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Alysha is a Visionary Artist, Reiki Master Healer, Sound Alchemist, and Divine Remembrance Guide whose Mission is to Embody Divine Love in Each Now Moment and Help others to Return Home to their own Uniqueness and Sacred Heart Mission. With her Unique Gifts and Experiences, she is here to Empower and Support those who are Ready for Divine Alignment and Living Light Embodiment.

Here you will find Channeled Light Transmissions, Opening the Space to whichever way Divine Light wishes to be Expressed in the Now moment. Please visit to view her other heart offerings:)
70 Episodes
Talking about Gratitude, sharing a current practice I am using in my bullet journal 🤗
Sharing love and light, meditating with my Lemurian crystals this evening. May you know you are loved. May you know you are worthy. May you know you are enough. You are beautiful.
Sharing meditation with my new crystal friends 🌻
Meditating on Mount Shasta

Meditating on Mount Shasta


Sharing part of my Mount Shasta meditative practice while I was visiting during the Lion’s Gate Portal
Download I received on my walking meditation this morning, sending you the light of oneness, you are beautiful!
Was going to bed and was called to pick up my guitar and sing some intuitive affirmations, learning to flow it through when the messages come and they come in many different forms. Feeling blessed and thankful, how amazing it is to be here in this now moment rising to love, coming home to the sacred heart. You are beautiful.
You are releasing, you are worthy. You are enough. You are AMAZING! 🥰 You are Limitless⚡️
You are Magic 777

You are Magic 777


Woke up this morning and was guided to share a Little channeled message this morning, affirmations, and encouragement.
Sunrise Prayer

Sunrise Prayer


Breathing and being here, you are so beautiful, loved and enough. You are peace on earth. You are a vessel.
Talking about my dream where I traveled to the City under Mt. Shasta.
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