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Author: Mario Aguirre

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The Fall In 360 podcast encompasses inspiring and humorous interviews and stories. While much of the program is based towards a Military, Veteran, Law Enforcement and all First Responder type audience, it really is an adult community show that anyone can understand and enjoy. Mario Aguirre, owner of Fall In 360, is a regular veteran with many experiences, along with conducting unique interviews, he will be sharing valuable information about resources and new trends in the community. The show includes both serious and fun conversations.
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153 Episodes
Funny Business

Funny Business


Listen up and think about everything you buy, the athletes you listen to and the movies your watching and you’ll find that many of those things and people have been bought. --- Support this podcast:
Take a trip with us in to your soul, we go deep on todays episode. Leslie Lyon enlightens us with her wisdom as a Consciousness Coach. Jump in to bed with us as we discuss spirituality, sexuality and the tender warrior king. --- Support this podcast:
Meatloaf and Loui

Meatloaf and Loui


Join us as we play tribute to another set of celebrity deaths … Meatloaf and Loui Anderson!!! --- Support this podcast:
This weeks dishonorable mention goes to the Arizona Army of 1873! Listen to the story of a wrongfully accused native tribe and how they were massacred in cold blood early one AZ morning. --- Support this podcast:
Playing Ketchup

Playing Ketchup


Do you like nonsense? Do you crave nudity? Are you seeking medical guidance? Then this is the show for you, join us as we play ketchup. --- Support this podcast:
Saget and White

Saget and White


We are back from our holiday break and we’re talking Bob Saget and Betty White. We also discuss everything that went down the last 3 weeks, future shows and oh yeah … how we got AIDS. --- Support this podcast:
Hold on to your chairs and bras, strap on the strap on and seatbelt and put on your grandmas clogs cause this is the wildest show yet and Mario is all alone in the tower! --- Support this podcast:
Who You Gonna Call

Who You Gonna Call


Wow, two weeks in a row we record a disaster! We discuss our busy December, upcoming travel and the new Ghost Busters movie! We go deep into the psychological of the characters on this shit show of an episode. --- Support this podcast:
Join us on this whacky episode where nipples were talking, history being told and Mario might be cancelled. Find out what mess Crystal and Mario created on this year’s Thanksgiving special. --- Support this podcast:
Mr GI Low himself, Pete Barlow visits the studio to discuss our favorite topic, MURDER!!! That’s right we finally get to discuss the famous Army Medic … Jeffrey Dahmer on this weeks Dishonorable Mention. --- Support this podcast:
Listen in as Mario and Crystal go down a rabbit hole, or we’re they truly caught in a vortex that made them talk nonsense … oh wait, that’s every show … well tune in anyways to find out what’s going on at Fall In 360 studios. --- Support this podcast:
Generational Trauma

Generational Trauma


In this episode we get deep and talk holiday blues, life stressors and generational trauma. Join us and spread the love. --- Support this podcast:
Foxhole Fright Tales 4

Foxhole Fright Tales 4


Best FFT yet! This year we double the fun and we’re joined by Amy and T-Bone! Listen to some personal haunting tales and how Mario met a racist ghost!#fallin360 #militarypocast #fallin360podcast #foxholefrighttales --- Support this podcast:
Join us on this quick update and preview of Foxhole Fright Tales 4 which airs next week. Also find out what is motivating Crystal these days. --- Support this podcast:
Would you eat your friends to stay alive! Hear what Mario and Crystal would do as they discuss the story of Flight 571 out of Uruguay to Chile. Find out what the survivors of this Andes plain crash have to do to survive! --- Support this podcast:
We mix it up a little this time and talk current culture and serial killers named “The Angel of Death” … yes, there’s more than one!!! --- Support this podcast:
Abu Ghraib was one of Saddam Hussein’s most dangerous prisons where inmates were often tortured and in many cases … murdered. That prison’s reputation didn’t change much under US Military control, as allegations of torture along with disturbing photos appear in the front news in April of 2004. Join us as we discuss those involved and who the Dishonorable Mention actually belongs to! --- Support this podcast:
September 11 Heroes

September 11 Heroes


In this episode we bring you the stories of a handful of heroes from September 11. From Col. Austin “Big Bird” Schmidt escaping the fires from the Pentagon to Fire Marshall Ronald Bucca giving his life racing all the way up to the 78th floor of the sub tower, we share courageous stories from our nations darkest day! --- Support this podcast:
Today we honor our heroes from 9/11 and the war that ensued. We share stories of our experiences since that tragic day. This is the first of 3 episodes tied back to 9/11, Iraq and Afghanistan. --- Support this podcast:
If you want to know about the Angel of Death … this might not be the show for you! While we do “discuss “ Reta Mays, this episode was just an excuse for friends to re unite and talk nonsense for an hour. Come be part of the madness! #militarypodcast #veteranpodcast #veteranhumor #dishonerablemention #fallin360 #fallin360podcast --- Support this podcast:
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