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Join Nordic Mum Podcast host Susanna when she unravels what it means coming from the Nordic countries. Susanna loves talking about how to have your Nordic Living using Scandinavian ways of life. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate and inspire you to live your life with a hint of Nordic Living with less is more approach and each episode gives you tips on how to do this. The Nordic simplicity and Scandinavian Minimalism are core of this Podcast. Have a cup of tea, and have a Hygge moment while listening to this podcast.
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How to have that relaxed mood with kids and enjoy quality time as family. Here are my tips for hyggelig time with kids.
When you look at PISA results, you have to take them with a pinch of salt. They are a snapshot of where the education system in the OECD countries are. If you look at the PISA results for this year, it's not that Australia has slipped backwards. It's all so all the other countries, all the developing countries, they're all going backwards a little bit.
Nordic noir, also known as Scandinavian noir or Scandinavian crime series, is a genre of crime fiction often written from a police point of view and set in one of the Nordic countries (Wikipedia). The language is plain and direct. The settings often have bleak landscapes, and the mood is dark and the story is morally complex. The Nordic Noir genre depicts a tension between the apparently still and bland society in the Nordic countries, and the murder, misogyny, rape, and racism it depicts as lying underneath.
Nea Harjanne is starter of tech e-commerce platform Nomi.Shop Shopping service that creates a personal product service for each customer. Nomi.Shop is fully personalised platform. Where you answer picture based questions about your style and you are given whole platform full of clothing that matches your style based on your style. Nea was frustrated when shopping online as she was trying to find some for her style and see saw this as a opportunity when asking there was others with same problem. Read more in
Been cozy that is exactly what Hygge means. But being cozy does not necessary mean that you need a bubble bath and champagne. No. Hygge is more about state of mind and being comfortable with your surrounding and life as it is. It is about feeling content. Happy on what you have, where you are. When I asked about what makes you cozy from my Instagram followers @thenordicmum majority of you said you need certain things to feel cozy. Read more in
All Things Iceland part 2

All Things Iceland part 2


Satu and I discussed the life of a working mother in Iceland. Parental leave in Finland and Iceland are different. It appears that Iceland has one of the most advantaged policies on maternal care than any other country. Women get 3 months paid leave, partner gets 3 month paid leave that 90% of the men take. You cannot move this to your partner/, use it or loose it. Women stay home for another few months around 9 before their child start childcare so that mother can return to work. There is full employment in Iceland and women are not rejected in workplace as men get to take the parental leave as well. Icelandic people are more positive and looking up to their country on how good they are on something when I asked differences between us Finns and Icelandic people. More in
All Things Iceland part 1

All Things Iceland part 1


It does not get any further apart from Australia than living in Iceland. Magical Scandinavian country where I have always wanted to visit. I had the pleasure to talk with Satu Ramo a Finnish author, blogger and entrepreneur. We sit down to the virtual couch to talk about her journey to the country or fire and ice and what has kept her there all this time. Satu went to Iceland 2003 as exchange student from university and felt home immediately on arrival. She found the country fascinating and magical with the wild weather and volcanic nature. It did not bother her that the language was difficult and different and that the average temperature on summer is +4C... More in
For the Love of Sweden

For the Love of Sweden


Karin Rosenquist Schager is from Sweden, but she lives in Chicago with her three year old twins. She has graphic designed background and came to Los Angeles to study and has since lived in Honolulu, San Diego and now in Chicago. We discussed how early on she was drawing, doing calligraphy and she felt pulled towards designing and arts. I asked how the graphic design has changed since she started. Karin admitted that digital world has meant most of her clients are around the world and she has not never even met them. All her work is online now. More in
Eco -friendly Living

Eco -friendly Living


Cars release approximately 333 million tons of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere annually, which is 20 percent of the world's total, according to the Environmental Defense Fund. The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) estimates that on-road vehicles cause one-third of the air pollution that produces smog in the US, China. And transportation causes 76% of greenhouse gas emissions. Energy is one of the overlooked things, how many of us leaves lights, or switches on stand by. Computer of air con running when they do not need to? There are so many thing you can do to help yourself, the environment and save money on the way as well. More in
Talking with a fellow Scandinavian mother is always such a treat. I was excited about this podcast episode as I like to indulge on Scandi Design and to talk to Anna Carin McNamara about Scandinavian design was such a treat. Anna-Caring works as a principal interior designer in Anna-Carin Design and Anna-Carin started her journey into interior design way back in Stockholm. She studied engineering however she ended up working with architect Rupert Gardner who encouraged Anna-Carin to study design in London. Anna-Carin graduated from the Royal College of Art in London and followed her heart to Australia after meeting the love of her life. Anna-Karin says that it was not easy back in 1995 to start a business. Internet was on its infancy, as was email. To get her name out there she started INNE a Scandinavian furniture shop with another Swedish girl and early on her career landed with some magazine editorials and word spread about her shop in Woollahra and this is how she landed her first clients. Check our more in
Clean living is living more simply, less processed foods, consuming less products that can be harmful to nature, or human. In Scandinavia we are better on cooking from scratch, using more healthy alternatives like rye, seeds, berries and mushrooms that you can pick from the forest. We have more toxic free products in the supermarkets, something that I am missing living in Australia. However, I have combined my tips on what you can do to have happy healthy clean-living lifestyle... More in
How you keep your culture and heritage alive when you live overseas? My guest Henna Pollard from Valo Yoga Mats knows all things living overseas after falling in love with Aussie has kept her in Australia. Henna is originally from Finland but has called Australia home for many years now. We talked about differences on maternity care in Finland and Australia. How the cultural heritage is important for the kids, make sure they have both cultures. More in
I am talking not just minimalist design in furniture and home. But about life in general. How we can be minimalist the Nordic way and enjoy some Hygge in our lives. Or Mysig as they Swedes call it. If you look at Scandinavia house you will see that every furniture have its purpose and place. The house is clean, not growled, practical but no astute. Many of the pieces at houses are bought to last, they are practical and are built to last, to be appreciated and to be resilient. Marimekko, Iittala, Ikea, Svensk Tenn, Kosta Bode to name few... More in
Talking all things mindset. I had a pleasure talking to Lindsay Joseph about her journey as head of her own business the My Greater Now. Lindsay has carved a career as a coach, finished her Phd and raising up her two boys as single mother all while working to grow her business. Lindsay provides guidance and advice for entrepreneur, mindset development and gaining clarity on business mindset as part of her services. We talked about what is the entrepreneur mindset that you should be aware. How to get rid off mindset blocks when you have them. Lindsay says that women typically start business with higher level of education that men. We are expected to work at home and be domestic goddess as well. We require social network behind us to succeed. We talked about work life balance and how this masters our success as entrepreneurs. We are expected to be perfect mother and work and have these roles that we cover...
When you love what you do it is easy to make a living out of it. My guest Varpu Poyry has done exactly that. Her website Her Finland is blog posts about all things Finnish, traveling in Finland how to be Finnish, how to date a Finn you just name it and Varpu has a blog post about it. Varpu is an engineer from training but she is self-acclaimed cinnamon bun expert. Her career in blogging started when she fell in love with her husband and she wanted to have a creative way to pursue her passion of all things Finnish.
Listening Lisa telling us her journey was such a treat. She has bubbly personality and her story and how she tells is mesmerizing. Lisa's journey to whole food blogger and head honcho in Small Steps Living started when she looked into the ingredients that was on products she was consuming and this started her to question on some of the choices she was doing in her day to day living. Lisa started a whole foods blog that she was sharing recipies and tips about how you can with small steps change your life. Small Steps Living have since turned to a podcast, video, you tube channel, webinar and much more. She was able to relocate her family back to Melbourne and pump her energy on the business as mother of three. If she can do it you can do it. In this episode we talked about -What have fueled her business to grow it to the comfortable place she is today -Do you really need a business plan or just a good idea? -Marketing is everything to get your voice to be heard You can follow Lisa on
Talking to lovely Angela from Ever So Homely was such a treat. She has transformed her Instagram account (over 20K followers) to an income stream and she has recently been in national television showing on how to transform your spaces. We sit down with Ange and talked about her journey how she got started and why her brad Ever So Homely has taken the decorating and organisation world by storm. She recently re branded and has been able to re energize and move her brand with determination and speed towards her goals. She was in the national television and her first magazine feature is coming up, just showing what determination and hard work really can bring to you. We discussed -What was the start of her journey like -How she has carved living out of blogging -What other income streams you can have with blogging -What are her advise for you if you are looking to start your own deco business You can follow me on the following socials
Have you heard of Marie Kondo and her KonMari method of cleaning and clearing your house? And looking at all things you have, did you feel if those things spark joy to you? I got the chance to speak with Sharon Chisholm about all things KonMari. We'll talk about why this concept is inspiring people to act, and how the Netflix series had a massive impact on consumers? Lastly, we'll also discuss what you can do to tidy and organize your life and work following the KonMari Method. Check out Konmari Your Stuff Facebook group that we talked about in this podcast. If you are looking ways to get rid off unwanted items here are some of the items we talked about: -RSPC for linen -Facebook swap, sell and give groups locally -Local charity shops for clothing -Local library for books -Gumtree to sell larger items You can follow Sharon on You can follow me Susanna the Nordic Mum on
I am sucker when it comes to skin care products. I love them and I use them a lot and I am in the look for new ones all the time. I have been following Vegan Skincare brand Paudha Healing for a while.  And I  could not wait to get her on this podcast to tell you her story and how she got started and how you can use her tips to start your own skin care brand.  Renee quit her corporate career last year so that she can concentrate on growing her business full time with the help of her husband. We talked about Renee's journey and what changes and challenges she has faced to make her dream come true and it was such a treat to listen to her journey. She had very clear advise to anyone thinking about starting their own business, make sure you are following your passion. We talked about -What is Paudha Healing and how it got started? -Why Vegan skincare products have increased in popularity? -What tips Renee had if you are thinking about starting your own brand? You can follow Paudhahealing on You can follow me Susanna the Nordic Mum on
I had the pleasure talking to Liz Volpe about her journey on self discovery and purpose in business. Liz had carved a living running her successful marketing business however it was her trip to Cambodia that opened her eyes for children who were living in poverty and what could be done to help them.  Liz tapped in her  event and organizational skills on how to help these kids the best and Gen Z was created.  Liz started Gen Z, a social enterprise where she and team of people teach the kids in Cambodia about skills needed to start your own business. This program was launched on 2015 and have helped hundreds of children living in poverty up to date.  The workshops are now in 4th year and Liz and her team follow up on kids who have been through the education and see how they have transferred these skills to getting to university to study or have self sustained business that brings them income. We talked about how today's world we have different jobs, roles that we might not realize we need to have when we leave school. This year Liz is busy talking in schools, launching a documentary  and she believes more passionate you are about your business and cause the bigger impact you can have. Find the links for the Sunrise charity that we talked about and Links to Liz Volpe socials  Come and check out my journey in
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