it healthy? Do you drink wine? Is it healthy? What is your take on the COVID-19/Vaccine controversy that is all over the web right now.
Quarantine Q and A #1

Quarantine Q and A #1


Head to and get a ton of free health and fitness resources! Questions Asked in this episode: What advice do you have for people who overeat? What is the best exercise ratio between weights and cardio for menopausal women? What is the most difficult part of the pandemic that YOU are struggling with? I have a leg injury and my exercise is limited. I’m trying to walk, and I could do Yoga but that’s not really going to burn any fat. Any advice on what else I can do? Any suggestions for stuff to watch on Netflix? What do you think the secondary ramifications of this lockdown will be. Like the economy, people’s mental health, the collapse of small businesses etc? What is the best approach to getting a PT certificate while working fulltime? I heard you recommend a maximum of 16 hours of fasting for the average person. What’s the minimum amount? How can I stop myself from constantly eating and watching T.V. while I’m stuck at home? What have you been doing with your kids over the past month? How do you get through a time like this without murdering your significant other?
A full worldwide lockdown is going to lead to a lot of unhealthy at home habits that we usually only struggle with on the weekends. In this episode, Tommy helps listeners work through the big three unhealthy behaviours we struggle with during the downtime dilemma. 
Can asking yourself a simple question create the framework for being a better parent, significant other, or professional?
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