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Win Life is a raw & unedited podcast about all the things we can do to keep ourselves moving forward towards the success we truly desire. Get your mind right with the "Monday Message", be inspired by the stories of success shared "Inside The Winner's Circle," and lastly let the "Wednesday Wisdom" help you find the balance you need to have long term sustained success. I want you to WIN!

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Monday Message: Action

Monday Message: Action


Action is the key ingredient to self-empowerment, growth, and success. Get some fresh perspective on your action in todays episode. Like what you hear? Subscribe! Join my tribe by visiting --- Support this podcast:
Yamanieka is a tour-de-force. She is not only an incredible comic, writer,  and producer, but she is also not afraid to use her voice or her platform to take a stand for the things she truly believes in.  Listen to her share her wisdom about everything from making it in the entertainment industry to being a black woman in America. You can  see her on comedy central in her stand up special, or in Netflix's original comedy Series the Degenerates. She has also been a guest on Lights Out with David Spade, Comedy Knock OUT and many other series.  It was pleasure to here her candidly share her wisdom.  Listen Now!  Like what you hear? Subscribe now!  --- Support this podcast:
Monday Message: JOY

Monday Message: JOY


Joy is like could live with out them but life would be so bland.  Get some fresh perspective on Joy in todays episode.  --- Support this podcast:
Audacity is the seasoning we need to use each day to spice up our ability to face our fears and take risks. Get some fresh perspective on this concept today.  Like what you hear? HIT SUBSCRIBE Want to join the tribe? visit --- Support this podcast:
Have you ever wondered what it would be like if you could go back in time and reparent yourself during the tough times?  That is just one thing we discuss on todays edition of Inside the Winners Circle with our special guest Shirley Johnson.  We discuss the mental health benefits of reparenting, self-love and so much more.   Want to get more or Shirley's pearls of wisdom? Follow her on IG @soulisticwellness  Want to join my tribe? Visit and join my mailing list.  --- Support this podcast:
The road to success is not straight or paved. It is mostly gravel, loose rocks, sink holes, and marked by  treacherous switchbacks. These can all be overwhelming truths especially when you are experiencing them in person. The only way to overcome these setbacks is with SELF-COMPASSION.   Life is hard, pursuing success on your own terms is HARDER. Its important to remember to treat yourself with care, kindness and love. Get some fresh perspective on self-compassion on todays episode. Want to Join the Tribe, visit! --- Support this podcast:
Abundance is about more than what we we will explore the idea of abundance as constant presence in our lives. When you are able to recognize abundance in your  daily life in in all its many forms the world seems to be a more welcoming & encouraging place. The ability to see and appreciate abundance in even its smallest forms is an important skill  on your success journey. Get some fresh perspective on abundance in todays episode. Want to join tribe? Visit today!  --- Support this podcast:
Prosperity is much more than financial success. When you truly understand what Prosperity holistically then you are able to find the miracles in everyday life that will help to give the motivation you need to keep going when things get hard.  Let me help you decode Prosperity on todays episode.  Ready to join the Tribe? visit to sign up for my newlsetter. --- Support this podcast:
Prudence may not be sexy but its essential for personal & professional success. We have all heard the saying "not everything that glitters is gold" the same applies to opportunities and risks.  It's essential that we each maintain a healthy relationship with prudence.  Being able to make calculated decisions.  Get some fresh perspective on prudence in todays podcast.    Ready to Join the tribe? Visit to sign up for my  newsletter.  --- Support this podcast:
Sometimes we can get so bogged down with reality that we forget about the magic of possibilities. There is something very powerful about remembering that even in the craziest situations there are still possibilities that can help to redirect and reorient us to what is really important.  Get some fresh perspective on POSSIBILITIES in today's episode.  Want to join the tribe?  Visit to sign up for my monthly newsletter.  Looking to move your body? Sign up for my LIVE STREAMING weekly yoga class WORLD WIDE FLOW -  Monday's at 6:30pm est.  --- Support this podcast:
Monday Message: HOPE

Monday Message: HOPE


We have all been down, felt stuck, lost and concerned about the future. Yet, there is one things that has always helped humans overcome the uncertainty of tragedy - HOPE.  Reacquaint yourself with the power of HOPE by listening to todays episode.  Love the show? SUBSCRIBE 😊 Have suggestions for guests, topics, or ways the podcast can be improved? I WANT TO HEAR THEM! Visit  --- Support this podcast:
We have all felt it, especially during these extraordinarily challenging times. Today I tackle understanding overwhelm, what it means, and how you can overcome it.  --- Support this podcast:
Your intuition is a gift. It can help to steer you away from harm and towards opportunities. How’s your relationships with your intuition? Take a listen and get some fresh perspective today. ****Ready to change the game? There is one book that can give you the formula you need to win life. Buy SUCCESS MATH: A Millennials Qualitative Approach - available everywhere books are sold! --- Support this podcast:
It is great to have the support of your family, friends and community. However the most important person that must believe in you is  YOU.   Self-belief is the magic sauce that gives individuals the power to overcome adversity, persevere and keeping pressing forward not matter what.  We have talked about the insidious nature and inevitable appearance of self doubt in earlier seasons.  Today we explore the power & importance of self-belief, take a listen.  *** Looking for practical method you can apply to achieve the success you want right now? Feel like your efforts are just not adding up?   Read SUCCESS MATH: A Millennial's Qualitative Approach - available now everywhere books are sold. *** ***Want some tips and tricks to help you along your success journey? Visit to join my mailing list.  --- Support this podcast:
Everything we do is connected. Engaging in intentional Mindfulness can help you be present during each moment of your success journey.  Mindfulness ensures that you actively learn from your journey and are able to remain agile in the face of sudden challenges.  Take a listen to today's episode to get a fresh perspective on mindfulness in relation to you Success Journey.  ***Ready to redefine and pursue success on your own terms? Read my new book SUCCESS MATH: A Millennial's Qualitative Approach. You deserve complete success right now.  Available everywhere books are sold.  **visit to sign up for my newsletter & download a ton of awesome freebies.  --- Support this podcast:
Your life is a collection experiences which shape how move through life. It’s important to both learn from your experiences and remember you are not defined by your experiences. Take a listen to today’s episode to get fresh perspective in ‘experience’. ****Ready to use your experiences to fuel your success journey but not sure how?? Read SUCCESS MATH: A Millennials Qualitative Approach - available everywhere books are sold. --- Support this podcast:
Monday Message: FAITH

Monday Message: FAITH


Faith is a key ingredient during times of adversity. Take a listen to today’s show to get a fresh perspective on Faith. ****ready to dive into your success journey? Read SUCCESS MATH: A Millennials Qualitative Approach today for a complete road map to your own success. **** want to go further faster? Set up your 1-on-1 consultation with me by visiting --- Support this podcast:
Steve is an incredible human with a wonderful story of resilience, perseverance and success. He is classically remained musician turned coach and speaker. He is my teacher and has helped hundreds of others step into their power as wonderful coaches. ***Ready to change Aaà. to pursue the success you truly desire on your terms?? Order your copy of SUCCESS MATH: A Millennials Qualitative Approach available any place books are sold***** --- Support this podcast:
Alchemy is REAL. Listen to me and Elizabeth Rowan,  a real Spiritual Badass, talk about about the power of transformation, alchemy and the magical power of self realization. Elizabeth drops a ton of invaluable knowledge in this episode! Trust me you want to hurry up and press play.  Connect with Elizabeth at: You want to connect with me? --- Support this podcast:
If we don’t know how to identify our priorities we are in big trouble. Get some new perspective on today’s episode. --- Support this podcast:
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