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On Hyphen Nation, I combine all my loves into one. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about why Barack Obama is a fan of the show. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about Scrubs. Sometimes, you’ll get an episode about the greatest MCs of all-time. Welcome to Hyphen Nation.
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So before I could release this episode, the Warriors swept the Blazers. Spoilers. In the ninety eighth edition of THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, The Questions format returns! Thanks to my faithful group chat, I was able to compile a big ol' list of questions to answer and I left no stone unturned... except for the questions about advice. Those were tough. We might get to Episode #100 someday. It'll help when I finish watching Days Gone though. This episode is brought to you by The Intern - and no, Jules should not have stayed with her husband and Renee Russo can call me anytime. Send in a voice message:
THREE EPISODES AWAY FROM EPISODE #100! Anyway, I congratulate Angel on her kids winning the WV History Bowl, mourn the loss of another mother, try to explain what DC did to Wally West in what may be the worst segment in Hyphen Nation history, scold jerks for spoiling Avengers: Endgame, and then spend some time talking about John Singleton and black excellence. This episode is brought to you by Dom 2K and RedHeadRedemption. Send in a voice message:
We are 4 episodes away from Hyphen Nation #100! For now, THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST brings you the aftermath of Damian Lillard waving goodbye to the Thunder (+ some other NBA Playoff thoughts), a look at Netflix's Russian Doll, some unexpected hot takes, a deep question from dad, and the premiere of my Fill That Runtime segment. This episode is brought to you by Avengers: Endgame and Scrubs. Send in a voice message:
We're officially 5 episodes away from the 100th episode of THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST! Something that should have been happening last year but we don't care! An accomplishment is an accomplishment and a milestone is a milestone. Inside: I throw myself at the mercy of the Beyhive and Queen Beyonce! My sneakerhead powers has been reawoken thanks to Ken Griffey and my wife! And what side of the bed is the right side of the bed? Or the left? I need to know. This episode is brought to you by "Old Town Road (Remix)". Thanks Billy Ray. Send in a voice message:
It is time. Showinmadlov has survived my Hot A$$ Takes and makes a return to the battlefield. In this episode of THE WORLD'S GREATEST PODCAST, Marcus and I talk about one thing and one thing only: Avengers: Endgame. The final chapter of an eleven year saga is upon us and we break it down as only we can. We talk Captain Marvel, predict what the movie will bring, Marcus urges me to buy tickets, and the phrase big dog may have been thrown about. Regardless, we're in the Endgame... FINALLY! This is brought to you by chinese food, Thor, Angry Orchard, and an IG Live session that only Marcus could love. Send in a voice message:
Episode #93: No More Tears

Episode #93: No More Tears


Up against a deadline, your hero comes through... but still ends up late because of Beyonce. This time out, I discuss Aaliyah turning 5, Freeway getting a new kidney, my thoughts on Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 2 (you read that right), "Old Town Road", Tiger Woods, and a review of the Whitney Houston documentary from last summer. This episode is brought to you by Homecoming, Incredible Hulk, and Iron Man 2. Send in a voice message:
Five categories: Music. Movies. Sports. Television. Potpourri. Both Marcus and I entered with (almost) 3 hot takes for each category. Over the course of this episode, you won't just hear some takes. You won't just hear some hot takes. These are certified HAWT ASS TAKES. Accept no substitutes until the next time the fire burns. This episode is brought to you by You, Me and Dupree. Send in a voice message:
Welcome to Crying Nation, where the topics make me cry! If that doesn't stop you, there's a new sheriff in WWE Champion town and he's black! This is Blazing Saddles all over again. Then a Dwyane Wade commercial is the reason you're listening to Crying Nation today instead of Hyphen Nation. And then, if you get that far, I have a close encounter of the marijuana kind on my lunch break and Shea Serrano continues to be awesome. This episode was brought to you by This Is 40. Send in a voice message:
Defender of Brooklyn and my friend Derrick Ferguson joins the show as I finally make up for us not doing a pod sooner. We talk about Derrick's podcast history and his crowned and renowned Better In The Dark podcast he did for 7 years with his cohost Thomas Deja. We bounce over to Derrick's writing career as he describes his action adventurer Dillon and many of his other creations. Then we kind of wind things down as I heap loads of unexpected praise at Derrick and I don't regret any of it! Maybe next time we'll visit Lil' Blade and Lil' Blaxploitationville. Send in a voice message:
You can check out the Violet Apples YouTube channel: your Morgantown weather report! See how long I can stretch out the word AND in between thoughts! How many locales was this episode recorded in?I actually address a topic I first mentioned on Episode #43. RIP Nipsey Hussle. And a huge moment in modern cinema is reviewed when three dudes got together to make music in 2005. I shouldn't be eating ramen this late. Send in a voice message:
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