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Author: Leigh Rivero | Wedding Business Strategist

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The Wedpreneur Podcast is brought to you by the Wedpreneur! Join host Leigh Rivero each week as she interviews wedding industry experts, business experts, and wedding pros who are in the thick of it! Listen for in-depth insights and step-by-step training episodes designed to help wedding professionals build profitable and sustainable businesses. * To apply to be on the show, please visit For questions or comments, email our podcast team at
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In the enchanting world of weddings, meticulous planning, seamless execution, and unforgettable moments are the cornerstones of success.  Join us as we delve into the significance of implementing efficient business systems to create extraordinary experiences  for your clients. Courtney Joubert, an expert in business systems, reveals invaluable insights garnered through years of experience and success. 
{EP54}: Time Blocking

{EP54}: Time Blocking


Join us as we delve into the art and science of organizing your schedule, streamlining your workflow, and achieving peak efficiency in your wedding business and personal life.
In this episode, Leigh is joined by an extra-special guest, Kevin Manning, who is not only her business partner, but her partner IRL! Tune in as they discuss work life balance and the unique challenges when married to your business partner. 
This  episode is about surviving burnout and achieving a work-life balance. Leigh shares her story of how her life took a sudden turn when the pandemic hit, and how it took a toll on her mental health and financial position. Leigh shares how she managed to overcome her struggles, and how she is now thriving with the help of the Wedpreneur brand, and so can you!
Leigh Rivero is the new owner of The Wedpreneur and thus, the new host of this podcast. In this episode, find out what makes Leigh the perfect fit for the role and what plans she has for The Wedpreneur.Episodes are released every Thursday! Follow us on Instagram @thewedpreneurcommunity and  join the FaceBook group The Wedpreneur Community. Don't forget to visit our website to book your one-on-one strategy session with the industry specialist, Leigh!
In this episode, I'm joined by marketing and owner of Shannon Tarrant.  She's sharing her tried and true tips for creating a high impact marketing strategy for wedding pros while on a small budget.  From networking to guerrilla marketing, her strategies are sure to help you focus on marketing during what is sure to be tight financial times in the next year.
In the wake of the COVID19 crisis, wedding professionals are facing unprecedented challenges.  In today's episode, I'm bringing on a FEMA Certified expert to talk about best strategies for communicating with your current clients, do's and don'ts for using social media right now, and how/when to continue marketing to future clients. Shownotes:
In this episode, I'm joined by destination wedding specialist Jen Taylor from Taylor'd Events and we're talking all things destination weddings!  If you've been thinking about expanding into the destination market, Jen has some great tips and stories that will help you make the move.  Her "no BS" approach is refreshing and she definitely knows her stuff!
Burnout, my friend, is a real thing. In this episode, I'm joined by an amazing human being and fellow Wedding Planner - José  Rolón.  José  is sharing his incredibly inspiring story of overcoming tragedy and grief by learning how to practice self-care. In a time when we're busier than ever, this episode is a must-listen-to.  Even if you've not currently dealing with grief or loss, his story is sure to inspire. Shownotes:
In this episode, I'm joined by wedding industry thought-leader, Michelle Loretta of Sage Wedding Pros. We are talking MONEY - one of my fave topics - and specifically, how to make some big decisions about what do with the money in your wedding business when it comes to achieving your goals. Michelle shares some really, really important and valuable tips throughout this episode, and I strongly encourage listeners to check out her incredible programs and courses - she's the real deal, my friends!Links:Wedding Planner SurveyProfit & Purpose Waiting ListSageWeddingPros
In this episode, I'm joined by the lovely Melissa McGraw from The Creative Potential to talk about getting your business found online. Don't panic though - we're not diving into super-duper tech-talk - but we are going to talk about SEO. Melissa knows a TON about SEO and getting found online (just check out her blog if you need proof!) and she's breaking it down into easy-to-follow steps... which are my fave kind of steps! SHORT & SWEET EPISODE DEETSSimple (and free) tools you can use to figure out what's working - and what isn't - on your websiteWhy keywords are still ultra-important to help you get found onlineQuick tweaks you can make to your site to make the google bots happy!USEFUL LINKSTool: PingdomTool: JpegMiniTool: WPSmushTool: Answer the PublicTool: UberSuggestThe Creative Potential WebsiteFollow Melissa on InstagramFollow Mary on InstagramDownload this episode on iTunesDownload this episode on Google PlayTHE AH-HA MOMENTGetting found online is STILL really relevant - so while we spend a LOT of time focusing on our social media game, we need to be careful to not neglect our google-ability! You definitely want to the on the first page of google, so that when perspective clients are looking for someone to hire, you're at the top of the list! 
Today I'm joined by financial guru Danielle Hayden, and we are starting the New Year talking about your finances!  If you're like me, figuring out the numbers in your business can seem overwhelming, but Danielle is here to help guide you through what you need to know in her signature easy-to-understand way. Shownotes: Purchase the Profit Planner (use code WEDPRENEUR for 15% off!)
In this episode, I'm joined by Styled Shoot expert and Wedding Planner Extraordinaire, Margaux Fraise of Harmony Creative Studio.Margaux teaches us her top strategies for getting the best ROI out of your styled shoots, and shares how she's used Styled Shoots to elevate her wedding planning business.Shownotes:
In this episode, I'm joined by wedding planner and educator Lindsay Longacre from LVL Events & LVL Academy. Join us in this in-depth, action-oriented conversation about scaling your wedding business by adding team members.  She's sharing her top strategies on knowing when is the "right" time to grow a team, and how doing so can take your wedding business to the next level. Links:Sign up for LVL Academy Programs (use thewedpreneur for 15% off)
Do you ever wonder how some wedding pros are able to get referral after referral? In this episode, I'm diving into what it means to intentionally design an exceptional client experience.  I'm sharing 7 steps that will help you elevate the experience that you are delivering to your wedding clients through your services.  From the very first point of contact to how you wrap up your services after the wedding ends, you'll learn how important and easy it is to take your customer service skills to the next level. Links:Register for WPI: 
www.theweddingplannerintensive.comThis week I'm joined by a former star student of the Wedding Planner Intensive program, and she's going to be sharing her tips on developing systems in your wedding business! Desiree is an inspiration - a mom of 2, she has incredible drive and dedication and it shows. In this episode, we're talking all things systems - specifically, how implementing systems has resulted in a complete business transformation for Desiree. 
Do you ever wonder if your brand voice is truly clear to your target audience? In today's episode, I'm joined by branding expert Kim Wensel from Pattern or Purpose, and she's sharing her favorite tips on how to really focus in on developing your brand messaging for your wedding business. Kim goes deep into the difference between your visual brand and your brand messaging, and shares the different ways that you can build a solid foundation for your wedding business by creating strong and clear brand messaging. Link to the Streamline with Systems MasterclassLink to the Wedding Planner Intensive Waiting list
Love it or hate it, Pinterest attracts millions of engaged couples daily.  In this episode, I'm joined by Pinterest Expert Kathryn Moorhouse and she's sharing 5 actionable Pinterest strategies to help you get started with Pinterest in your wedding business. Free download: Get on the Waitlist: 
Welcome to Episode #36! I'm joined today by Katie Easley of Kate Ryan Design and we are diving DEEP into the concept of "Social Proof" and how wedding pros can leverage it to maximize their marketing strategy.  Learn how building relationships can elevate your social proof, and how to best use testimonials and reviews to gain the trust of your potential customers.
Are you using Pinterest in your wedding business? Pinterest is often overlooked, but in this episode, I'm interviewing Jessica Zimmerman, a Floral Designer & Wedding Planner who took her business from the brink of bankruptcy to a multiple-6-figure success story by leveraging the power of Pinterest in her wedding business. Get on the Membership Waitlist:
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