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All About Reality Presented by Reality Sports Online

Author: Matt Goodwin, Luke Patrick

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Welcome to All About Reality, the only podcast with exclusive information for General Managers who play their fantasy football leagues on Reality Sports Online.
105 Episodes
Luke and Goody discuss a mock draft for superflex and 1 QB leagues based on the recent NFL draft. Obviously the top post is occupied. At what point are you trading out of this draft or Round 1? Where to pick QBs? Which WRs do you like? In a unique year where TEs were drafted high where do you take the leap in Reality Sports Online leagues (or do you?). All of these questions get answered on this podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Season 6, Ep 2: The Build

Season 6, Ep 2: The Build


Luke and Goody discuss foundational pieces and contract values for startup auctions and suggests some deeper plays as well. --- Send in a voice message:
The trio is back for Season 6 of All About Reality. They talk about Ryan's historic two league wins including one taking over an orphan team in Pod Guest League, Goody getting caught in the hype of a historic comeback and all things 5th Year Rookie Options. --- Send in a voice message:
Luke and Goody are back searching for what's real after 3 weeks of NFL action. Is it James Robinson coming back successfully from an achilles tear? Is it C-Mac & DJ Moore seeming mortal in a moribund Panthers offense? The duo discuss RB volumes/the narrative about pass catching RBs, players they are finally out on, and how they use Air Yards/Target information to help aid their strategy. --- Send in a voice message:
In a very special 100th overall episode, Luke, Goody, and Ryan talk a million little fun things with noted actor, philanthropist, Titans superfan, and fantasy football enthusiast James Roday Rodriguez. Roday Rodriguez, best known for the hit shows Psych and ABC's current top drama A Million Little Things, sheds light on his acting career, the coolest things he's gotten to do as a Titans superfan and then breaks down SFB12 rosters and Reality Sports Online early auction values and chooses player contracts to build his ideal roster in this hallmark episode. A special thanks to all the podcast guests, listeners, our co-hosts and fellow writers and Stephen, Matt, and Kyle for making All About Reality the great ride it has been and for the ability to play GM for the best fantasy platform around! --- Send in a voice message:
With Goody out for his first episode ever, Luke and Ryan talk early auction values and player contract building blocks. Check it out and don't miss our 100th episode coming up next with a huge special guest! --- Send in a voice message:
RSO and Washington Intervention Podcast Host Ryan Krauchick joins Goody and Luke to talk rookie drafts in depth. After a long period between episodes, all three catch up on the latest happenings including trade embargoes and stashing IR drama in the MLB. --- Send in a voice message:
Full Press Fantasy Podcast's Kyle Senra joins Luke and Goody who are back for Season 5 and a few short episodes away from their 100th overall to talk about the key strategic inflection points and decisions he made to go from worst to first in a shrunken cap and injury-filled season. The three then discuss RSO new history features on the website, preview a higher salary cap and key offseason storylines. Lastly, Goody drops the "most favored nations" promo code, the best RSO has available, good through the end of February. --- Send in a voice message:
Luke and Goody are back on opposite ends of the Teeter Totter in Championship Week with Luke unfamiliar with the sitting out the Championship and Goody finding himself surprisingly in the Writers League final after a string of injuries decimated his team. The two share funny brother football stories and then proceed to go through all Week 17 games looking for players to start and sit for your Championship game as well as to trade for and future outlooks in the offseason, all through a Reality Sports Online lens as only they can. --- Send in a voice message:
The boys are back to discuss the questions they receive about the extension algorithm. Is it really that complex? What are the best ways to navigate with math what the best path forward is to protect league-changing players with the multi-year extension and franchise tag? Who are Luke and Goody wanting in start-ups as the top positional players shuffle? What are some of the great stories for fantasy in 2021 thus far? Check out the latest All About Reality podcast to find out this and more. And don't forget to leave some 5 star reviews if you like the podcast. Either way, let's hear some feedback, folks! --- Send in a voice message:
Anand Nanduri, who has worked in the past with the NFL reviewing NFL transactions for the salary cap and is currently at RotoUnderworld, joins Goody and Luke to talk all things salary cap. How should one look at real-life NFL deals and what it means for Reality Sports Online? Which NFL deals for stars recently have been good ones? What should the Browns do with Baker Mayfield? What are some early extensions offers in RSO that our podcast likes? Check out the latest episode to find out. --- Send in a voice message:
Goody brings in long time friend and 9 year Reality Sports Online league former champion, former pod guest, and former NFL and Yahoo Sports Digital Media Executive Mark Pesavento to do some live analysis of the Friends of Reality Podcast Guest League 2nd Year Auction. Find out what happened with several teams fighting the reduced NFL cap this year try to go after premium free agents. The participants of the league also chimed in with some of their key strategies, including day of auction trades, etc. Participants include: Luke Patrick, Reality Sports Online Graham Barfield, Fantasy Points Sal Leto, FF Funhouse Tyler Buecher, FantasyGuru Jaron Foster, Dynasty League Football Kyle Senra, Full Press Fantasy Podcast Kevin O' Brien, FF Engineer Joseph Babalola, Fan Bob Lung, Big Guy Fantasy Kyle Dvorchak, NBC Sports Edge Shaun Washko, RotoUnderworld Ray Marzarella, RotoUnderworld --- Send in a voice message:
Fresh off their pod league bidding, Luke and Goody bring Drew Davenport of on the pod to talk about bidding strategy for auctions, leveraging Drew's expertise at the 2020 Kings Classic Auction champion. Additionally, the hosts tap into Drew's background as a criminal defense attorney to discuss character concerns and how to navigate those on a multi-year platform like Reality Sports Online. --- Send in a voice message:
Luke and Goody are back to talk strategy, news and notes, start-ups, their pending Writer's League Auction, etc. Check it out and don't forget to check out and use a special promo code of one of our founders + 15 for 15% off! --- Send in a voice message:
Luke and Goody finally carved some time out of their dad schedules to talk about the Writer's League and Pod League rookie draft results. Who went higher/lower than expected? How polarizing is Michael Carter against some top flight WRs? Where to take Devonta Smith in 1QB leagues? We answer all that and more in this episode.  Remember to hit up the Reality Sports Online Promo code for 15% of your favorite NFLPA and other sports wearable moments at --- Send in a voice message:
Sly Johnson, former WR at Miami University and the Detroit Lions joins Luke and Goody to talk about the athletes he has trained since a young age and for the NFL Draft, including Ole Miss WR Elijah Moore, UNC RB Michael Carter, Louisville RB Javian Hawkins, Notre Dame TE Tommy Tremble and more. What makes them unique and what does Sly try to teach skill wise? Listen in to see what traits you may find in your next rookie draft pick gem. --- Send in a voice message:
Positivity has risen! Troy King of FF Confidential and joins Goody and Luke to talk about his Rookie QB Superflex rankings, the QB who will shape the draft and some other key draft decisions. The guys also debate where they'd pick Kyle Pitts in drafts and what RB landing spots are ideal. --- Send in a voice message:
One of the premier female and overall analysts in the fantasy space, Sam Holt (Fantasy Focused, One on One with Sam Holt, The Fantasy Debate) joins the All About Reality Podcast to talk about her beloved Steelers offense, the remaining free agent RB landscape, her surprise picks for Top 5 Tight Ends and more on this jam-packed podcast. Also listen for the new promo code for now new NFLPA licensed gear! --- Send in a voice message:
Goody flies solo on this pod to discuss a deep dive of Superflex QB's based on RSO salaries with 4 for 4 Football's Salvatore Stefanile. The two also discuss advocating for others in the fantasy football space and initial thoughts about Clubhouse. --- Send in a voice message:
Drew Osinchuk, formerly of Player Profiler and Dynasty League Football joins Luke and Goody to talk rookies and talent evaluation using "Metrics That Matter". Goody and Luke foreshadow future episodes on what the NFL Salary cap decline does to the RSO league trade dynamic, especially with valuation of high salaried players.  Drew walks through his process of evaluating talent and who lands on his "Bulletproof" list. Check out Drew on YouTube and on the Bulletproof Fantasy Football Podcast. --- Send in a voice message:
Comments (2)

Paulo Da Silva

they dont provide anything useful for leagues that use IDP. Some of the audio sucks, and they talk way too much about their own leagues!. I've been listening for only a few months but may not for long if they can't up their game.

Apr 4th

Curtis Burleson

a great resource for all RSO users truly entertaining and informational looking forward to every new episode I give it 5 stars

Jul 17th
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