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Author: Brandon Mullins

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We are indie publishers, helping indie writers release their stuff onto an unsuspecting world.

You don't hafta have experience or a big name publisher to become a published author. You just need a friend with a little know how and the desire to follow your dreams! Support this podcast:
4 Episodes
The early days and origin of the 'Moon Books' brand, adventures in Nintendo DS homebrew and the journey to book publishing. --- Support this podcast:
Stumbling through creating a precast is easier than I thought using! I'm just getting started so I touch upon what I'm working on now, including a really awesome teaser for Christina Engela's Galaxii book 1 Blachart narrated by the great Nigel Peever. --- Support this podcast:
--- Support this podcast:
Episode Zero

Episode Zero


Who needs to prepare, here is the first episode. --- Support this podcast:
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