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It’s 2019. Time for a change. No fancy intros or sponsorships here or ghost πŸ‘» bloggers. This is me. From life to travel 🧳 to health ❀️ to family to real estate 🏑 to music 🎢 and all points between. Warning ⚠️: This Podcast May cause excessive laughing and or success in life. Don’t let the haters know about it. Podcast written, produced and managed by me. Those interviewed here or new condo developments mentioned are NOT endorsements in any way. Simply for entertainment. Paul Indrigo, Sales Representative. Century 21 Regal Realty, Inc. Brokerage.

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T-2 weeks until Halloween and if you are selling your house in the next few weeks, this is the time to do it. I need 10-20 more listings to add to my Halloween tours and be sure they are on full display over the next 2 weeks. Spaces are limited so be sure you sign up at
Today’s episode is a massive one. There are literally 1000s of components in a house, condo or loft and the realtor you hire MUST know what they are and what they do. When selling, how can anyone tell the story of your property unless they know all the details? The truth is, they can’t. Enjoy the show.
Although it’s a πŸ‡¨πŸ‡¦ holiday, it’s never a bad time to say β€œthank you”. Celebrating my 19th year as a realtor in October of 2019 so there are a LOT of you to thank. Also hoping you enjoy the new podcast platform too. Sign up now for the podcast mailing list alerts to ensure you don’t miss a beat and you are also automatically entered into my Random Party πŸŽ‰ Pizza πŸ• Podcast πŸŽ™ Prize draws for all the awesome listeners that sign up (Pizza gift cards valid in Ontario only).
6939 days aka 19 years in real estate today...but who’s counting πŸ˜‚. Some days have been great and others I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemies (in case you are listening too ya jerks). Just wanted to send out a quick thank you πŸ™ to ALL of you that have been on this journey with me. Whether it was early on, recently or upcoming. I’m grateful each day for the opportunity to help each of you reach your highest life and real estate success goals. Here’s to many more. PS Since it’s year 19 going into 20, my goal is to create 19 more Toronto real estate millionaires. If you are my next one, register your property here to find out how much πŸ’° you may be sitting on. It’s often a lot more than you think.
The September (early fall) numbers are in and they are big. Average sold price for city of Toronto is now $900K+. You may be sitting on a goldmine and not even know it. Find out now at
With many clients in the education field, it was time to do a podcast show about planning for the future during these turbulent times. If you aren’t sure where you may be working in the next 5-10 years, be sure you have investments that make money for you while you sleep. Nothing does this better than real estate. Connect with me via to begin the next chapter of the journey.
This is the tale of two homes 🏠 for sale in Toronto and how one sold and another did not. And why not. Stop πŸ›‘ being suckered into signing a BTL (buying the listing) scam where you are told a price so far out of reality that can’t be real. It’s literally deteriorating your property value. Listen closely and be sure to ONLY sign up at to ensure this doesn’t happen to you.
It’s time to take the usual client reviews to the next level. There is nothing more authentic than their actual voices when looking for info on how I was able to help. Here is a recent seller of mine telling the story in her own words.
This is the moment you have been waiting for! My Cross Canada Real Estate Podcast report for fall 2019 is now live. I’ve been working on this all week and talking to the top agents across the country to get their insights. You may be surprised at the top performing areas but it’s important that you understand how. The first stop πŸ›‘ to make when moving anywhere across this great land is at
Happy first podcast of fall 2019! This week has already been incredible and its only getting better. Its taken many years to get you guys to understand this but if you are making a huge investment in anything (real estate, stocks, fitness etc), you MUST do the prep work before you do. The next 2 weeks into Mid October are getting filled up for my online bootcamp sessions so its time NOW to make your move. Β The waiting list is approx 2-3 weeks right now so be sure you are signed up today at
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