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Author: Susanna, The Nordic Mum

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Susanna The Nordic Mum Podcast host, mother, blogger and lover of all things Nordic unravels what it means coming from the Nordic countries. Susanna loves talking about how to hug the Nordic way of life using Scandinavia as an example. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate you to live your life with a hint of Nordic Simplicity with less is more approach. She interviews people with Nordic connection and explores their journeys and how they keep their Nordic culture and customs going. Have a cup of tea, and have a Hygge moment while listening to this podcast.
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How the Nordic countries celebrate midsummer? Is it all about bonfires and singing and dancing around may pole? Well yes and no. There are differences between the countries and in this episode, I am concentrating on how different countries do Midsummer.  Follow the Nordic Mum on  Insta: @thenordicmum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna
This episode was inspired by a question I saw posted in socials. People were asking how you feel hygge, or have hyggelig time even when it is summer. I gathered my seven tips on how you can feel connected and togetherness with keeping that cozy feeling alive on summertime. Follow the Nordic Mum on  Insta: @thenordicmum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna
Speaking with Megan from Balancing Cultures about her journey. Originally from US but married to a Finn and living in Germany. How she sees Finland and Finnishness and what good bad and quirky things she has seen while traveling Finland. We covered what is great about Finland. What do people in US think about north Europe? It is all ABBA and Ikea for them, what are those foods that she liked in Finland. What things she thought odd like the Independence day ball. Follow the Nordic Mum on  Insta: @thenordicmum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna
Talking to the founder of Nordic Grow Peter Haurum about his innovative way of growing herbs at your home. This vertical garden uses artificial light and only needs water once a month. Everyone can be a green finger I say. Check out my chat with Peter and what are his thoughts about Scandinavian sustainability, where food will grow in the future. Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
In this interview, Nordic Notes blogger Nicola Capper explains how she got hooked on Nordic Design.  What you can do the make your home feel more Nordic. Where her enthusiasm and passion got started. Where her career as a blogger is taking her next. Follow Nordic Mum on Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
How to Live Slow

How to Live Slow


This is a bonus episode with Rachelle Glendon. We recorded this episode to her podcast How to Live Slow and I loved it so much that I wanted to share it here as well. Why this conversation was so good because we had no scripted questions, just two friends having a natter.
I wanted to learn more about Viking heritage and understand if they were present in medieval Finland. This research let me conclude that they were present in Finland put perhaps not the way I thought they were. But I love to think that some of the tales of shieldmaiden were correct and I did learn about concubine been a thing with the Vikings. Follow The Nordic Mum on  Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
Speaking with Jesse Karjalainen about how life has been since returning to Sweden after last year with COVID. He has observed about the society and had some interesting and surprising facts about Swedish culture and customs that you might have not known. Follow The Nordic Mum on  Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
Talking with author, writer, speaker Helen Russell about sadness. Helen has a new book and a podcast coming out called How to be Sad. We talked about why negative feelings are not been expressed, how crying and negative feelings are a cornerstone of feeling happy. Why should we embrace those negative feelings rather than trying to bury them?  Book How to be Sad Podcast How to Be Sad Follow The Nordic Mum on  Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
Paola has a multicultural family in Finland. She has a daughter and has adopted a son with her Italian husband and lives in Finland. In this episode, we talk about her struggles as an expat living in Finland, what benefits there are in Nordic parenting. What she would change and where she sees herself in years from here. Follow The Nordic Mum on  Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
Speaking with author Helena Halme about her life from Finland to UK. How the love letters between her husband and her became a fictional novel. Her love of Aland and how she has turned real-life events into books and a writing career.  What she gives as her top tips how to keep writing or start writing that book we have inside of ourselves. Helena was very generous with her tips and I cannot wait for you to listen and implement these into your writing journey. Helena Halme website Follow The Nordic Mum on  Facebook: @NordicMumSusanna Instagram: @thenordicmum Pinterest: @TheNordicMum Twitter: @NordicMumPodcas
How you can have that balanced content life that we all are dreaming about? Listen the eight tips that I have gathered to you and how you can put them in action come new year and start new year with a bang.
This Norwegian word is the new Hygge and I wanted to explore and see how it can help us during winter.
I asked Finns what they miss the most and this list included a sauna and lots of food. Listen to what we miss and perhaps one or two things that you miss is on the list as well.
Year 2020 I decided not to take a word as my mantra like I had last year. I just felt that there is no need to have a word. Instead of a word I wanted to go through these 12 points I see that you can live your best year yet. 2020 is going to be the best year yet to me and to you.
How Finland differs from Australia on education and why. My thoughts when you compare apples to apples. This is an old episode that I am releasing.
Talking to Jesse Karjalainen, author about his roots in Australia and Finland. How he sees his identity amongst the many countries he has lived in.
How people in Scandinavia define happiness. What it is to live in Finland, happiest place on earth. How has COVID changed what we think about happiness? 
Talking about changes in society due the Covid19 crises and what learnings we all should take from this.
All my listener's questions answered. What you have wanted to know about me Susanna The Nordic Mum.
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