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The GRIND Scheme of Things

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The GRIND Scheme of Things Podcast provides the practical strategies for dominating the crucial game of self mastery & offers do-it-now exercises required to get you UNSTUCK, 10X Happier and Productive as you bring your ideas, business, professional, and personal goals to life. Support this podcast:
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This podcast is an the first of its kind. It was done simultaneously while recording an Instagram LIVE and a FB Live.   Ever find yourself in a similar position of starting to feel like no matter what you do or try to change, you're not able to hit your goals?  This podcast reveals one of the biggest secrets you'll need to learn if you're ever going to be able to count on yourself to reach your goals this year. After listening to the podcast which was recorded during a simultaneous FB Live and Instagram Live event go to to start the breakthrough process of goal setting. --- Support this podcast:
So, if you have teeth, I bet you have dreams. When you have plaque build up, cavities or pain in your teeth, what do you do? Yes. Go see a dentist. But what do you do when you have plaque build up or cavity equivalents on your dreams? How do you make progress? Who do you go and see?  I answer these questions and more in this podcast episode.  Listen in and start on a new journey toward making your business and life goals a reality. Take the weekly review-quiz here: Let’s connect on Instagram too: Join the 24 Hour Blueprint Tribe: And Like the Page on Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode you'll begin to discover how to dodge the impact of stress and achieve enlightenment as the path to sucess. To start your journey toward enlightened productivity visit to participate in the next training at: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode I share my newfound productivity practice of story boarding. I walk you through how I do it and share practical on how you can do it too. Http:// --- Support this podcast:
(6) in the City & Chill

(6) in the City & Chill


Http:// and...Contact me on IG: @buihemadu --- Support this podcast:
Ever wish you could review your life and be crystal clear on what's coming all the time ? You'd podcasts addresses that so you have can access a 5-star lifestyle. --- Support this podcast:
Ever tried to make a major change but wasn't able to make it due to a lack of inconsistent action? This podcast will help you realize what you can do to change all of that FAST. Visit: for your power tool to develop consistency. --- Support this podcast:
We all know that great habits are the secret to greater performance and productivitt. Well, then how do we create great habits??? It begins with self reflection that you can actually track and do something about. Start your journey here: or join the http://www.Tribe.24hourblueprint.con --- Support this podcast:
Every artist before they make it big spends 1000's of hours mastering their craft.  But few beginners are willing to secure the discipline to see their ideas through.  Elom Bowman, the Founder of Ecentrik Artistry and custom footwear artist escaped the trap and excuses of not knowing enough about his artistic path and went on to mastering it and ended up making sneakers for one of his childhood heroes from the World Wrestling Federation. Today's podcast is a game changer for you if you're an artist or aspiring entrepreneur who's looking to find your "x" factor to success and some resources to keep going forward. Connect with Elom on: Instagram: Red Bubble: Order Your Customize Shoe via: (Mentioned the Podcast) Facebook: Start your business with an Inbound Marketing Assessment Start here: Learn more about Buihe Madu via --- Support this podcast:
In this podcast I debunk the idea that you need fitness goals to make progress in the gym – sorta.  Yes. You need goals to move forward.  But not necessarily the same way that you’ve been trained and conditioned to believe in them.  So, if you don’t have fitness goals?  What do you do? How do you make progress in the gym or with your routine?  I answer these questions and more in the podcast.  Listen in and start on a new journey toward making your fitness goals a reality. Take the weekly review-quiz here: Let’s connect on Instagram too: Join the 24 Hour Blueprint Tribe: And Like the Page on Facebook: --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, I explore the hypocrisy of negative expectations disguised as positive thinking. Listen and find out where you stand. And wait till the end, you'll hear the signature *Ding* of the (6) Train Out of Harlem. Join me on the ride. For more about the Grind Scheme and its creator, visit --- Support this podcast:
Ever heard of S.M.A.R.T goals? If you have - you've likely noticed it's not a 100% reliable but there are some adjustments that can be made to ensure that you reach your goals with greater consistency. Listen and discover 3 Reasons Why SMART Goals Don't Work.  Visit for your quiz assessment to assist you in executing on your personal smart goals and for comments and feedback - reach out --- Support this podcast:
In this episode, the gloves come off and the truth is revealed regarding 6 Mid-Year Changes You Need to Make to Reach the Goals you set out to accomplish this year. One of the 6 Changes could be THE CHANGE you've struggled to figure out and make. *SUBSCRIBE* to Channel via Follow on and watch the latest webinar --- Support this podcast:
Not taking the time to explore the origin of words can hurt your chances of reaching the freedom you seek in any area of your life. In this podcast episode I share about "freedom" and "control" - their linguistic origins and the implications on achieving happiness if understood. To Follow along use the resources below: Discover the origin of terms 》 For freedom to act in line with your dreams, visit --- Support this podcast:
Do you use To-Do lists regularly? Well, did you know it might be costing you your ability to truly be productive? Yep. That's why I created today's podcast. Listen and discover the alternative to using your To-Do list the way you have been using it. Enjoy. --- Support this podcast:
Ever struggle to find balance to pursue EVERYTHING that inspires you but settle for mundane? LISTEN and learn about the new webinar that can help you. --- Support this podcast:
You won't believe it when you hear this story... --- Support this podcast:
Ever been to New York and seen things worth sharing about and had no one to tell? Yeah. Well, this series of podcasts are my stories of New York that you have to be there to believe. But since weren't there you have to take my word for it. Enjoy, laugh and prepare to be entertained. Love what you're hearing? Follow the podcast and find me on Instragram @BuiheMadu --- Support this podcast:
Need a blueprint? Visit --- Support this podcast:
Listen now. Ref., Follow on --- Support this podcast:
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