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Brad sits down for the first time (in person) with a Las Vegas legend in the world of addiction recovery and treatment. This man helped Brad escape a relapse into alcoholism during COVID. They attended groups and spoke online and Brad now has 941 days of sobriety. Our guest this week is Dave Marlon. We're kicking off season four, all about addiction. He just completed a doctorate degree in psychology, he also holds two master's degrees, an MBA and a Master of Counseling from UNLV. He's been the CEO of two healthcare companies, built one of the most successful addiction recovery centers in the country, and founded Vegas Stronger, a non-profit dealing with homelessness, mental health, and substance abuse recovery. He has climbed 30 mountains including Mt. Everest and Denali. He competed in two Ironmans, He's run seven marathons, including the Boston marathon where he pushed his longtime friend with MS in a wheelchair. He's also been featured as an interventionist on A&E's Emmy-award-winning show, Intervention. He's been clean and sober for 18 years and has personally been involved in the addiction recovery process for thousands of individuals. He is a married father with two sons and enjoys fitness, traveling, and boxing. Dave's Pages: Instagram: Facebook: Tiktok: --- Send in a voice message:
In this episode of The Alpha Quorum Show, Brad Singletary delves deep into the components that make you unconquered despite life's adversities. The opening segment kicks off with a call to acknowledge your resilience and fortitude in facing life's multifaceted challenges. Brad explores why shifts in direction are not defeats but rather strategic adaptations that showcase your ability to adapt and prevail. Inspired by a historical account of a Native American tribe known for their unyielding endurance against overwhelming odds, the episode emphasizes how tenacity and resolve can serve as your greatest allies. Brad further discusses the importance of building a strong community, providing a sense of purpose and direction based on previous successes, and developing a resilient mindset in line with the Red9 principles. Tune in for a power-packed exploration of what it takes to remain resolute, adaptive, and ultimately, unconquered. --- Send in a voice message:
He was born with severe hearing loss and struggled to learn because of his hearing. His father taught him that to truly pay attention, he needs to use his eyes to hear. He learned to read lips which worked out for him until he went on a church mission to Chile and had to learn Spanish as a near-deaf young adult man. His difficulties were almost unbearable, even with the best of technology at the time. Later, he graduated from college and took advantage of a book-reading program in his job where he could get paid for reading self-improvement books. That habit has never ended and he never lets a day go by without reading and re-reading from leadership, growth, and spiritual books. He shares the many gifts that have come to him through his lifetime of faith and perseverance, including his entrepreneurial success in owning three locations of the Miracle-Ear franchise. Please join me for this inspiring and extremely uplifting conversation with Mr. Jim Williams from Idaho Falls, Idaho. --- Send in a voice message:
Ongoing contributor Jimmy Durbin returns to headquarters to share some background info about how he moved from being a lost cause to a man of success and integrity. He describes how he identified two characters within him: Jim and Jimmy. Jim is his self-absorbed ego and the part of him that wants to destroy everyone that Jimmy loves. Jimmy is his pure and whole spiritual self where nothing is missing and he is centered on love. He teaches that thoughts are the language of the mind and emotions are the language of the body. Check out this super high-value episode out for wisdom that will bless your life no matter who or where you are. --- Send in a voice message:
David Scofield (Alpha Quorum 2022 Man of the Year) comes back to headquarters to report on the alpha things he's been doing this year including getting his daughter into racing and sponsoring a car show at an assisted living facility where he also started a monthly men's group for seniors. He then flips the script and interviews founder Brad Singletary about what events in his life have helped him grow up as a man. Brad discusses the reasons he puts so much time and effort into the Alpha Quorum when there is no benefit to him. We discuss rites of passage and the process of becoming a man in the modern world. --- Send in a voice message:
Air Force Veteran and current civilian firefighter at Keesler Air Force Base in Biloxi, Mississippi, and 2023 Alpha Quorum Father of the Year winner Mitch Baxter discusses family leadership and how to be the head of household in ways that foster respect for the man and love for his family. He discusses some of the models of masculinity he learned under including his own father, his youth leaders, and military and fire leaders. He describes the formation of his blended family and how he manages the stresses of being a stepfather to three children and the father of a new baby boy. He shares the role that his wife has had in his success as a father and tells stories that illustrate how he is learning to become a better man. --- Send in a voice message:
Brad Singletary continues the discussion with his nephew, Andy Giddings, who was recently released from prison on five felony convictions. He had never trained a dog before getting locked up but took advantage of his opportunity to learn and grow by being a developmental leader of a 63-man dog training program. Because he was a leader, his first dog was “Primo”, a deaf bully who would chase shadows. Andy ended up developing a very organized group of inmates who worked with dozens of dogs to rehabilitate them. What he found wasn’t just a love of dogs. He discovered himself. He discovered his own wounds. He learned about leadership and gained empathy and compassion in ways he never could before. His program was very successful and many of the men he supervised are now in college and continuing what they started in prison. Andy is also the newest member of the Alpha Quorum’s leadership team where he volunteers his time and talents as the Producer of the Alpha Quorum Show. Listen in; I promise you will gain more than expected in this highly valuable and deeply insightful discussion about how both men and dogs can heal. The keys that Andy highlights that unlock this healing are love and respect, for others and—most importantly—for self. --- Send in a voice message:
This dude right here has reached manhood. Boys become men after they've spent three or four decades in the boyhood desert. Paradoxically, both feeding and trying to slay the bad wolf inside him at the same time, he was recently released from prison, spending the better part of a decade locked up after a lifetime of trauma. He chose meth and heroin over everything else. Finally, he chose prison. Finally, he chose maturity. Recently, I was going to buy him some work boots or whatever he could use, and he declined. I tried to hand him $100 bill and he declined it. He smiled and said, I can't take anything from anyone. It isn't good for me. He has maybe 20 years of learning in his last five. He developed a pit bull rescue and rehabilitation program and managed 63 men, helping them all obtain their GEDs. Join me for the story of a man who chose prison in order to be free. --- Send in a voice message:
My guest today is the son of a Colombian immigrant. He lettered in basketball and football at Fresno State University where he was given a full-ride athletic scholarship. He began to get in trouble with the law and spent 9 years in prison for DUIs. In prison, he learned that he was the master of his own attitude and actions. He learned multiple languages and learned how to play the piano.  Through his involvement with AA, he has remained sober and turned his life around.  He obtained a college degree in business management and now owns three businesses in the Las Vegas area and he is approaching one million dollars in annual sales. He has mastered the art of attitude and is taking actions that help him heal his life and continue living as a devoted family man.  He is the father of six children and is the head coach of a 6u tackle football team. --- Send in a voice message:
"I'm a work in progress." Reality TV Celeb Colt Johnson teaches some profoundly deep and surprisingly inspirational things about what he has learned as he has "examined himself" as part of TLC's most popular franchise ever: 90 Day Fiance and its various spinoffs.   Colt shares the truth about who he is and some of the circumstances in his earlier life that have been difficult to manage. He has been loved and hated by millions of people around the globe.  His life has been both messy *and televised for the past 5 years, and his life has been documented through an engagement and marriage, domestic violence, divorce, shallow rebound, affair, second engagement, second marriage, pregnancy, and miscarriage, all while living with his widowed mother.   But now he is thinking grown-ass-man shit. Where he is now is new and he shares the mature things he is trying to do to make his life meaningful.  Colt dropped out of homeschool in 5th grade. His over-protective mother and mostly-disengaged father did the best they could.  In his early 20's he walked into his dad's apartment and found him dead.  He has lived with his mother ever since. He has been ridiculed for his codependent relationship with his mom. He didn't learn to drive until he was 28. He eventually graduated from the prestigious DigiPen with a bachelor's degree in computer science and created software for Formula One, Indy Car and The Boeing Company, which awarded him the Boeing Performance Excellence Award in 2014.  He is currently trying to distance himself from destructive patterns and he shares never-before discussed details of his ongoing development as a man.  --- Send in a voice message:
Our guest today is a father of five, an attorney, and a poet who recently published his first collection of poems. He is a podcaster and an actor and starred in a music video for the Killers for their 2018 song titled Rut. His mother died suddenly and unexpectedly when he was 10 years old. It’s only been in the last few years that he started to become aware of the trauma that he suffered as a result and began writing poetry again after a 20-year gap to work through the feelings that remain from that loss.  He believes that men are messing up their lives by abandoning themselves to fit in with others and believes we fix it by learning who we are and taking ownership of the power in our uniqueness. He is currently working to integrate his shadow and says the most alpha attribute in him is learning to be an example of healthy vulnerability. --- Send in a voice message:
Brad does another epic solo show where he gets down and dirty with some of his own history.  He shares why and how to forgive our fathers (or anyone for that matter) and teaches some very useful approaches about how to do it  --- Send in a voice message:
He is a father to eight children, has been a firefighter/paramedic for over two decades, and he comes to share some important life lessons.  The Alpha Quorum Show welcomes 2022 Father of the Year Jason Baker to AQHQ. Jason shares some lessons he has learned about life as a husband and father and the important role of friendships, brotherhood, and the importance of community in maintaining a healthy family fortress.  He describes some of the challenges he and his wife have faced throughout their 27-year marriage, including the parenting ups and downs they've overcome and some that he is personally still working on.  Jason shares some extremely humorous insights and some wit and wisdom in this super uplifting yet raw and honest discussion with a man clearly operating from ultra Alpha energy.  --- Send in a voice message:
Moto racer, marathoner, former LDS Bishop, current law practice owner, Harley rider and Las Vegas Rescue Mission volunteer  Donald "Butch Williams" joins the Alph Quorum Show and speaks of the profound lessons taught to him by the mature men in his life.  He shares experiences about struggles early in his marriage and how he and his wife partnered up to heal and build a beautiful life together. This humorous, wise, and gentle teacher, a man of pure masculine energy, shares some unforgettable stories, passing along bold and very charming bits of ALPHA wisdom. You're gonna love this conversation.  🔺  Our guest today was born in Las Vegas on February 2nd. 1966 He's the youngest of five children. His father worked a variety of jobs when Bush was a kid. His father started the Las Vegas Motocross Club and later the Las Vegas Bicycle Motocross Club. Every Saturday and Sunday, he spent at the motocross and bicycle motocross track with his family organizing and running events. Butch also raced both BMX and motocross himself. When Butch was about 14 years old. The track was no more feasible to run. His dad started a plumbing company, and Butch began to learn the trade of plumbing, which also worked a variety of other jobs and high school, including being a dishwasher at Marie Calendar's and driving a delivery truck. When he was 19 years old, he decided to serve in LDS Mission which had joined the church approximately three years earlier. He served in Alaska and had a wonderful time there. Upon returning home, he attended college at UNLV and then received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Construction Management from Brigham Young University in 1991. While at BYU, he met and married the magnificent Paula Jones from Woodburn, Oregon. They have six children, five of whom are married. They are the grandparents of ten grandchildren, which attended law school at the MCGEORGE School of Law in Sacramento, California. He graduated in 1994 and returned to Las Vegas with his family in 1997. He started his own law practice. He mostly represents contractors and subcontractors in construction issues. He also practices in the areas of real estate and business law. Approximately seven years ago, his son-in-law, Drew Starbuck, graduated law school and came to work with Butch. Mr. Starbucks practices primarily in real estate planning and probate. They own the firm Williams-Starbuck. --- Send in a voice message:
Our guest today is an entrepreneur and inventor with multiple patents. He is the Founder and CEO of COCO TAPS, a Las Vegas company that is the first to ever have been certified as a ZERO-WASTE company. He invented a tap device to turn a raw coconut into a drinkable & resealable container! It has been called the Tesla of coconut water. His product is sold on cruise ships and theme parks in Miami, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and many other places including over 20 Las Vegas resorts like Aria, Bellagio, Caesar's Palace, Wynn, Waldorf Astoria, Cosmopolitan Las Vegas, over 60 restaurants, and 40 convenience stores. He was featured on the hit TV shows SHARK TANK and THE PROFIT. He competed in two Ironmans in Hawaii.  He plays the ukulele and the piano, and brings unmistakable energy anywhere he goes. Our topic? DISTINCTION. Brad and Coco Vinny discuss how to have skills with both things and people, living congruent with your values and beliefs, being respected and trusted, presenting yourself with strength and dignity, and being effective in leadership. 🔺 --- Send in a voice message:
The level of wisdom shared in this episode may have never been reached on this show and this will be difficult to ever be out-smarted.  Rockford Wright, MD returns to the show to continue the discussion on discernment. He shares some extremely valuable insights about how a man can make more sense of the ordinary struggles in life through healthy expectations, rational interpretations of triggering stressors, how empathy can shape our judgments, and why listening should be focused on learning and understanding what is being shared.  Dr. Wright teaches about habits and understanding what drives behavior, which realizations will help us be certain all of the elements are in place before we attempt to influence change with others or ourselves. Profoundly helpful and very useful information in this episode.  Be sure to check out episode 87 which is part one of this two-episode series. --- Send in a voice message:
This one's a stunner of a show.  Rockford "Rocky" Wright, MD, joins Brad and Mike Olsen in a stellar conversation on discernment.  Rocky's contribution to this topic is loaded with genius illustrations and stories that make some profoundly deep concepts about discernment easy to understand.  Guaranteed this is an enlightening and edifying experience as he explains the survival benefit of biases and the protective factors associated with judgment.  He details some personal experiences where he learned to see things he had previously not understood in a new way and teaches in PURE ALPHA STYLE what it means to be a fair judge of self and others as a man of discernment.  This is Part I of a 2-part series on this topic.  Check this one out and stay tuned for an even better second half next week. 🔺 --- Send in a voice message:
Our guest today has been a counselor in a correctional facility for 21 years.  Several years before he started, he was an inmate there, serving 14 months for violent crimes as a juvenile. He paid off $33,000 in restitution by working in the kitchen. He didn't meet his biological father until he was 15.  Three weeks later, his stepfather died by suicide. This led him to years of anger and violence. Once he was locked up, he learned how to deal with his emotions from men he didn't want to disappoint.  He read spiritual texts, competed in sports, and learned to meditate.  He was the first inmate in this prison to later return and work there, continuing the influence he was shown decades before. He is now very close with his father. He and his wife have a blended family of 8 children and he enjoys weightlifting, mixed martial arts and was recently in an episode of the hit show, Yellowstone. --- Send in a voice message:
This episode is special.  With our most distinguished guest ever on this podcast, Brad Singletary and Jimmy Durbin interview a man with high distinction, retired Coast Guard Rear Admiral Stephen Mehling.  Our topic is discipline and Admiral Mehling presents some surprising elements of discipline that most men surely never consider.  His military experience spans nearly 40 years which included worldwide impact as evidenced by a chest full of medals awarded for exceptional leadership in extremely high-level roles. He shares some exciting stories of both courage and compassion from profound experiences beginning in 1976 at the United States Coast Guard Academy. Admiral Mehling teaches in pure Alpha style: with both boldness and gentleness, with humor and high value, with both energy and reverence.  This is a remarkable conversation that all men should hear.    --- Send in a voice message:
.Part two of the discussion on Endurance.  Taco Mike, Jimmy Durbin, Mike Olsen, and Brad Singletary discuss the following from the RED9: How to patiently persevere with fortitude and grit. How and why men need to seek help wherever they are, but certainly when the going gets tough. Why sometimes, after all possible effort and adjustments have been implemented, and as a valid last resort, the right thing to do is to quit the endeavor, the expedition, the relationship or the job in order to preserve life and prevent further harm and damage to self or others. As always, the guys share very personal stories of darkness and then triumph and how their own maturing process shaped new perspectives about themselves and what is possible and what can be accepted about life's challenges.  Mike O. is confronted about why he can't ask for help even though he is always willing to help others.  This is an exceptional conversation with high-value content.  Share it with people you know.  --- Send in a voice message:
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