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We have Gabrielle Hartley on the show and she is a strong and compassionate advocate, coach and a highly skilled divorce mediator and coach. For the last 25 years, she has served couples in reaching reasonable resolutions for her cases both in person and online. She is well-known for keeping 99% of her cases at the negotiation table and out of the courtroom and for launching The Positive Divorce Movement.    With extensive experience in and out of the courtroom, her agreements are arrived at swiftly and are both clear and comprehensive. She founded The Better Apart Method, authored Better Apart; The Radically Positively Way to Separate (HarperCollins 2019).   She committed to keeping the toxicity and damage in her cases to a minimum.  Better Apart was endorsed by Gwyneth Paltrow, and was named “the conscious uncoupling how-to” by People Magazine.  She has been featured throughout media channels including The New York Times, U.S. News and World Report, Vice, The New York Post, Yoga Journal,Vice  Mind Body Green, Thrive Global, The Hampshire Gazette, and The Brian Lehrer Show.  She is a regular expert guest and blogger featured NBC television (Mass Appeal) and radio as well as dozens of podcasts and blogs around the world.  Gabrielle is known for her signature talks, Becoming The Best You Ever and Self Care for Attorneys; The Better Apart Method  Each presentation is carefully curated to each audience.   LINKS BELOW!   Website - http://www.gabriellehartley.DISCOUNT CODE - Better30 (LIMITED TIME OFFER comes with 1to1)  Instagram -  Twitter -  Facebook -
Welcome back to the show. We got Ivy Marie Lim on the show today talking about relationships, divorce, dating, real estate, energy, flow states and even achieving altered states with psychedelics.   LINKS BELOW   Website - IG - YouTube -
Summing it all up in one episode. What to do pre- and post-divorce.
We got the founder of Asian Hustle Network Bryan Pham, real estate investor, Host of the Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast, on the show today to share with us his struggles, his triumphs, as well as his journey, the creation of one of the biggest Asian Networking groups in the world.  We get into the power of real estate investing, his relationship with his girlfriend and what it was like creating a business together and so much more. Tune into the entire show and SUBSCRIBE for automatic updates.   HOW TO get a hold of Bryan Facebook - Instagram - Asian Hustle Network (IG) - Asian Hustle Network (FB) - Crushing it in Real Estate Podcast -
So happy to have Kelly Wong on the show today. She is from New York, New York and she runs her own e-commerce business, is a coach and speaker in the personal development space and By day she is a media trader where she has 25 + years in buying and placing ads for companies and I asked her to come on the show to give a perspective that is rarely shared.  Tune into the whole show as there’s little wisdom nuggets buried all throughout and it was an honour interviewing Kelly.   Get in touch with her below...  Instagram - Yoga/Fitness Pads -
This week on the podcast we got Lilly Wang and we dove in on some seriously deep subjects regarding quantum physics and how that can show up in business/work, and understanding masculine/feminine energies as leadership styles. We are coming into the awareness of how we can better these relationships if we can do the deep work of understanding these types of energies.  If you want to know more, tune into the entire show, and connect with Lilly over on social media.   INSTAGRAM -   Also...  Anyone wanting to know more about: - Healing from Heartbreak - Dating - Love - Long Term or Long Distance Relationships  You are in for a treat. SUBSCRIBE for AUTOMATIC UPDATES. Let’s goooooooo.   Let’s CONNECT even on a DEEPER level.... FOLLOW me on SOCIAL MEDIA.   TWITTER - FACEBOOK - INSTAGRAM -
What’s up Love Gang! First episode on the brand new channel! Things will be looking a lot different from here on out! Make sure to subscribe to get automatic updates.   For those of you who don’t know this podcast is all about navigating heartbreak in relationships, dating, and all kinds of woke advice.  Today’s episode with Love MyLinh is about the self love journey and what that looks like for her. Her self love journey is inspirational and you should definitely follow along for the whole episode.   How to get in touch with MyLinh:   Instagram - Website - https:/   Relationships with Rob   Website - https://www.therobinchoe.comInstagram - -
Yooo what’s up my beautiful people’s! I have been trying to keep up with the growing of my business and it’s taken me away from the thing I love doing most which is talking to y’all! So here’s a quick update as to what I’ve been doing and what to expect from me in the near future! I’ll see you soon! Love y’all! Love gang! Check out for more information! Peace!!
What's up my beautiful people! Happy Monday! Back for another episode of Kickin' it with my main man Jesus Balderas! He's got so much insight and wisdom and I loved having him on the show. Make sure to subscribe to the show and stay tuned for updates. As i'm not stopping this journey for anyone! Let's get it!
Happy Fri-yay! Tune into this episode for some updates and  a quick tip on how to look at your relationships and where you should be starting. It's a great way to look at things and I know it's helped me on my journey, so why not share it out with all my beautiful people in this episode. Don't forget to connect with me over on social media and let me know what you think of the show. LINKS BELOW
Happy Monday! Welcome back to the show. I hope you had a fantastic weekend. I've been getting a lot of requests to keep doing these so stay tuned I will be doing more of these raw convos to the table and so you can digest it while you're at the gym, in the car, working out, wherever you listen to your podcasts and hopefully I can still stay relevant to y'all with the relationships stuff. So don't worry. We talked about Heather's new dog, her dating life, and so much more so tune into the entire episode and go over and support Heather on her social media channels. LINKS BELOW Previous episode  =
Happy Friday! Short solo episode about how to deal with triggers. We are going to be putting out 2 episodes a week now. One interview and a  solo so make sure to stay up to date and SUBSCRIBE to the show. See you on Monday!
Welcome back to the show where we talk about anything and everything with my man Armando Cruz. My guest today needs no special introduction as he's a regular on the podcast. Check out Episode 110 with Armando Cruz. LINKS BELOW 
Happy Fri-Yay! There was only one interview this week, as I have been busy ramping up some things here in the background, but I wanted to record this quick solo round for you so that you can start thinking about the things in your life that you want to write about. Or at least get some of those thoughts out on paper. It's tough as it is to go through it alone, but this is a way to make it better and more fun. TUNE IN! LINKS BELOW Instagram - Facebook - Twitter -
What's up my beautiful people. We are back at it this week with some more Kickin' it. I've had a lot of requests to show some unfiltered, raw and unedited content to give to you all and you are definitely going to love this episode. If you want to hear more of Marian's story, go to episode 113 of the podcast where we talk about her story and her journey to get to where she's at, impacting people all over the world. Truly an inspiration to me and so get on her radar and follow her journey. LINKS BELOW Instagram- Previous Episode - 
Happy Hump DAY! WE are back with another episode of Kickin' it. Come join in on the fun and banter as we talk about relationships, dating, taking vacations, hiking and being in nature to randomness. Let us know what you thought about the episode over on social media. LINKS BELOW! WEBSITE - Instagram - Previous Episode with Mario - 
Welcome back to the show. We got a sick episode ahead of you, where we talk about anything and everything. Completely RAW and UNCUT. No editing was done on this recording, so you can get a feel for how we actually do it over here. Go check out Jonathan's show the Heart Healthy Hustle podcast over on iTunes, subscribe and let us know what you thought. LINKS BELOW Website - iTunes - 
Happy Fri-yay! A little short solo episode to get you through the weekend. I have a couple stories I want to share with you. So tune in, gain some perspective, and remember to lead with your best foot forward today. I'll see you next week! Don't forget to hit that SUBSCRIBE button so you can get automatic updates, and never miss one! PEACE! LINKS Coach Match Me -
Happy Hump Day! First time on the show having a couple come on and be interviewed and it blew my mind! Jocelyn and Aaron Freeman (Meet the Freemans) are authors of the book "The New Power Couple", speakers, coaches,  and angel investors. With much excitement, they founded launched the Empowered Couples University: an online university hosting higher education for motivated couples to fulfill  their life, business and relationship goals.   They have shared the stage with Tony Robbins and they host one of the top relationship podcasts on iTunes. (LINK BELOW)  and lead two other thriving companies.   Jocelyn & Aaron Freeman are ordained, run a leading relationship coaching and certification program, and speak around the world in their mission to reach one million people to have thriving relationships at home & in business. We talked about how your upbringing can affect your current love life, and what it takes to be a "power couple" in today's modern world. What it looks like when using conflict as an opportunity to connect and communicate, and how they look at relationships through a business model and more. Tune in and don't forget to SMASH that SUBSCRIBE button! Website - Book Link to "The Power Couple" = Empowered Couples Vision Call - iTunes Podcast Link - 
Happy Monday! We are back at it with the interview this week! Make sure to hit that SUBSCRIBE button so you can get automatic updates! Olyvia Chac-Nguyen hails from the Pacific Northwest. She works at Oregon Health & Sciences University in Portland, Oregon in Healthcare Administration. She is currently the Outreach & Curator Coordinator for Project Yellow Dress and the current Social Media intern for WOKE PDX. In her spare time, Olyvia loves traveling to new destinations, writing, igniting her foodie game, and keeping her coffee game strong.   We talked about body positivity, vulnerability, walls that we put up, growing up in an Asian-American household, and why having a HIGH EQ means so much more than your IQ. We also talked about the writers' journey and how it helps us to heal, but helps others reading in to shed some light on some issues that people cannot articulate. LINKS BELOW! Olyvia's Insta - WOKE PDX - Project Yellow Dress - Project AVA - Olyvia's Medium Articles -
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