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We talk to everyone about Pinhole photography. Artist, camera makers, art professors you name it, gear discussions our favorite techniques and ideas.
81 Episodes
In this show we talk with camera maker James Guerin about future pinhole camera designs and creating cyanotypes from digital negatives. Find his cameras here; on Instagram here other show mentions Chris McNulty makes matchbox cameras here and camera maker Ranica here thanks for listening!
Show 80 Alex Yates

Show 80 Alex Yates


This weeks guest is Alex Yates. Alex comes to talk with us about his new Zine “Ordinary japan” and his travels with pinhole and regular cameras. Find him here on Instagram here
Show 79 Heather Palecek

Show 79 Heather Palecek


This shows guest is Heather Palecek she is a teacher and artist and does wonderful solargraphy photos! We talk with her all about it and other projects. Find her here and also here thanks for coming Heather!!
Welcome to show 78 this weeks guest are Ed Conde and Dennis Stein winner and runner up for the 2019 Holga week pinhole category. We talk with Ed and Dennis about their shots and pinhole photography. Find Ed here on Instagram and here Ed is also a host on the podcast and also Dennis can be found here on Instagram and his website is If you would like to see all of the 2019 Holga week entry’s have a look here thanks!
Show 77 Ky Lewis

Show 77 Ky Lewis


This week we welcome back Ky Lewis! She’s been very busy with traveling art shows and dead baby fox’s!! We catch up with her and all her fun find her here; and here;
Show 76 Markus Kaesler

Show 76 Markus Kaesler


In this show we’re joined by Markus Kaesler he comes to talk with us about his pinhole journey, building cameras, inspiration, under water pinhole and some of his was of figuring out ideas. Find him here; and also here thanks Markus!!
Joe talks about his love of making pinhole cameras, his new darkroom, ongoing annual exhibition called paper jam and lots more.
This weeks guest is Matt Lethbridge. Matt stops by and talks with us about his landscape pinhole photography work and how he worked his way to pinhole photography. Find him here and also here if you’d like to buy us a coffee here’s the link
Hello I’m this episode we talk with Sharon Harris. Sharon uses landscapes and nudes and mixes them together for other worldly, dreamy compositions. We talk about her choice of medium and her cameras and picking locations. Holga weeks Mr.Holga is this weeks co-host so we chat about the up coming Holga week and more! Find Sharon here and also Holga week details here Mr.Holga himself here one of Holga week sponsors Old School photo lab here
This weeks guest is Mark Pimlott and he comes to discuss his zero image 2000, using a Hasselblad, Silver Ex and how it all ties into pinhole photography! Find him here; and also find his featured artwork here; the link to the shows Ko-fi account; a link to Daniel Novak’s sure to purchase our zine here; and holga week info here; thanks for listening!!
This weeks guest is Julie Thesander. Julie comes to talk with us about her pinhole photography while hiking, old war bunkers and using homemade developer with mint! Find her here and on Instagram here our Ko-Fi account here
Show 70 Ethan Moses

Show 70 Ethan Moses


In this show we have Ethan Moses creator of cameradactyl and he comes to discuss the Honemade Camera Podcast challenge a bit more and we talk about his pinhole interest. Find him here on Instagram here and also Ethan is a co-host on the Homemade Camera Podcast
This week Rudolph joins us to talk about his auto exposure pinhole camera! We talk about Facebook group news and a contest put on by The Honemade Camera Podcast so stick around to listen at the end of the show. Find Rudolph here and also on instagram here find Graham and The Homemade Camera Podcast here and on Instagram thanks for listening!
This weeks guest is Cameron Gillie, Cameron comes and talks with us about art fairs, expired film, Holgas, Ice age trails, and how it all ties together with pinhole photography! Find him here on Instagram here also on Instagram
This weeks guest is Kurt Mottweiler. Kurt builds wonderfully beautiful pinhole cameras that are mechanically as beautiful as their ascetics. We discuss early models of cameras, newer models and lots of pinhole talk in between. Find Kurt here at to see his cameras and more info on Instagram here thank you for coming and talking with us Kurt!
This weeks guest is Ed Doucette, he comes to talk with us about pinhole using 35mm, his series called Energy and favorite cameras! Follow along on his Flickr site here more about holga week here find Graham Young’s podcast here thanks for coming Ed!
This weeks guest is David O’Brian and he comes to talk with us about his body of work while living a busy life and taking a break. Find him here on Instagram here thanks for coming David! Corey&Andrew
In this show we are joined by Paul Jones. He comes to talk with us about his camera making, a mermaid parade and wading cosmonauts! Find him here; and Instagram here; find Paul’s friend Miggs here thanks for coming Paul! Corey &Andrew
Hello all this weeks guest is John Farnan, John talks with us about his pinhole photography his love of it and some camera talk! Find his work here; on Instagram here; and also here; our Ko-Fi account link is; thanks for everyone’s support! Corey&Andrew
Hello everyone this is show 62 and this weeks guest is Jeff Wild! Jeff comes to discuss his work “Witherwood” and his technique after he shouts and scans. We also discuss his Holga usage and his hashtag #omahacrappycamerclub. Find Jeff on Instagram here; on Flickr here; and his webpage; here is the link for holga week; thanks to Alex and Garon and Dominic for donating to our Ko-Fi account! Here’s the link thanks for listening and supporting us! Corey&Andrew
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