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Diabetes Doesn't Define Me
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Diabetes Doesn't Define Me

Author: Mariel Morales

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This podcast will help you never be defined by your disease or anything in your past. You will learn to live a great life with diabetes where you are healthy, feel beautiful and confident to create the life of your dreams and inspire others in the process.
A Life Artist is a woman who feels beautiful and is willing to claim her gifts with confidence to create the life of her dreams and inspire others in the process.
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25 Episodes
In this episode you will learn the most common types of diabetes and their differences.Check out our programs and social media at Support this podcast:
In this episode we were live on our facebook page dicussing What is Diabetes?Signs & symptoms of diabetesRisk factors to develop type 2 diabetesHow is diabetes diagnosedTo follow us on facebook and IG or to check out our programs go to Support this podcast:
Diabetes Complications

Diabetes Complications


In this episode we will talk about some of the diabetes complications such as nerve damage & teeth damage.Tune in to part 2 to learn about other complications.If you need help and want to learn how to control your blood sugargo to lifeartistlink.comClick on the 2nd button--- Support this podcast:
As a person with many health conditions I know what it feels to be different and to wish you could be like everyone else that doesn't deal wit health issues or that didn't have a difficult past growing up.But you can choose to allow to be define by all of that or you can choose to be defined by who you are and what you bring to the table and to everyone that comes in contact with you.You can be the artist of your own life.Check our products and services at --- Support this podcast:
In this weather we discuss how to stay safe during the summer months.Follow us on Facebook and Instagram @Diabetes with a twist.Check out our other products and services Support this podcast:
Diabetes can affect sleep

Diabetes can affect sleep


In this episode we will discuss 5 factors that affect the quality of your sleep and 5 ways to improve your sleeping patterns.Remember to check us out at Support this podcast:
In this episode you will learn how alcohol can affect a person with diabetes.We discussed the different types of alcohols and their caloric and carbohydrate content.Remember to follow us on Facebook and Instagram at Diabetes with a Support this podcast:
In this episode we discuss how studies are showing more people with diabetes developing hearing loss.--- Support this podcast:
Can diabetes be cured?

Can diabetes be cured?


In this episode I will break down the facts of the different types of diabetes and why some people can put diabetes in remission with lifestyle changes and why others can't.--- Support this podcast:
Learn several ways to feel beautiful & confident.Follow us on IG and Facebook Diabetes with a twist--- Support this podcast:
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