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The Food Freedom/Body Love Method

Author: Jillian Murphy

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I'm Jill. Creator of The Food Freedom/Body Love Method. 💖 I teach adults and children how to make peace with food and love their bodies TODAY!
98 Episodes
In this episode, Jill takes a lighthearted look at the choices we make when grocery shopping - the shame we feel, the diet mentality that seeps in, and why we buy all that produce only to watch it go bad in our crispers week after week.
In this food for thought episode, Jill discusses the concept of normal Dash where it came from and why we can stop worrying about whether or not our bodies, weight, appetites, etc are normal.
In this episode, Jill answers a question from a woman asking “is there a way to change my set point?” The woman feels hopeless and stuck and – despite loving the food freedom body love method and health that every size - is struggling with the idea that her setpoint may stay the same forever.
When it comes to parenting, it seems that we are constantly navigating between the decision to shift/guide/mold/change our children versus the decision to just celebrate/accept them. The balance of changing versus accepting our kids is even more difficult to find when we’re in the very sensitive and triggering world of food body and weight. In this episode, Jill shows why the division of responsibility perfectly balanced as these two parts of parenting for us!
Are you interested in adding a more body positive, inclusive, anti-diet perspective to your work? Are you interested in shifting your work completely? Well guess what! I’m thinking about beta testing a group program for healthcare providers and professionals (and really anyone who works with people) this fall. Tune in to learn more.
In this episode, Jill reads a piece from Alexandra Franzen on ICE. A beautiful metaphor for the process of changing the way we see food and our bodies.
We did it!!!! Ep 92.

We did it!!!! Ep 92.


It’s the end of the 85 day mini-podcast experiment/marathon/challenge!!! Here’s what Jill learned from the process!!
On the day of her 40th birthday party, Jillian reflects on why bad body thought show up before major life events, how to deal with it when it happens, and how far she has come on her body acceptance journey.
Ever feel like this work is vague and directionless? Ever try to find an an muscle during a tricky yoga/Pilates move? It’s basically the same problem with the same solution!!! Don’t believe me?! Tune in:)
As our 85 day podcast marathon comes to a close, Jillian is offering up a free, eight week food and body image challenge to help you integrate the information you’ve been absorbing here on the podcast and possibly from following her for a while. Whether you’re brand new to this work or you’ve been playing around with it for years, it’s important - not only to gather information - but to take the time to apply the information to yourself. Head over to to sign up now!
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