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Author: Harry Wahl

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Harry and Brennan have watched the tape so you don't have to. In fact they've come straight from the lab to the studio to give you the takes they've spent hours crafting. Covering College Basketball, Football, the NBA, the NFL and Pop Culture, Brennan and Harry (for better or for worse) always have something to say.
142 Episodes
Pete joins Harry to recap an exciting College Football bowl season including breaking down the New Year's 6 Bowl Games between Cincinnati and Georgia, Alabama and Notre Dame, and Clemson and Ohio State. Then in his final pick of the 2020 College Football Season, Pete tells us who is going to be victorious in the national championship game.
Harry and Brennan breakdown the Browns great season so far, the Cleveland Indians changing their nickname, the college basketball season so far, and Rick Pitino's 2017 audio book detailing the Louisville basketball scandal. Then Pete joins the program to give a pick for every - single - championship game this weekend (32:34).
Pete joins Harry to discuss the state of the College Football Playoff Rankings, why the Pac-12 is so chaotic this year, what happened to Wisconsin, and his weekly college football picks.
Harry gives a quick update on the state of NFL’s bout with the coronavirus (0:00) before Pete joins the show to break down the College Football Playoff Rankings (8:00), Ohio State’s championship game situation (16:46), and Pete’s weekly college football picks (21:38).
Brennan is back! Harry catches Brennan up on his car accident fallout (0:00) before the guys break down the 2020 NBA draft including the top selections, surprising picks, and the broadcast production overall (7:30). 
Today on Pod is Life Pete takes a victory lap after Notre Dame's victory over Clemson (0:00), before breaking down this weekend's slate of college football games (17:47).  Then Harry and Pete discuss tv viewing habits with football and the Masters on (40:44) before a quick MACtion update.
Harry breaks down some new NBA schedule news and enough salary cap math to be slightly confusing before (7:40) Pete rejoins the show to discuss the return of the MAC, Wisconsin's Coronavirus situation, and this weekend's slate of games.
Harry breaks down the end of the Dodgers vs Rays world series and the questions that remain about the MLB's COVID protocols (20:55) before Pete joins the show to break down the return of the Big Ten, the breaking news about Trevor Lawrence, and this weekend's slate of games.
Harry and Brennan breakdown the Lakers NBA Championship, recap the bubble experience, and talk about what is next for the NBA.  Brennan picks every game of this weekend's NFL slate for some reason, the guys discuss the best sports cities of 2020, and we hear just enough postseason baseball talk to make Brennan physically ill.
Harry and Brennan are back to break down the ever present sadness in the AL Central Division (0:00), Harry's Top 7 Debates of All Time (8:12), the NFL's fight with the coronavirus (13:08), and the NBA Finals (28:10). Then Pete joins the show to bring some much needed credibility and breakdown this weekend's slate of college football action (36:47). 
Harry and Brennan have a free flowing conversation about Brennan moving, the Stanley Cup Finals, the White Sox and Indians series, the MLB playoffs, LeBron and MVP voting and more! Then Pete joins us for this week’s edition of Pete’s College Football Picks (46:54).
This weekend Brennan fell off a scooter (0:00) and Harry got hit by a car (8:05), thankfully everyone is okay but the boys share their odd stories from Saturday. Then we break down the latest NBA playoff news (26:24) before Harry delivers his Top 10 Blocks of all time (34:26). Lastly Harry and Brennan discuss the first week of NFL action (38:00) before Pete rejoins the show for another edition of Pete's Picks (47:00).
Harry and Brennan revel in their first ever pair of NBA predictions gone right before they break down the Miami Marlins historic MLB loss and throw out some bold NFL predictions before watching a single snap. Then (27:45) our College Football analyst Pete rejoins the show to give us his picks for this weekend of action in our first edition of Pete's Picks this year.Plus: Hear what Brennan is having for dinner, some stories about books, and an awkward blessing given to a former NBA coach.
Harry and Brennan are back to break down the first round of the NBA playoffs including: a dramatic week full of games, what's next for the Jazz and Thunder, what the Bucks need to do to get back into their series, and an interesting Celtics and Raptors series.Plus hear Brennan's Chipotle order and this thoughts on wearing white after labor day. 
Brennan returns from the golf course to chat about sports with no fans before Harry and Brennan break down first round of NBA Playoff action  (18:44). Then Harry asks why we are glorifying Damian Lillard so much (43:54) before Brennan and Harry take on baseball’s unwritten rules (52:30) and recap the NBA Draft Lottery (56:34). 
Get a quick update on the NBA and NHL bubble situations before Pete from Pete's Picks joins the show to talk all things College Football (7:35)! From the NCAA leadership vacuum (15:35), to dissecting the Power 5 Conference decisions (27:40) and looking ahead to the College Football Playoff (39:10), get a full college football primer today on the show.
Today on the Podcast Harry breaks down the latest headlines from the NBA and MLB season restarts before Jon Ashbrock of joins the show to discuss starting a sports analytics website, fixing shooting statistics in the NBA, effects of a shortened MLB season, will we see someone bat .400 and more!Read Jon's work online at:
Ocean's Thirteen | ReWATCH

Ocean's Thirteen | ReWATCH


Harry and Joe cap off the Ocean's Trilogy with Ocean's Thirteen. After breaking down the setup of the film (8:24) the guys discuss the crew's plan to steal from Banks's new casino (25:48) and run through the themes present throughout the movie (44:30). Then Harry and Joe break down the third act of Ocean's Thirteen (54:00) before discussing the best Reddit theory of the movie (1:19:00). Lastly, it's time to hand out the hardware for best scene, best quote, Movie MVP, Trilogy MVP and crown the best movie of the three (1:25:10).You can learn more about Pod is Life online here.
Ocean's Twelve | ReWATCH

Ocean's Twelve | ReWATCH


Harry and friend of the show Joe are back to break down the second installment of the Ocean's Trilogy, Ocean's Twelve (0:00). After talking about the setup of the movie (8:25), the guys discuss the gang getting back together (16:07), the introduction of The Night Fox (30:05), the Tess/Julia Roberts conundrum (46:30), and the big reveal of the film (56:04). Then Harry and Joe examine the best Reddit Theory of the film (1:10:57) before hitting Ocean's Twelve trivia (1:13:24) and handing out awards for Best Scene, Best Quote, and Movie MVP (1:15:52).Learn more about Pod is Life online here. 
Ocean’s Eleven | ReWATCH

Ocean’s Eleven | ReWATCH


In the latest entry into the Pod is Life ReWATCH series, Harry is joined by friend of the show Joe to breakdown Oceans eleven (4:40). First Harry and Joe discuss the common trope of assembling the team (17:20) before breaking down if the casino heist actually would work (24:44). Then the pair investigate our Reddit theory of the day (37:30), who we would be in the heist crew (47:38), Oceans Eleven movie trivia (55:33), and the best movie scene (1:07:17). And finally Harry and Joe hand out some awards for best quote and movie MVP (1:15:43).Learn more about Pod is Life online here.
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