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Join Nordic Mum Podcast host Susanna when she unravels what it means coming from the Nordic countries. Susanna loves talking about how to have your Nordic Living using Scandinavian ways of life. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate and inspire you to live your life with a hint of Nordic Living with less is more approach and each episode gives you tips on how to do this. The Nordic simplicity and Scandinavian Minimalism are core of this Podcast. Have a cup of tea, and have a Hygge moment while listening to this podcast.
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Year 2020 I decided not to take a word as my mantra like I had last year. I just felt that there is no need to have a word. Instead of a word I wanted to go through these 12 points I see that you can live your best year yet. 2020 is going to be the best year yet to me and to you.
How Finland differs from Australia on education and why. My thoughts when you compare apples to apples. This is an old episode that I am releasing.
Talking to Jesse Karjalainen, author about his roots in Australia and Finland. How he sees his identity amongst the many countries he has lived in.
How people in Scandinavia define happiness. What it is to live in Finland, happiest place on earth. How has COVID changed what we think about happiness? 
Talking about changes in society due the Covid19 crises and what learnings we all should take from this.
All my listener's questions answered. What you have wanted to know about me Susanna The Nordic Mum.
How to have a more sustainable life looking at examples from Scandinavia in why they are better at it.
What is happiness and what are those small things in life that we call joy.
How with small changes you can have life like the Nordics. enjoying more and living with the full purpose.
What you can do to keep your self happy and occupied while living apart from your family. Tips to get the time go bye faster and resources that you can use. *Please note that I talk about sensitive topics that might upset you and use language that I would normally use.
Minimalism at home, how to use Nordic Minimalism design and and have space that you can enjoy on.
How to keep kids entertained when in corona virus isolation. Useful tips and tricks to make the time pass by easier.
How to achieve less is more approach in life. I talk about some areas in life that you can get started and why the The Nordic countries are so good on minimalism.
How to have that relaxed mood with kids and enjoy quality time as family. Here are my tips for hyggelig time with kids.
How to live more simple life with Hygge and Deceluttering your Life .This month is all about Hygge. When the northern hemisphere have winter you do want to feel cozy. So lets talk about how to hygge.
I'm all about Scandinavian living, living your life with less is more approach and about the Nordic simplicity, which is what my podcast is about. So that you can live your life like we Nordic people do with some little more simplicity. There are few words that you would like to know and their meaning and today's episode is exactly that. What these words really mean. How to define Hygge, Fika, Hyggelig, Kalsarikannit, Mysig and Koselig.
How to Live Your Best Year Yet 12 tips on how to get started. Year 2020 I decided not to take a word as my mantra like I had last year. I just felt that there is no need to have a word. Instead of a word I wanted to go through these 12 points I see that you can live your best year yet. 2020 is going to be the best year yet to me and to you. Here are my 12 tips to get this year for the best start and make it truly one to remember for all the right reasons.
When you look at PISA results, you have to take them with a pinch of salt. They are a snapshot of where the education system in the OECD countries are. If you look at the PISA results for this year, it’s not that Australia has slipped backwards. It’s all so all the other countries, all the developing countries, they’re all going backwards a little bit.
Did you know that I have recorded this episode quite a few times before? Reason is that my poor laptop has suffered or the water damage, my son poured water on it. I managed to save the interviews that I've done two separate hard drives but some of the other episodes I had to redo them. And then while I was recording them, I also kind of had a moment of thinking that what I want to do next year. I was already thinking what I'm going to podcast next year. If you know me, if you've been following me in the social media like Instagram, the Nordic Mom, you would know that my younger one is five and staring school next year...
Now, if you follow Scandinavian news and news from Nordic you would have known that last week, Sanna Marin age 34 became the Prime Minister of Finland. Now, how did that happen? That's what I'm going to talk about here today, and also about the big picture political climate and feeling why there's so much more women in politics and doing, amazing job in Scandinavia.
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