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Author: Stewart Brennan

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World United Music brings you the best music being made in the 21st Century.
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The Minstral Show Episode 063 - Jan 11, 2019
Welcome back to the Minstral show, the podcast that spotlights the best music made in the 21st century. We’re here to feed your mind and soul with great rhythms that help you escape the geopolitical insanity of this planet, if only for an hour or two. Today’s Music is filled with escapes, passion, and change, to help guide us on our journey’s through the forest of life; Music that makes our paths a little brighter; Featuring: Rhodês, Betty Moon, Cavalier Rose, The Preatures, David Arkenstone, In Continuum, IT, Robert Plant, Asa, and Peter Bradley Adams.SONGS:SET 01Rhodês – It’s With YouBetty Moon – Drink Your Fears AwayCavalier Rose – SparrowThe Preatures – Pale RiderSET 02David Arkenstone – Secret on the MoorsIn Continuum – Be the LightIT – RevolutionSET 03Robert Plant – A Way with WordsAsa – AwePeter Bradley Adams – Be Still My HeartBe sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Artist Links below.)ARTISTS LINKS:RhodêsBetty MoonCavalier RoseThe PreaturesDavid ArkenstoneIn ContinuumITRobert PlantAsaPeter Bradley Adams  Special thanks to: Southbound Snake Charmers & John Palmer for their music contribution to this program.Program Intro Song: Southbound Snake Charmers - Cut My Time3rd set IntroJohn Palmer - Nyx  Visit the World United Music Blog for More Music, Reviews and Videos
The Minstral Show Episode 061 - Dec. 15, 2018
Today’s lineup features Kikagaku Moyo, Kevin Morby, Lunatic Soul, Darrel Treece-Birch, Sonic Elements, Lonely Robot, Okay Mann, The Fixators and Fernando Perdomo to round out a wide variety of great music being made and covered today in this, the 21st century. A program note, to let you know about a few changes to this podcast…Going forward, there’ll be a slight change to the shows format where I’ll play 3 sets of music after a short intro and then close the show with a last thought. …and as you’ll notice, I now have an awesome intro song to open the show called “Cut My Time” by Australia’s “Southbound Snake Charmers”. So, a BIG thumbs up and thank you to the band for allowing me to use this awesome Rockin tune.And so, welcome to a new episode of the Minstral Show where I’ll be sharing 3 new sets of music, to shield you from the drain of another crazy week of life on this mad house planet of ours…hey, music is the best way to escape the noise coming at you from all the front lines of political insanity…so tune in, turn off the noisy world, and enjoy the waves…on the Minstral Show.The Minstral Show Intro Song: “Cut My Time” by “Southbound Snake Charmers” Moyo – GatheringsKevin Morby – Harlem River – (after hours dub)Lunatic Soul – AnymoreDarrel Treece-Birch – The StandSonic Elements – Machine Messiah (YES cover)Lonely Robot – SigmaOkay Mann – It Won’t Be LongThe Fixators – Wide AwakeFernando Perdomo – Find LoveALSO:Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See Artist Links below.)ARTIST LINKS:Kikagaku Moyo Morby Soul Treece-Birch Kerzner & Sonic Elements Robot Mann Fixators Perdomo
The Minstral Show Episode 060 - Nov 25, 2018
The choices we make in life stay with us from beginning to end and even though we make errors on our way, we do eventually learn from them and move on. Each one of us, when born, begins a path that zig zags through the forest of life. The forest presents us with many paths and lessons from the choices we make which provide us with a glimpse and understanding of why we are here. Those lessons often turn into art through poetry, paintings, sculptures and of course Music. Todays episode contains some of those expressions through the music of Julian Lennon, Sonic Elements, Damh the Bard, Amarante, Dave Kerzner, House of Not, Agnes Obel, Fabio Brunelli and Mountain Heart.Be sure to support the artists by going to their official websites, buying their music and joining their email platforms. (See below for artists links)You can also find these songs in playlists on the World United Music Blog…@ SONGS:Julian Lennon – In BetweenSonic Elements – Cover YES - Your Move, And You & I, Wonderful StoriesDamh the Bard – Under a Beltane SunAmarante – Meet Me in the Woods (Lord Huron Cover)Dave Kerzner – The LieHouse of Not – Key of GAgnes Obel – Stretch Your EyesFabio Brunelli – MosquitoMountain Heart – Whipping Post (Allman Brothers Cover)ARTIST LINKS:Julian Lennon Elements the Bard Elements / Dave Kerzner of Not Obel Brunelli Heart
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