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Sean speaks to USA-based Spyro Creators Josh & Peter! They talk about their passion for Spyro, how much of an impact their fans have had on the final product, plus a few clues to what you might find there ...  See for privacy information.
It's clear the Oscar Winning Producer is a huge gaming fan! 'Ralph Breaks The Internet' is crawling with gaming references, with familiar characters from now and from way back when. Clark gives Sean insight into the film, why they chose certain characters and why some didn't make the cut! See for privacy information.
We look at some of the most outrageous Fortnite theories that didn't come to fruition like the loot lake volcano and the rumoured Ninja skins!  See for privacy information.
Turns out that some of the creepiest things in video games are right there in the Pokedex! We look at 10 ACTUAL entires from the Pokemon series and some of them are pretty shocking! See for privacy information.
As part of our Spooktober series of podcasts, we're looking at the creepiest moments in family video games! See for privacy information.
It's October so we're talking scary games and tlaka bout the brand new Baldi game, Baldeena's basics!  See for privacy information.
Footage of a leaked Harry Potter Action RPG surfaced last week and we tell you everything we know about the possibility of one of the greatest games of all time.  See for privacy information.
WWE 2K19 creative director Lionell Jenkins talks to us about missing superstars, new features and the direction of future WWE games! See for privacy information.
We find out some of the exciting new features that will be a part of what looks to be the biggest,most exciting and crucially the most FUN wrestling game in history! See for privacy information.
Sean is back for a Superhero Special of the Fun Kids Gaming Show; he announces his top 5 best and his bottom 5 worst superhero game (some of his choices may surprise you!) See for privacy information.
Sean is very excited for 2019 as it is guaranteed to be a huge year for sporting games. From PES to FIFA, plus a surprise one from Sean that you won't expect, this is a must-listen to suss out which games you should be collecting in the new year! See for privacy information.
WWE Superstar Xavier Woods chats to Sean on the Fun Kids Gaming Show! Sean chats all things WWE 2K19, including the AJ Style $1 million challenge! See for privacy information.
Sean presents straight from the epicentre of the Insomnia Gaming Festival! Whether you are planning to go and need all the tip to advice you can get, or you can't make it but don't want to miss a thing, Sean brings you up-to-date on the best zones! See for privacy information.
This week, Sean's predicting the 11 matches that he thinks will appear in the WWE 2k19 Showcase mode with Daniel Bryan! See for privacy information.
This week Sean runs down the 5 games that changed his life!  See for privacy information.



We give the WWE some food for thought by suggesting some new game ideas! See for privacy information.
Baldi's Basics has shot to fame; Sean discusses the new expansion pack and his Top 5 Baldi's Basics ideas! See for privacy information.
Sonic Mania Plus dropped this week so we are looking at the top 5 Sonic levels of all time and the top 5 sonic games of all time! See for privacy information.
Sean is back with this week's Gaming Show! Are you so excited for the new features of Fortnite that you just can't bear it? Sean gives you the low-down on the all-new additions, and recaps his Top 5 Favourite Matches from his WWE Youtuber Series 9. Follow N60Sean here. See for privacy information.
Playground Mode's return to Fornite, it's the two-year anniversary of Pokémon Go and Crash Bandicoot is released! Sean catches you up on everything you need to know, with the Fun Kids Gaming Show. See for privacy information.
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