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This is Bryn Cooper, where we talk about the ins & outs of creating smiles! Support this podcast:
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Have you ever wondered what other types of issues happen in your body because of issues in your mouth? You can find out how your teeth and gums affect the rest of your body's health!--- Support this podcast:
Did you ever wonder if charcoal toothpaste actually benefits your teeth or if it was just a fad? Listen in on what Dr. Cooper has to say about it.--- Support this podcast:
Dr. Cooper answers a question that she gets asked all the time - in different ways.   She will tell you how to have the most efficient treatment (meaning less appointments with awesome results) AND the additional treatments that can speed the process along.  As a side note - there is a Facebook Live with Dr. Cooper and Dr. Brownfield that relates to this podcast.--- Support this podcast:
Questions from the clinic, right here at Cooper Orthodontics: Ever wondered why the internet tells you your teeth can be straight in 6 months or less, but every orthodontist you visit tells you longer?  Dr. Cooper gives you the answer on this podcast.Also, what happens if you don't wear your trays 22+ hours per day?  Will anything bad happen?--- Support this podcast:
Teeth Truths: 526 Teeth!

Teeth Truths: 526 Teeth!


Ever wondered how many extra teeth you could have?  This might be a record - 526 teeth in a 5 year old!See original article from CNN's website: amazing story can inspire us to take note of our children's oral status - we have the resources.--- Support this podcast:
Get the scoop on how to get through the appliance process smoothly plus find out what Dr. Cooper’s appliances were when she went through orthodontics.Listen to a podcast with a parent and child who went through an appliance at Cooper Orthodontics “here”! Read the entire blog on how to care for appliances here!--- Support this podcast:
Hailey asked what happened if a patient needs a root canal during an interview and now Dr. Cooper shares the answer with you!Articles referenced:Hamilton RS1, Gutmann JL..  Endodontic-orthodontic relationships: a review of integrated treatment planning challenges.  Int Endod J. 1999 Sep;32(5):343-60. M1, Goyal V2, Naqvi ZA3, Gupta B4, Asnani MM5, Sonigra HM5. Assessment of the Effect of Orthodontic Treatment on the Periodontal Health of Endodontically Restored Tooth. J Contemp Dent Pract. 2017 Jul 1;18(7):587-590. Support this podcast:
Steve had metal braces as a teenager, and now has had Invisalign.  Listen to him explain the different aspects of his experience.  Best quote from the episode: "I used to floss one or two times before my dental check-up...which is kinda like when you have a messy house and someone says they are coming over and you throw everything in closets real fast.  It may look OK, until you open a closet."--- Support this podcast:
Double Episode!

Double Episode!


This is a double episode!First, we take a look at how to wear and take care of your clear trays  - one of the brands is Invisalign. See link to Cooper Orthodontic’s Guide to Clear Trays.Then we have a Research for the People Segment. This looks at different toothpastes and what happens to the teeth when they are used. Find out the safest way to brush your teeth!--- Support this podcast:
This is a wrap up of the mini-series.  We will go over an update on insurances since Episode 2 was recorded and what the ramifications going forward are.  Then some marketplace climate that has kept orthodontic pricing stable for the past few years, and finally because of all this information a new offering Cooper Orthodontics is making for patients to gain more access to care.  Are you ready?--- Support this podcast:
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