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Author: Jen Giffen & Kim Pollishuke - members of the Education Podcast Network

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Shukes and Giff The Podcast is a weekly podcast by Canadian educators Kim Pollishuke (@KimPollishuke) and Jen Giffen (@VirtualGiff). The podcast aims to share EdTech treasures with the audience in hopes of creating an AHA moment and encouraging listeners to take those AHAs and give it a go.
59 Episodes
In this episode we talk about an emoji builder, a different resource from Eric Curts, some wellness tools, a way to integrate coding and storytelling, a digital notetaking tool and a cool Chrome extension.
In this episode we talk about Commenting in Slides, Tab Resize & Tab Glue, Converting from Classic Sites to New Sites, Backing up iOS Photos to Google photos and searching multiple people in Google Photos. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode Kim is back (!!) and Jen & Kim talk about some fun end of year activities including Games, Google Doodles, Online instruments, Sound Effects, Laundry Art, and apps to help you get in touch with nature. As a bonus, we share some great summer learning opportunities.
In this episode Jen is joined by Stephanie Howell (@mrshowell24) and we talk, EDUProtocols, a tool for summarizing, video captions, storytelling and deciphering between assessment levels. #ShukesAndGiff
S4 Ep3: Conti & Giff

S4 Ep3: Conti & Giff


In this episode Jen is joined by Jen Conti (@Conti_Jen) and we talk a bunch of slide deck trick, creating interactive worksheets, keyboard shortcuts, a game app for engagement and strategy building, and keeping track of student questions. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode Jen is joined by Kim Strobel (@StrobelED) and we talk about the science of happiness, the top 5 happiness habits and tech tools to help you keep them in the front of your mind. http://ShukesAndGiff #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode Jen joined by Charity Helman (@CharityHelman) and we talk about online Whiteboard tools, making interactive PDFs,  an interactive tool for real time feedback & assessment, leaving comments in Doc, and finding old web content to access those broken links. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode Jen's all alone and she talks about creating Jamboard backgrounds, a website for great videos for kids, creating QR codes, support for using Google Classroom, and posting to Instagram from your computer. #ShukesAndGiff
S04E05 - Carp & Giff

S04E05 - Carp & Giff


In this episode Jen joined by Bryon Carpenter (@BryonCar) and we talk about tools for background removal, the power of QR codes & URL shorteners, a math game, a tool for making quick hands-  on tech tutorials, and a Chrome extension for motivation and productivity. htto:// #ShulesAndGiff
In this episode Jen joined once again by Andy Losik (@MrLosik) and we talk chrome tabs, site for creative commons pictures, a tools for LARGE online gatherings, and Hyperdocs.
S4 Ep3: Briggs & Giff

S4 Ep3: Briggs & Giff


In this episode Jen is joined by Brian Briggs (@BriBriggs) and we share a tool to help those with learning exceptionalities and another to simulate those exceptionalities.  A VR tool, a place to make some pretty cool differentiated learning paths, a way to video edit FREE on a Chromebook, and a bunch of games and activities for the winter and holidays. #ShukesAndGiff Show notes at:
S04 EP02: Losik & Giff

S04 EP02: Losik & Giff


In this episode Jen is joined by Andy Losik (@MrLosik) and we share some tools for annotation, screencasting, and transcribing online meetings as well as a fun activity to share compliments. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode Jen shares some cool things she learned during day 1 of #ISTE20 Live....and some other stuff she found as she tumbled down the Twitter rabbithole. Visit: for show notes #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode we talk about: A new tool from the people at, a couple of itty bitties including one to help combat germs, a whole bunch of digital citizenship resources - particularly for parents, New tools thanks to Flipgrid's Appsmash 2020, and an app for book clubs. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode, we talk about online math manipulatives, typing games, tips for design, lessons for effective google searches, and an add-on to create GIFS from a slide deck. www.ShukesAndGiff #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode, we talk about a few new updates to Sites and Docs, more design tips, a whole bunch of audio, image and video content creation ideas that you can do for free!
In this episode we talk about a site to prompt inquiry, a new feature in Google Slides, a trick with manipulatives in Drawings, a few tips on productivity in different tools, fun sound effects, time management, and updates to a couple tools we love, there might be more stuff in there.. we haven't talked in a while. It's a long one... #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode we talk about Kim's big milestone, a bunch of Google Itty Bitties, Google's Earth creation tool and some great voyageur stories, creating with Chrome, wildlife cams, and presentation coaching.
In this episode we talk about a few updates to Google Sites, audio in Google Slides - finally, a quick trick to mute sound in videos,  a few different accessibility tools, and a new feature in Chromebooks. #ShukesAndGiff
In this episode we talk about some cool Keep extensions, a tool that shows you changes made in a Doc over time, nesting labels in Gmail, New .new shortcuts, and aligning Chrome profile pictures.  It's a short one! #ShukesAndGiff
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Jeni Wren Stottrup

great to meet ya!

Jul 25th

Lauren Bloom

so many nuggets!! congrats on number 10!

May 30th
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