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Author: Charles Burkett

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This is The Denton Traveler Podcast, traveling through life to find that true Denton vibe... everywhere.
7 Episodes
The New Format

The New Format


Giving some upcoming changes on the show, like the LongTable talks and so much more! Stay tuned!
Happenings and the Nice Effect
The Denton Traveler's advice to Graduates #doingitdenton #gradvice #dentoning
Twighlight Tunes, Denton Community Market, Funk at the Monk 3... #doingitdenton #dentoning
World Press Freedoms and Reporters Without Borders Thanks to the community including the Dentonite and Denton Record Chronicle, and so many others.
This episode focuses on the ever changing news and how the conglomeration of media news outlets hampers the voice of the citizens. Also about what you can do to change this and protect against this.
The new generation and #marchforourlives.
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