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Author: Meredith Eisenberg

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Quick marketing bites for savvy entrepreneurs
37 Episodes
Is there a flow to your marketing.  Is it easy for people to go from content to open in to purchase and participation - or are there "bumps" along the way that make them rethink their buying decision.   Today's podcast is all about making the purchase road as smooth as possible. If you want to check out the interactive coached version of this podcast - you can do that at
One of my clients' biggest fears is "giving away the farm" or giving people so much information that they have no need to hire you.  In this episode, I show you how to be of value and make your client eager to spend money and get the job done rightCheck out the coached version of this podcast at
Are you friends with your community or do you keep your online business communications strictly professional.  In this episode, we unpack the advantages of getting friendly with your community. We also talk about how much is "too much information"For a more coached experience - check out our challenge -
What is the difference between a rock star email marketer and everyone else?  It is not a huge staff or abundant resources (those help) - it is the ability to test and tweak to improve their marketing for their audience.  In this episode, we tackle test and tweaking to help you serve your audience better and make more sales.
Want your customers to get off the fence quickly?  Create some urgency in your emails!  In this episode, we explore how to create more urgency (even when there isn't any) to encourage customers to purchase from you more quickly.Want feedback on your offers/urgency?  Check out the interactive version of this podcast -
In this episode, I'm sharing the magical secret to email sales success... follow up.  We'll explore why you should follow up and talk about a few easy ways to add follow up to your existing sales funnels.Learn about our coached version of this challenge at
You want to make the sale.  So you write an email.  Nobody buys?  What's next?  Here are some tips to help you write sales emails that convert (including the one key factor that makes ALL the difference in your conversion rate!)
Are you writing an email to close the sale - or do you want to share some content along the way?  Ideally you want your emails to do both.  Today's episode talks about how to create your "ideal mix" of solo and content emails.
What is the number one thing you can do to improve your email copywriting?  Having a clear goal and strategy for your email before you start writing.  Want to learn how to figure that out quickly?  Listen to today's episode for some quick tips to get you writing quickly :)
The past three episodes, we've been talking about strategies to put your email writing on auto-pilot.  One of the most powerful and easy to implement strategies is the use of templates.  In this episode, I'll show you how to to create a killer, time saving template. Want feedback on your work?  Check out our affordable coaching program -
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Suzanne E

Useful marketing tips! Can't wait for season 2!

Aug 8th
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