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Author: Matt Bauer

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This is GamesQuest, my mission to talk about video games.
This is the podcast with short thought bites about gaming trends and the video game industry as a whole.

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I am Matt Bauer, long time gamer, developer, CTO, and entrepreneur. You can find out more at or connect on Twitter: @matt2314.
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Google Stadia has been announced at GDC, bringing us closer to the inevitable game streaming future. But on the way Google will not have it easy. In this episode of GamesQuest I am speculating about possible business models, including one in which the players are not the target audience at all.In case you already know all the Stadia announcements you could skip my summary and get straight to my commentary starting at 07:06.More show notes and transcript excerpt at Google Stadia (Polygon)How id Software went from skeptical to excited about Google Stadia streaming (Ars Technica)
In this year’s first episode of GamesQuest I take a look back at the most interesting developments in gaming of 2018. For me that was mostly loot boxes, new game stores and game streaming plus a few others.More show notes at 2018 In Review ( Loot Boxes are a Moral Choice ( more content on my website: matt2314.comConnect on Twitter: @matt2314 
I'm afraid of playing with strangers online and the chance of people shouting at me. So what can game developers do in-game to deal with toxic behavior and create a friendly space for players?More show notes at: can reach me on Twitter: more content on my website:
Early Access Pros and Cons

Early Access Pros and Cons


Steam's Early Access program got a lot of bad press but also some stand out success stories. So five years after its inception what are the advantages and disadvantages of releasing a game before it's finished?More show notes at:
More thoughts about game subscriptions. What do they mean for gamers? Do you save money or spend more in the long run? For the providers that is the point, isn't it? And does the subscription model favor a specific style of games?Link from the episode:Do we even need a Netflix for games? can reach me on Twitter: more content on my website:



Philip is taking over for the first time and he is talking about Virginia and why you should play it.There is also a great video version available: more of Philips' work at http://phazorsfiles.com can reach me at
Game Subscriptions

Game Subscriptions


Is Microsoft's offering of 1st party titles with Game Pass a game changer? Will we see other platforms starting their own subscriptions? And could Valve's newest acquisition be connected?My first but probably not last episode about game subscriptions and what impact it might have on the industry.Join the discussion! You can find me on or check out my blog at .
GamesQuest has a new co-host: Philip Drobar, who will join me on my quest to talk about video games. In the future he will produce his own episodes on this channel but today we talk about our backlogs and the top spots on our list of shame.You can find Philip's writing at or follow him on or .You can find me on or check out my blog at .
Personal Gaming History

Personal Gaming History


Join me on a walk down memory lane as I talk about my personal gaming history: from Game & Watch to current gen consoles.---Thanks to the Internet Archive you can play a lot of early PC games right in your browser. Here is a list of some of my favorites:- Monkey Island 1: Monkey Island 2: Prince of Persia: Prince of Persia 2: Wolfenstein 3D: Sim City: Dune 2: Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade: so many more...
Side Quests

Side Quests


It's the first episode of GamesQuest and so it feels appropriate to talk about quests a bit, side quests in particular. How I enjoy them and how I get sick of them after a while and maybe we should just not label them as such anymore.
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