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Author: Susanna, Finnish Expat Mother of two, lover of all things Nordic.

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Nordic Mum Podcast host Susanna, interviews Scandinavian women where she talks about Scandinavian ideas, life journeys and what it means coming from the Nordic countries. Susanna explores her Finnish expat life in Australia, her guests open up about their life goals, inspirations and what drives them.

Susanna loves talking about how to be happy and balanced using Scandinavian ways of life. She explores why Scandinavian countries and people seem to be the most content in the world and why they top the charts when measured on trust, gender, work-life balance and happiness. Her aim is to motivate and inspire you to live your life with a hint of Nordic Simplicity with less is more approach and each episode gives you tips on how to do this.
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Jenni Vartiainen is a researcher in Helsinki University. She is also founder of KIDE Science that is exporter of Finnish early childhood science education. This company is based on the research made Jenni and her team on young children using science and how they learn through play. KIDE is now taking over the world through early childhood science education using these Finnish methods. More in
Less than 100 days to Christmas. Are you ready? Are you getting panicky? Thinking about all those things you need to get ready, presents to kids, family, food the lot? No panic. I have put 7 Surprising Ways to Celebrating Nordic Christmas together just for you. So that you can enjoy the festive season with grace and color and embrace end celebrate Nordic Christmas knowing where these traditions came from.More in
Talking about moving from one site of the world to the other. Not understanding the language, not knowing anyone. Daiki moved to Finland from Kyoto, Japan 3 year ago. He wanted to finish his masters degree in business and was looking universities in Europe where he could study. He chose Finland because of the quality of free teaching. Daiki end up staying in Finland and he loves the simplistic life in Finland and is looking forward starting his own business one day in Finland.More in ‎
When I returned from holidays, I felt so relaxed. It was because I know I really needed that break. But how to keep yourself on that relaxed holiday mood when you get back to your normal day routine? How to care for yourself and make sure you are making the best decision in life? That you are as relaxed and centered and that you are able to life your best life.I thought about this and started a journal. Another good tip when you want to check on yourself just write your thoughts down brain dump on paper makes your mind much cleared. When I was doing this I realized there was few things that I really needed to focus on keeping myself true to my Nordic Lifestyle and simplified living. Here are my 5 tips how to live your best life.
Author as award winning blog Honest Mum, I look Vicki as one of those who have done it in the blogging world. Like she really knows her craft. If you read her book Mumboss it explains her journey through motherhood to reinventing herself as blogger, vblogger and mumboss with a message.At 2011 after Vicki had been through traumatic birth, this changed her ambitions of being director and realities of raising a child and she started her award winning blog Honestmum. After being behind the camera she found directing herself on camera and vblog. This successful blog has created another career to Vicki and we talked about her starting her her blogging, parenting and building successful blogging business around her life.More in
The happiness is not just about that your bus comes on time. It is about feeling secure in your life, trust to the government and the system about how the country is run. The happiness report does state that people who are more content with their life are more likely to spend money on other people. They are more likely to give to other people. Talking all things happiness
Nea Harjanne is starter of tech e-commerce platform Nomi.Shop Shopping service that creates a personal product service for each customer. Nomi.Shop is fully personalised platform. Where you answer picture based questions about your style and you are given whole platform full of clothing that matches your style based on your style.Nea was frustrated when shopping online as she was trying to find some for her style and see saw this as a opportunity when asking there was others with same problem. Read more in
Been cozy that is exactly what Hygge means. But being cozy does not necessary mean that you need a bubble bath and champagne. No. Hygge is more about state of mind and being comfortable with your surrounding and life as it is. It is about feeling content. Happy on what you have, where you are.When I asked about what makes you cozy from my Instagram followers @thenordicmum majority of you said you need certain things to feel cozy. Read more in
When you are planning long haul travel I can ensure you these 5 tips when traveling with kids will help you to keep your kids entertained and content. I did not believe some of these tips would be beneficial for us but they were.Sit back and listen this bonus episode that I recall my latest travel with my kids. More in
All Things Iceland part 2

All Things Iceland part 2


Satu and I discussed the life of a working mother in Iceland. Parental leave in Finland and Iceland are different. It appears that Iceland has one of the most advantaged policies on maternal care than any other country. Women get 3 months paid leave, partner gets 3 month paid leave that 90% of the men take.You cannot move this to your partner/, use it or loose it. Women stay home for another few months around 9 before their child start childcare so that mother can return to work. There is full employment in Iceland and women are not rejected in workplace as men get to take the parental leave as well.Icelandic people are more positive and looking up to their country on how good they are on something when I asked differences between us Finns and Icelandic people. More in
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