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Author: Fe Jones

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Teaching creative moms a smarter, leaner, faster way, to grow their income, make an impact and live life on their terms with their online business. Support this podcast:
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Today we explore what is the key to sales and repeat business.--- Support this podcast:
#52 Excuses busted

#52 Excuses busted


Update on what I’m up to and how my excuses for this new journey got busted.--- Support this podcast:
Hey! I wanted to share some quick updates and then share with you what I learned about moving on and how to handle the challenges that come with moving on. --- Support this podcast:
Today I share what I’ve learned through my 8 months of the Keto lifestyle and my biggest tips.--- Support this podcast:
The sabatical is over! Tune in and find out how it turned out and whats coming next.--- Support this podcast:
An update on my sabbatical, my health, the results from the supplements I'm taking and my thoughts on prosperity and our soul.--- Support this podcast:
One of the things that I've learned since starting my own businesses is that who surrounds us either makes us or breaks us. Yes! The people we spend the most time with have a tremendous amount of influence over us. It is important that we become aware of how each person around us influences us and what to do when it's not an influence for the best.Today I share with you behaviors to look for, how to identify when it's time to part ways and what inner circle peeps looks like.--- Support this podcast:
Do you know woh your dream client is, how to find them and what they want? If you answered no, this episode is for you. --- Support this podcast:
Today I'll be sharing with you some updates that just rolled out for Instagram as well as some already existing features that are only available to Instagram business account users. So if you are new to Instagram or you're on the fence about switching from a personal account to a business account, you don't wan't to miss any of the information I'm sharing with you here today.--- Support this podcast:
How one single post on social media revealed a deeper issue. --- Support this podcast:
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