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Author: Rebecca

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I am here to share my struggles with anxiety, OCD, menopause, over thinking and over worrying - and how I cope and survive this wild ride called life. I've written books about it. And here I am chattimg about it in the hope it can help you. Thanks for listening.
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What do you see out there?

What do you see out there?


Take the time to enjoy the simple pleasures which are there for you to enjoy too.
A read from my book Mental Girl followed by a short chat.
Wednesday Podcast.

Wednesday Podcast.


A read from Mental Girl and a quick chat.
I am walking the talk too. Always practicing, learning and healing. All is a little Rebecca chitter chatter. Grab a cuppa and have a listen. See if anything makes sense or works for you.
Spend time with building a strong self care foundation. Slather it on like you would sunscreen. Protect yourself while you build up your mental muscles.
An extra Wednesday podcast.

An extra Wednesday podcast.


Wanted to share some thought with you.
This is a read from a chapter in my book Mental Girl folliwed by a chit chat. Take what works..what feels good...and that's it.
Doing a reading from Mental Girl book 1 followed by some chit chat. Thank you for listening. Hope it helps.
These are raw recordings. These are my opinions formed through experience. I am here to assist while you learn to love yourself. It's OK. Believe I'm yourself.
We make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. But opening yourself into continuing the self care work will help you heal.
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