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"A By Gone Era"

"A By Gone Era"


A short hop on the mic today. With the station doing their big push of events and pre-production before Summer Vacation starts in a couple weeks, this will likely be the last audio clip until after that stretch. Thanks for listening!Support the show
For the first time in almost a century, voters in Asheville will be casting ballots for the Asheville City School Board. Matt offers his somewhat cautious predictions of what an elected School Board will look like, rather than appointed.Support the show
SPOTLIGHT: Alina Nunez

SPOTLIGHT: Alina Nunez


Alina Nunez has completed her Doctorates degree in Naturopathy from Trinity School of Natural Health in Indiana. Trinity is one of the oldest and most respected universities in the natural health field.  Alina uses Iridology, Applied Kinesiology and Medical Intuition in order to detect health issues. Then she suggests a combination of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, herbal and Bach remedies, and homeopathy for their healing qualities.Visit for more information or to schedule your first consult.Support the show
Matt addresses some misunderstood, and at times deliberately misconstrued, aspects of NC's Primary Election access rules. Support the show
SPOTLIGHT (On Location): WWBC Pop-Market Vendors - Part 5Support the show
SPOTLIGHT (On Location): WWBC Pop-Market Vendors - Part 4Support the show
SPOTLIGHT (On Location): WWBC Pop-Market Vendors - Part 3Support the show
SPOTLIGHT (On Location): WWBC Pop-Market Vendors - Part 2Support the show
SPOTLIGHT (On Location): WWBC Pop-Market Vendors - Part 1Support the show
From Precilla:"Lady owned Asheville native 25 plus yr healthcare field background wellnesspractitioner bringing non surgical approach to Body contouring fitness andweighloss to Asheville. In addition to the many services I provide such as In officeprofessional teeth whitening that can be done on lunch breaks early moring beforework or after. I provide energy boost injections such as B-12 shots . I do customhandheld norvell spray tans that dont have that orange look these are classic offthe beach brown . I provide cavitation, radiofrequency and laser lipo sessions forfirming weightloss and inches plus toning . Sauna blanket with slimming creme isanother service for detox and many added benefits such as weightloss, inches . Ioffer wood Therpay Massage which is a deeper massage that involves woodentools to aid in the process for lymphatic drainage it takes the massage beyondwhere normal massage ends it’s amazing. I do a hot stone massage . Led lighttherapy treatments for ppl who suffer from headaches, memory loss , dementia. Ido mesotherapy needless injections for weightloss that helps with toning andfirming along with the led belts and treatment sessions . I provide breast and buttenhancements non surgical lifts by vaccum treatment sessions . Yoni steam orvaginal steam sessions for cleanse treatments for women for both cleasing andspritiuial mental and physical. I do a vaginal rejuvenation treatments that aids inmany benefits for ladies from tightening to helps from leaking issues so it has somany benefits. I offer so many services and plan on bringing on many morecoming in Summer of 2022 . Im open six days a week i provide early and lateappts and many payment options and package plans i want it to be an affordableeasy way for ppl to achieve a healthy happy lifestyle."For more information or to connect, visit the show



Marty Reed, Owner of Capital BankCard of Asheville, brings an activists' heart to her work in Merchant Services. Whether it's mobile, virtual, POS or wired systems - she wants to make sure you're getting what you need and that you're not wasting time, energy or money. At the same time she sets her clients up for success with future goal foundations. In this discussion, Marty talks about the emerging "Cash Discounts" strategies for small businesses to re-capture merchant service fees.Get in touch with Marty at the show
A quick scanning of the local headlines leaves Matt frustrated and venting... that is, until he starts talking about his encounter with baby foxes at his home, first thing in the morning. Fuel what makes you happy. That pretty much sums up Matt's Opening Lunch Time Monologue today.Support the show



Eliza Burr is a 30 year veteran of corporate America who jumped ship 5 years ago to play with animals. She launched her first business in 2017, a pet sitting and dog walking company that quickly grew to 6 figure revenue. Three years later she wanted to give back to other pet business entrepreneurs so she started The Pet Business Coach, consulting and coaching for those who want to start their own pet-related business or expand their existing business. She's helped all kinds of pet business owners across the country using her expertise in launching businesses in the pet industry, developing effective processes, and building a client base. She knows how to solve your pet business issues because she's faced and solved them in her own thriving pet business. If you love animals and you're ready to do something more meaningful in your life, Eliza is the one to call! Whether you have a specific problem to solve in your business or you're looking to talk strategy, sign up today for a 20-minute free call with Eliza at the show (
I've made a few attempts to leave Facebook behind before but always went back. Why do I think this time will be different? I address that in this segment of my show. I will also go over HOW I planned for it, for my businesses. I took a much more annalytical and pragmatic approach this time, whereas I always did it from an emotional position of frustration before.Support the show (
Matt offers his thoughts and insights on the recent story of a Mama Bear with 3 cubs that got a lid stuck around it's neck - and the coverage / conversations that have followed. (FYI: Matt was right on the front line of this story as it unfolded - litterally - and has personal perspectives on the actual events as they unfolled.) Support the show (
Matt is joined by Michele Scheve for an abbreviated Lunch Break Broadcast. Support the show (
Matt goes over some key happenings around town the next few days, as well as taking a quick look at the top local stories in the news and reacting to them - from his nearly 30 years of local media experience. Support the show (
Exploring Changes started with the journey of the Baurer family. A family of 4, plus a few animals, Bri, Hailey, Alisha and Jonathan create content to share their excitement for exploring the obstacles and opportunities in life through their experiences in school with neurodiversity, professional careers, world travel, and (most importantly) authentic connections!With radical acceptance, courage, and a deep desire to know themselves, they left their stable careers, school, and community to reconnect as a family and travel full-time in an RV, during the height of the COVID pandemic… yes, really.Now, as an author, life coach, and publisher, Jonathan helps individuals and families find clarity to the meaning of success, and achieve their dreams.Visit for more information.Support the show (
Here is the opening segment from Matt's Lunch Break Broadcast on Wed 4-20-22.Support the show (
Andrew and Jolie Casoria are the husband and wife behind The Andrew and Jolie Team with Nest Realty. Andrew and Jolie's combined backgrounds include expertise in construction, marketing, sales and negotiations. Together they work with folks looking to buy, sell and invest throughout Western NC. Andrew is a true WNC native. He was born at Mission Heath hospital and raised right here in Hendersonville. Jolie is what the locals here call a half back —born in Michigan, raised in Florida, and found her forever home half-way back here in WNC more than a decade ago. Andrew and Jolie love raising their three daughters in Henderson County. They love exploring with their girls and taking in all the beauty that our beautiful region has to offer. Let Andrew and Jolie help you with your next real estate endeavor. Visit for more information or to connect.Support the show (
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